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Lessons from an Election

Now then, as I sit here writing this, the clock says it is 04-00 on the morning following local elections here in the UK. I went up to to my stinking pit on the back of Arsenal crashing out of Europe which did not cheer me at all. No trophy for Arsene in his final season, not really fair that. Back to the elections.

I have Sky on to provide me with my info, I cannot force myself to watch the BBC, I am mystified as to how they get away with being what they have become. I can think of no other large organisation which is, on a daily operational level, so far removed from what it should actually be. If the ice cream van pulled up on your street and when the kids ran up to it found it to be selling something else people would be very surprised. The BBC is not an acceptable offering anymore and people should be kicking off about it big style.

This or the BBC.

From what I can see at this point, once you cut through all the bluster, not a whole lot has actually changed.Some Tory leader in Westminster is currently complaining about the antics of Labour campaigners in her area during the campaign. I suggest she looks at the high number of Tory candidates who have been suspended for various awful instances of abuse. Obviously, Sky forgot to bring that up. So, there is the first lesson from this particular election. The media, more less all around the circle, is not very good in the UK at simply delivering the news in an unbiased way. I read The Guardian for more more decades than I care to admit to, but, alas, it has fallen into being nothing much more than a tabloid with a large opinion of itself. It is difficult to suggest a good outlet for you to avail yourself of, which would just tell you what is what with no bias. I honestly believe there are none here in he UK. Sure enough there are papers which will tell you what you want to hear, but, that is all about selling copies and nothing else.

My young un is in his late twenties, and has picked up on politics, I really do not want to see him shaped by our current media, and just wish I could direct him to a proper news source so that he could form his own political opinions, I have run out of ideas, do you have any suggestions? All in all, based on this lesson alone, I think it fair to say that our political contests are becoming rather shallow and infantile. Sort of like the ones they have always had across the pond.

Another lesson which should be learned form this election is that it is unwise to make grand claims before the actual event. It has been said constantly on the telly that Labour expected to "turn London red", not I should add, in the main, by actual Labour MPs.

It really always was virtually impossible for that to happen, but somebody said it, the media picked up on it, and it became fact. This, then enabled the Tories in the said areas to claim massive victories in the face of such utter Labour expectation. Again, this was not the case. Those votes went the way they normally do. All that actually happened is nothing changed. So, get the "victory" then shout about it.

I was hoping that at some point we would get news about the total turn outs for the various seats, we are not being told about that. Obviously they are spending more time trying to batter Labour candidates with yet more antisemitism talk, Surprised?

There are lots more results to come in, I would suggest that we will see the North yield the most Labour gains, and the South throw up just one or two. Again, this suggests that nothing much has actually changed at all.

Standards in this place are slipping quickly

One serious lesson that really should be learned from this is that political standards here in the UK really are sinking alarmingly. In recent times we saw a picture of a bacon sandwich being decisive, now we have much darker and ominous stunts which will linger in the minds of the people. A candidate hanging bacon from his door to "keep away the terrorists" is a shocking new low. Forget your personal political leanings, stuff like this really should be triggering cross party meetings and statements. Sadly, I expect nothing like that to happen, the memory of Jo Cox seems to have faded rather too quickly for my liking. Just to emphasise that, I really do believe that we are rapidly approaching the point where our American friends will be looking to us to see the new depths that can be reached in electioneering, that is a tragic state of affairs.

Niall Patterson is trying to project Labour not gaining Barnet as a huge and demoralising loss,, the marvellous Rachel Shabi is quietly pointing out that Barnet has been Tory for most of its existence. Rachel Shabi is one of those political commentators who should always be listened to.

Another lesson here then. UK politics has become a putrid and messy circus that is distorted far beyond reason.

In general, the results are not revealing much at all. It always has been and always will be the case that the more well off areas will be blue, the others will, in the main, be red. That Tory woman is back on the screen yakking about the tremendous victory in Westminster, really? The Tories winning Westminster is not a tremendous victory, nor will it ever be. More empty claims.

Another lesson, one which is plainly obvious, especially for Labour, is that you cannot have differences within your own gang, meaning that you really do all have to be singing from ONE song sheet. This is a fundamental factor in attaining your goals. This will involve some serious work within the Labour Party, it is quite simple, the Blairites have to go. Should this happen, a serious and convincing case can be rolled out to the nation based upon unified social democracy. Sure enough it will require some unpleasant upheavals and the media will have a field day, for a while. After that, the red flag really does have a chance of flying above the UK.

One song sheet please

So, where does that leave things? My personal view being this. I talked of my young un earlier, in 30 years time he will be about my age, I have the deepest feeling that he may well be able to sit and type something more or less along the lines of this piece after the elections at that time. That is quite depressing really.

That is me done for now, I am off to put the bins out to be collected by our team of Russian binmen.

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