At we give a street level look through the eyes of a left wing socialist at the disturbing events that are unfolding around us

Look,, We Know !

Now then, this pandemic certainly has revealed one or two rather worrying problems with modern UK society. We have been subjected to gormless reporters bringing us the "very latest" 24/7 on our screens, usually news about yet another super rich parasite screaming for public money. We have seen idiots holding anti mask protests and claiming that its all a con trick. We have seen business owners pleading to be allowed to open, then a few weeks later screaming about not being able to make it pay. We have seen teaching unions stating the obvious in that it is quite ridiculous to open schools, now we are seeing new cases rocket amongst the young - strange how all those gormless reporters don't seem to have the "very latest" about that. Stand out moment for me was an organisation that represents nightclubs trying to project the idea that they should be allowed to open and can bring us all a new "safe experience". To them I say this, "I have worked in an A&E Dept in winter, you know nothing of what you are talking about". As for schools, it stuns me. It is a mind blowing error.

Anyway, the people of the UK have soldiered on. Initially responses to the official guidance were generally good, then the official guidance started change about every 25 mins. How some of them can look in the mirror is well beyond me. So, we all have a level beyond which our perception of certain things changes dramatically. In the UK now, speaking personally, some of the stuff which is becoming "usual" is really rather demoralising. We have all known since the run up to the 2019 GE that the bulk of the media in this country is actually damaging to regular viewers because it is abusing us all. NOTHING they put forward can be taken at face value. This leads to a situation where people are actually starting to notice just how far out into the cold they have been shoved. All confidence in the media has ebbed away. This means that folk are now running with their own perceptions and coming up with all sorts of outlandish realisations. It has actually got to the point that if by some miracle, for a 24hr period Government ministers appeared on the box and spoke wholly truthfully nobody would believe them. Think Hancock, Gove, Jenrick etc. The Govt has been controlling our public service information for that long they are now self assured to the extent that they see no limits to that which they can throw at the UK public about any matter. This will take decades to undo. The most important link between an electorate and a Govt is TRUST.

That is the very thing which has now seeped away. Shame on all concerned.

So, the pandemic, the media and the Govt, all so very very sad really. The whole damn country has made sacrifices one way or another. Be that opting to not travel to see long missed loved ones, skipped holidays, existed on reduced wages- try that if you live in rented accommodation- had no social activity for 6 months, postponed weddings, not attended funerals, used up savings which took years to accrue, one way or another, the UK public has endured rather a lot. Just every now and again yet another leading business type has delivered a "you pay us, we will gladly let you take the risk" message to remind us how unimportant ordinary lies really are in the grand scheme of things.

Pub owners and airline owners seem to been the most annoyingly vociferous.

So, let me apply an "anti fog" filter to some of this ever more demoralising brainwashing that has been fed to us all.

Billionaires. The real scroungers. Let us get something straight here and now. The real scroungers don't arrive in Rigid Inflatables frightened for their very lives. They travel in Lear Jets and store their VAST amounts of cash in far off lands, such as the Cayman Islands. Sound like angry Lefty speak ? Let me put some flesh on these weary and demoralised old bones. I worry about about my son and his son. I see no light at end of the Tory tunnel of shame. Here are a few reasons why. Reasons to be cheerful?

Seemingly the UK has 53 Billionaires. Just imagine all that CASH stacked up in one place, somewhere like the O2, lit up by colourful spotlights. Well, here is the thing. The cash value of those "individuals" has risen by about 14.3% DURING the pandemic. All that sacrifice I outline above and these greedy parasites are coining it in. All those older people who expired in Care Homes, all those NHS staff who died for want of adequate PPE. I really do not know how/why this is tolerated. Hence my being so demoralised. That 14% figure equates to around £26Bn. How many people could that have saved ?

Most odious parasite Branson saw his fortune grow by around £3Bn due to shares in Virgin Atlantic doing rather well. He was constantly screaming for financial aid, where do you think all that money will go? To the sick, homeless, the NHS ? Ah, see, he is one of those who takes money from the NHS. He even sued it, for the chance to remove more profit from it. What sort of "individual" does that?. The boss of the Ineos Chemical Group saw his fortune increase by half, this after converting parts of his business to producing hand sanitisers. Mr Ratcliffe is now worth around £13.6 Bn. I could go on, I see no point, we are all dimly aware of this anyway. To put it succinctly, it is very definitely new car, caviar for them, and a NO STAR day dream for us.

All the inner working s of how contracts have been awarded during our possible extinction event have yet to be delved into. You can count on the media not telling us about it anyway. Offshore banks for some, foodbanks for far too many of US !!

I am deeply DEEPLY ashamed to be British. Never thought it would come to that.

Thanks for looking in.

Society not Economy. Please help by passing this on.

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