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Laboured Race.

Now then, tomorrow the long lasting Labour Leadership race reaches it's conclusion. I deliberately did not choose to say climax. Because it isn't one. In all honesty it has been all rather tiresome. The fact that it has still gone on during the current crisis mystifies me. It really should have been halted weeks ago. No offence to anyone, the decision to pick who leads ANY party would be secondary just now.

There have been problems all along the way, members complaining of not having received voting forms, be that via snail mail or electronically. The reasons for this are beyond me, one can only assume everything that could have been done was.

We have heard a lot lately about election interference in one form or another, one really does have to wonder if we can ever confidently hold another election again. Many rumours persist about irregularities with the GE. Common sense should have dictated that no company with any connection to any of the parties involved should be involved in vote counting. It happened. That company was very quickly wound up so no proper checks could be carried out. Along with that a sycophantic Tory mouthpiece at the PR arm of that party blurted out that she knew the postal vote result BEFORE the official announcements of the result. Nothing happened about that.

Back to Labour., This particular election is a critically important one. The Tories are "off the leash" and are rampaging through common decency, honesty, honour and any vestige of statesman like conduct. Nothing is below them. Let's be honest here, their majority allows them to do exactly as they please and nothing else. Which is precisely what they are doing. If they decided to rename Thursday "Tebbit Day" they could indeed do it. Who could actually prevent it ? Thing is, their ridiculous antics have some serious consequences attached, as usual, mainly for the poor. And the very sick, very sick indeed. So sick they will likely die.

On almost daily basis now, a so called "Senior" Tory appears on our flat screen plasmas and lies. Lies about PPE, Ventilators, stuff like that. Left to it, they will destroy any hope for the lower classes for many generations to come. I can actually see signs of them actively trying to remove the lower classes from existence just now. Seems to me that speaking honestly about them and the NHS is becoming the new Anti- semitism. On that distasteful note, the Jewish Chronicle has reared it's ugly head again. Stuff them.

The size of the task ahead for the new Labour leader is massive, bigger than ever before. Labour is in disarray. I almost guarantee right here and now that who ever is elected will not have the full support of the party. Not at NEC levels or indeed not amongst the membership. A party with that many members could realistically never hope to please everyone all of the time. It definitely will not happen here.

I am of the Left of the party. This dictates that I would like to see a leader who is like minded. Something along the lines of Jeremy Corbyn. With that in mind, let's take a quick look at the possibilities.


Seems to me he is a Blair clone. Decision therefore is, would his Tory lite approach be acceptable. My personal view is no. However it's not just about me. Given the extreme ideology of the Tories, it may have to be. Biggest worry for me is that he seems to be the choice of the media. My suspicion is that he will be the new leader. At which point the Left will require a new home.

He has still NOT disclosed who his financial backers are, I suspect Blair is involved.


Difficult one this. No doubting she has come on in leaps and bounds lately. The establishment do not want her, hence all that brainless "Salford Mafia" rubbish in the press. In the cold light of reality, RLB is only there because Lavery fell away, Chris Williamson was not around, Burgon went for deputy leader, Pidcock was lost to us,

all of which does not look too good does it ? Despite all of that, RLB got my vote.

I am too painfully aware that the Left must be properly represented as we crawl through the next phases of unbridled Tory cruelty. I also believe that she would gradually slide to the right as things got hot. I do not see her being elected. She represents the last hope within Labour for the Left.


I struggle with her. I'm not sure what she actually stands for. No offence to her, maybe it's me. I just don't get her at all. What I am fairly certain of is that she will not have any time for the Left or the Corbyn ideology. When she gives interviews it all seems to be carefully rehearsed and not in the least bit spontaneous or even spoken from the heart.

I suppose what i'm dancing round saying is I just don't trust her.

It will be a disaster if she is elected. She may well be.

At which point the Left will require a new home.

Many will dislike me for putting my thoughts into this piece. Fair enough. I would actually rather be completely wrong on all of it. I do not think that I am. Times ahead are going to be truly terrible. A huge financial crash looms, the public are shifting away from tabloid lead support for the Tories, never mind what certain media outlets are putting forward re useless polls. Certain lines have been crossed which the public will neither forget nor forgive. The capitalist model is in a million pieces, the relentless chase for cash at the potential risk of lives has done immense damage to the right wing.

The Corbyn ideology is now being widely acknowledged as being right all along.

Only a truly Left wing leader would have the courage and insight to tackle the Tory bloodlust and subdue it. That man, Mr Burgon is in the wrong race.

He would wipe the floor with the other Three mentioned above.

I have been a Labour member since the Rag & Bone man used to lead his horse and cart along our street. I am proud to carry my membership card in my wallet - for now.

I dearly want the Left to survive.

Tomorrow may well cause me to take a very large decision.

I have my eye on Chris Williamson. Some positive irony in that.

Thanks for looking in. Please help me by spreading my stuff where you can.

Society not Economy.

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