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Lets not be political eh?

Now then, things are not going at all well here in the UK re the virus. Given that the current Government has the media firmly in its pocket you are quite hard pressed to get at a true picture of the actual state of affairs. Early on in this seismic episode the Tories casually announced that it would be quite wrong for anyone to attempt to make political gain from Covid. "Political Gain" , interesting thought. As we now do not have any credible opposition here in the UK there have actually been hardly any attempts for political gain to be sought. Lets review one or two things.

Matt Hancock is the MP for Newmarket, and we all remember that awful shot of huge crowds at Cheltenham. Obviously pointing that out to the nation at the time could have been construed as making political gain. I would have called it taking the Govt to account in the name of honesty. Where is the problem with transparency? Whilst we are about the thorny subject of Tories and transparency, why is there such a wall of silence regarding serial failure Dido Harding and her connections to "The sport of Kings"?.

She holds a board position at the Jockey Club (amongst other things) and she exemplifies that old Tory habit of sharing out the spoils with ones mates rather than those who are well suited and qualified to lucrative roles. Political Gain?

Rishi Sunak, the richest man in Parliament, he put his "experience" into overdrive and foisted "Eat out to Help Out" upon the population. Masterstroke it was not. The obvious spike in infections duly followed, the race to save a Tenner on a pub meal provided a glaring opportunity for many people to become infected. This is a perfect glowing example of a greedy Govt caving in to its mates in business and cashing in (literally) at the expense of caution in the time of a Pandemic. Yesterday Nicola Strurgeon, who is a proper leader, came out in the UK media and said as such. She put it in plain terms. She is totally correct. People are dying and will die due to that ridiculous idea of getting people into pubs and such like.

Under the current UK Govt the population does not stand a chance. Every time a choice has to be made between adhering to sensible safety measures or going for the cash, a greedy representative of a greedy Govt will get that warm feeling in their pants and the vision of a ringing till will invade their minds. Game over. Political Gain?

Much is made of this so called "Travel List", well, it is actually just another high profile PR move. It has a major flaw. Our airports are open as usual. Time and again I have read accounts from people who have flown into the UK and not encountered any sort of Covid related process. Not a question, not a test, not a leaflet- NOTHING. A bloke who had flown out to Rome recounted how he was stopped, tested, and given his result all within 40 minutes, for free. Here in the UK we have seen the likes of Branson given huge bailouts, we have been constantly bombarded with tales of how dire it all is for the aviation industry. Same goes for the so called "Hospitality Industry" what that actually is is a poorly paying work house that exists on the back of desperate people working all sorts of unsocial hours and working damn hard into the one sided bargain. When did Tim Martin last stick his head above the parapet? Political Gain?

There has been far too much silence from the other political parties in the UK. The Govt has been given a clear field on which to run amok. Run amok they duly have. The amount of cash that has been wasted is eye wateringly massive. Wrong testing kits, incorrect PPE, contracts to Serco, the misuse of the NHS brand, a small Turkish company that manufactures T Shirts lining its pockets due to the crass ineptitude of small brained Govt Ministers, "Nightingale Hospitals" erected along the lines of Ikea style flat pack projects- with no adequate plumbing or mention of toilets- a painfully inadequate Test and Trace system, I for one can't download it because my iphone is not modern enough, Care Homes abandoned resulting in old people dying alone and unnoticed, Surgeons and leading Drs gagged, empty supermarket shelves, Political Gain?

If the damn virus evaporated in the next 20 minutes and everybody was able to pick up where they left off in March, it would still be far too late. Tens of thousands of innocent people have died. Due in no small part to the UK Govt placing the importance of profit over the importance of ordinary lives. Time and time again they show it. Time and time again they will continue to show it. Because, there is nobody in the UK, in the right positions , who shows any signs of making political gain out of it all. I am not at all sure who carries the most guilt, the callous Govt or the inept opposition parties.

Once all this is over, the UK will return to hating refugees, Zero Hours and Minimum Wage- its just as well most houses don't have chimneys these days- the carving up of our NHS so that "hard charging" American companies can join in making cash out of suffering, selling weapons to brutal countries who see fit to bomb brown people who live on the sand, then Knighting those who make profit from it, homelessness, giving public money to companies based in Tax Havens, evicting poor people with no means to survive, sadly, all the above is just business as usual in the UK. Political Gain?

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Society not Economy.

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