At we give a street level look through the eyes of a left wing socialist at the disturbing events that are unfolding around us

Labour of Love.

Now then, The Labour Party, where does one even start. I've been a keen follower of the party since before leaving English Martyr RC High in Warrington in 1976. A very long time ago. Warrington had been Labour for many decades even back then, a town built on the steel industry and nearby coal mines. It was not a particularly poor or well off town. Just typical of the north of England really. Being Tory was not the thing to be.

The miners strike, Poll Tax, disappearance of steel mills and coal mines, onset of cut backs to just about everything drastically altered the frame of mind of the public, generations have come and gone and now the place is nothing like it used to be.

The same can be said of The Labour Party. Is that good or bad?

Labour has gone through many changes and it has to be kept in mind that some of those changes were justified, necessary even. Blair is universally rubbished, mainly for the Iraq war and the subsequent losses of UK personnel (which I know all about), if you read his latest book, which I have, he misses no opening to proclaim himself a "great leader", fact is, things were a whole lot better when he was PM than they had been for a long time. The standard of living was actually good. I often wonder what the opinion of him would be if Iraq had never happened?. It is not unreasonable to class him as the best leader Labour has had in recent history.

So, fast forward to 2017 and the amazing achievement of Mr Corbyn in coming so very very close to winning the GE. (less than 3K votes) The people of the UK instantly took to his middle of the road Socialist policies. The young in particular took to his ideology. It was though a devastating blow for that to fail. Reasons for that failure are only now coming to light. It is hard to accept any of it.

Fast forward again to 2019, following on from Cameron and May. Years where the public of the UK, especially the ones struggling, had been brutally battered beyond belief. Without mercy those two Tories slaughtered the very ones least well placed to cope with it. Cameron changed Conservatism from being entirely selfish and self centred to being relentlessly greedy for cash and totally heartless about raking it in. Along the way he bungled the EU situation and sent the UK on a one way track to utter self destruction.

May, utterly inept and devoid of any humane traits continued the assault.

Labour, though we on the ground didn't know it, had become a home for certain individuals with no concept of loyalty or morality. They schemed and worked from within to totally scupper any chances of Corbyn succeeding. The levels of duplicity are stunning. The recently leaked 850 page report is shatteringly awful to read. I look back to those days back in 1976 and I am appalled. Labour was always perceived as being transparent and honest, even about it's problems and mistakes. That it seems is now long gone. Sure enough it has not been that simple, other factors have played a huge role, such as the UK media etc. The internal cancer though took heart.

Looking back to 2019 election night, in that Rotherham count room, we had no idea of what was to come. If we had been told about it we would not have believed it. Corbyn went. With him, I think, the future of the party. What ever else you may want to think about JC there can be no questioning his utter and complete integrity. Non of that can be applied to the duplicitous ones.

The campaign trail around here was both exhilarating and massively demoralising. Us foot soldiers were screamed at, threatened, and in more than one case badly assaulted.

The sheer hatred of some purple faced flabby middle aged white males was shocking.

They got their way, due to the antics of those masquerading as Labour officials. A new leader has arrived in the form of Sir Keir Starmer. It turns out that he, like so many others, did not miss the chance to turn on Corbyn.

That leaked report should have triggered an internal investigation at the earliest opportunity. A deep and transparent one. Those who conned the membership really should have been instantly suspended pending outcomes. Members are being suspended and thrown out without investigation, why the difference? Starmer did not start off well. His first move was to grovel to the BoD, he has done NOTHING to indicate any concern regarding those who deceived the membership, indeed he shows signs of acting in a completely opposite way and actually embracing them as the way forward for the party. Only yesterday Formby walked away. Nobody has given more energy and dedication to the party than her. Out she goes.

All those foot soldiers, the Candidates, some of whom got into substantial debt to try and represent Labour, forgotten about in an instant. Now out in the cold, their loyalty and efforts classed as dodgy due to wanting to eradicate any left over support for middle of the road Socialist thinking. Labour is abandoning its core values. This they are doing in an attempt to look like a sort of Tory party tribute act, much as Blair is now seen. Thing is, is this actually more likely to provide a Labour Government in the near future? Not a chance, if you believe that you require medical assistance.

The strength of Labour was its sheer size. That is now changing. Numbers are falling everyday. Me being one of them. Why should I contribute to those snakes in the grass?

It should be remembered here that this party was founded upon, and has since existed upon donations from machine operators, bus drivers, nurses, in other words subs from everyday folk. No corporate ownership of your MP here, though it has to be said that Starmer has a somewhat colourful donation list.

Thing is, where else is there for the Left? Chris Williamson is putting together a socialist movement which looks to be very interesting. Biggest drawback for him being the absolute onslaught that will be launched by the hostile media. With the best will in the world a long time span will be needed for that to pose any real threat to the Tories. So, the question is, will that same time span allow for Labour to come back to its senses? I wish I knew. I have my doubts.

I am deeply suspicious of Starmer, I am starting to believe that he is intent on ending Labour as a socialist alternative. I do not say that lightly. Socialism is obviously an enemy of the establishment. Starmer seems to me to be an agent of that establishment.

Those in the Labour Party with socialist souls want us to "stay and fight", well, admirable sentiment, and I know they will cling to anything in the hope of changing things.

It is entirely possible that Starmer is playing a long game. I do believe that a "Tory Lite" approach could succeed, but, that would therefore not be a Socialist approach. Thus, I will not be a part of it. I suppose it boils down to this, "is any Labour Govt better than any Tory Govt?", the answer to that has to be yes. I just cannot abandon my socialist principles for it. So, is it me who is in the wrong here?

There are things which could change my outlook, such as dealing with the snakes in the grass in the correct way, speaking out in support of Palestine, reinstating those members so ridiculously suspended or kicked out. Sadly, I foresee non of these things coming to pass. What I will not go along with is pretence. Starmer is hijacking the soul of he party to project one thing but actually function as another. Just like he did when serving under Mr Jeremy Corbyn.

I will have nothing to do with that.

I wish those remaining to "fight the good fight" the very best of luck.

Thanks for looking in. Please help by spreading this stuff.

Society not Economy.

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