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Looking for Today.(Thatcher did it)

Now then, time for me to look back at history and try to fathom out what today means to socialist minded people. Somebody will sit down in thirty or forty years and look back to today as they peruse political history. What will they make of it all? One thing you can be assured of, this last few days will stick out like the proverbial sore thumb. UK politics has been changed forever and the direction we now travel will be to the right . You don't need a crystal ball to figure that out, there is no credible other way now. How did this come to be and who actually started it all off?

Well, the who? part is obvious, Thatcher did it. Dark days indeed, Poll Tax riots - it was called Poll Tax before some clever person decided to try and soften its image by renaming it the Community Charge- the crushing of the NUM, and The Falklands. Strange how war crops up alongside winning elections. Trump is currently playing the same evil game, thing is, he is getting close to sparking a world war. During all the rest of the upheavals of Margarets time she actually pulled off a masterstroke. She conned the average worker into shackling themselves to the decades long millstone of a mortgage.

Along side the selling off of council housing for peanuts the building of council housing more or less stopped. So you had workers who would previously exercise their right of withdrawing their labour finding themselves looking at losing the house, as such generations of workers would no longer be a threat to the Government. Game over for the Unions. Unions changed their outlook to one of educating members rather then being there to fight for them over terms and conditions. There are exceptions but generally the whole meaning of being a union member changed. This has remained constant to this day. Just recently around here people have been putting forward boycotting Wetherspoons workhouses, yet local representatives urge people not to do this. The modern union way seems to be taking industrial action without actually taking industrial action. Mr Martin must be quaking in his expensive boots.

Can I say that the approach outlined above is wrong? No I cannot. Things have changed and those who are swilling around the UK on NMW have grown up in an environment which is directly down to that con trick regarding mortgages. Imagine how different this country would be if it was able to offer Council Housing to all those youngsters who are currently either trapped by just about earning enough to pay the mortgage but not actually LIVE? or those who scrimp and scrape to try and get enough together to put down a deposit? Try convincing them that walking out is the only way to improve their workplace rewards? This might not be the poverty trap but it sure as hell does ruin the lives of many thousands of people. They see it as normal now, the future is bleak for all of them. They don't LIVE they exist.

Thatcher once said that New Labour was her finest achievement. Maybe it was.

I have to be honest here and say that the years under Blair and his "New Labour" were actually good years. The standard of living was miles better than it is today. Signs were there though. Blair did not like unions. The accent was firmly placed upon privatisation, the NHS will still take many decades to pay off some of those PFI initiatives. This is an eternal question for me, after the vote had finished in that Rotherham count room last winter I asked a colleague who was bemoaning Blair, would you prefer him or Johnson? No answer was put forward. I often wonder what SHOULD have been put forward?

The steady decline in workers rights gathered pace with every passing year. Slowly but surely premium payments went, NMW was born and every employer that could jumped on the chance to pay the legal minimum. I recently worked in a so called top class hotel where the day rate is the same as the night rate. Worryingly, those who work there see this as being just fine. This is what decades of fear and brainwashing does to people. Needless to say most of them have a mortgage. I do not.

As I sit here writing this, the Tories have been in power for a decade. Things are shockingly bad for the lower social class of person. Thatcher would love it. A bloke with a smarmy approach and good education is busily wrecking the Labour Party. To say he is a Blair clone is not accurate. He is far worse. Throwing the left under the bus, then reversing the bus over them again. Using members hard earned subs to pay out to those who should actually be ejected from the party. Sitting on a report that clearly points out the truth regarding this whole sorry A/S mess. Turning his back on the teaching unions in a time of dire need. Thatcher would be very proud of him.

It is said that hundreds of thousands of Brits are one pay cheque away from the street. Those mortgages have killed any chance the working class ever had of holding sway with aggressive employers. Just think how many times a house gets bought and sold, all that finance, all that borrowed money, Money that the buyers don't actually have. All that fear and worry. Then the occupants die in it. Is it really worth it?

Damn Thatcher, Damn Mortgages, and Damn Starmer.

Thanks for looking in, please help by spreading word.

Society not Economy.

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