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Laying Eggs

Now then, London has been turned upside down today, during a Pandemic that is steadily claiming tens of thousands of innocent victims in the UK. The live pictures of it being turned upside down have been beamed all over the globe. Coverage has reached saturation levels, people in Washington, Beijing, Nova Scotia or Durban have all been able to sit back and wonder what the hell is going on in good old Blighty. People from such far away places are fully entitled to think along those lines. There are plenty of folk in the UK who are very definitely not entitled to think like that. Thing is, to my mind, the seeds of such disgraceful events have been cultivated at the very highest levels of the UK establishment. Quite a thing for me to say that. I do not say it lightly nor is it symptomatic of any political tribalism. let me put forward my reasoning.

We recently had a General Election here in the UK. Not your usual one either. It did seem for a long time that the long established codes of political language were about to be thrown away. The long held view that money dictated everything was being seriously challenged. In 2017 those who lived and prospered the most by that long held Victorian mantra got the absolute fright of their pampered lives. It did not sit well with them. Drastic actions were needed to do something about it all.

Some of those actions still haunt the general public today. A compromised media gave us the likes of Kuenssberg and Peston along with the entire BBC. As for print media, it's all owned by Billionaires who hide their oceans of cash offshore and pay very little tax. They are now seeing their papers slowly die and thus the importance of controlling the news channels was amplified many fold. Thus we could not escape the largely false narrative re A/S in what used to be he socialist party known as Labour, yet we hardly hear anything about the widespread ACTUAL problems of anti Muslim attitudes within the Tory Govt. This point actually takes on added relevance, as we shall see.

To cut a very long and depressing story short, all the new depths the Tories plumbed got the job done. An 80 seat majority and the UK at the mercy of an ultra hard right Govt that saw no clouds on the horizon. Off the leash and set fair to enjoy pillaging the UK society to the best of their warped abilities. Removing the clueless and utterly inept May was a giant stride, or it should have been. Here is where they erred, they installed Johnson. This, little did anyone know, was a distant first stage in the laying of a poisonous egg within the machinations of the Tories. Johnson says things. Not just ordinary things. Not just about ordinary subjects. His brain and mouth do not always sync well together. The stone cold refusal of the Tories to acknowledge the obvious racism within their ranks rang alarm bells. Johnson rolled up and made everything a thousand times worse on more than one occasion. He has blurted out such gems as "Piccaninnies" and spoken of "Watermelon smiles" along with a description of Muslim women looking like "postboxes" or "Bank robbers". Shocking stuff which would very likely result in dismissal from many work places. This disgusts most ordinary people. it amused Johnson and his Bullingdon Club colleagues.

Back to that egg I hinted at earlier. Out there on the streets of the UK it appealed hugely to a certain type of Brit. This type of Brit I encountered many times on door steps when out on the campaign trail. Of a certain age, sort of approaching late middle aged, flabby, gaudy tattoos, haunted by the fact that they can't get it up anymore, loud mouthed and eager to shout and bawl at the unlucky one doing the door knocking. Stepping towards the hapless one, shouting and finger pointing, purple faced, as aggressive as they could manage. Spewing forth Daily Mail headline crap as they pushed their sagging chests ever further out. I encountered it a few times and usually managed to stoke them up to just this side of a major heart attack, it was quite amusing actually.

So, Johnson, has unwittingly aligned his party of cash hungry individuals to the growing social strata of thick racist cave dwellers. We have all seen them, there was some footage , I think it was shot in Spain, in the early days of the virus, group of drunk Brits out on the street, refusing to obey the lockdown , dancing and chanting in the street, showing off to the cameras thinking they were bloody fantastic. Holding up cans of beer as if they are some sort of trophy to be proud of. No comprehension of the harm they are doing to the reputation of any other Brit who happens to go abroad. Johnson switched them all on. Gave them an altar at which to kneel. Opened the gates to these embarrassing clowns. That egg is now hatching.

Reports suggest FIVE THOUSAND of them have actually joined the Tory party. This is staggering. The Tory party is actually tiny regarding membership numbers, it relies upon large donations from the sort of person who uses offshore bank accounts. The fact that 5K of them are the sort who pisses on a memorial to a dead Police officer is stunningly scary. The Tories now have a huge and ongoing problem.

As we all saw today, when these people act in the way they really want to act, it is not good. They attack the police, press, people sat in the park having a picnic (as was seen in Hyde Park) desecrate memorials, ignore rule of law,smash stuff up, are utterly and totally lawless, and that's even before they take on large amounts of cheap booze. The usual approach of the media in the UK was to portray the Left as hooligans, law breakers, those who would smash down society. How the hell they going to try and gloss over this new and undeniable development ?

I do not understand why the authorities did not hammer those attacking the police today. I have attended football all of my life in the UK. I have never seen a mob attacking the police as I saw in London. The response should have been to batter them and arrest them. Cart them off then hammer them again in court. I cannot understand why they do not show these hooligans that only one thing can come of behaving in that way.

At some point or other this growing threat will have to be sorted one way or another. The Police have largely got on top of football hooliganism. they gather intelligence and usually are all over any potential problems before they occur. There are not many grounds in England I have not been to, even the more notorious ones. I have never had any serious problems. Only problem at Milwall one Tuesday night was the price of the beer. The boys in blue have got it it well sorted. Why can this not be said of these animals who wrecked London today? they must know who they are, how they travelled, where they come from, where they work, etc etc?

So, this is an issue to keep a close eye upon. There has been another egg laid in another major political party. I will write about that another time.

Thanks for looking in. Please help by spreading word.

Society not Economy.

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