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Me and you and a dog named Boo.

Now then, there is lots of chat around media circles just now re the improving chances of a General Election in the UK. This is gaining in credence, which is becoming more obvious by the day due to the antics of the UKs mainstream media. Its all very infantile and can be traced back to the usual culprits. Those being Billionaire offshore tax dodging account holders. The "bacon butty" election campaign masterminded by Gideon and Flashman dragged UK politics deep into murky new depths, this upcoming one threatens to make that look like a picnic by comparison.

Soon enough eh ?

So, who will be at the wrong end of all this infantile media coverage ? Well, that's really quite simple to answer. Let me point the way. One party-Labour- is being ceaselessly accused of being deeply Anti Semitic. Another, the Tories, has been refusing to carry out an enquiry into Islamaphobia for Two years, which one of those Two is constantly badgered in the MSM ? The question answers itself right there. It would be bad enough if the Govt ignored MSM and carried on regardless, the UK Govt takes a giant step further, it actually controls the media, and, is not even subtle about it. Hackney Di was recently subjected to a constant barrage of interruptions on BBCQT, and this following on from the carefully selected right wing audience having been primed by the BBC to be against her before the "show" even commenced. This was done by warming them up with a pre show routine that included derogatory comments about her delivered by the host of the show, one Fiona Bruce! Stunning, here's another thing, FB is married to a bloke who works for a company that is paid millions by the Treasury to publicise Govt policy! How fair is that ??

This really is breathtaking, but not it seems to the bosses at that dinosaur of a corporation. This puts American style politics firmly in the shade.

Lady Smug.

So, Labour and Anti Semitism. Big one this, or is it ? It would indeed be BIG if it had any validity. In my view, it has very little of that. Especially when it is coming via the outlets outlined above. Let us take a look at this. It is all aimed at Jeremy Corbyn. For obvious reasons the establishment does not want him in power. Mainly because that very establishment would be shaken up like never before. However I will ,push that to one side. JC being AS is ridiculous to comprehend. This is a bloke who has won many global peace awards. He has been praised by all sorts of leading figures from the Jewish community, and will continue to be. There is one particular voice from that community that delights in running JC down, it is a right wing org that is hijacking AS for political reasons, doing that is about the most AS thing it is possible to do.

At this point, it is well worth defining just exactly what being AS has come to stand for.

Recently it has been twisted to mean being anti the Govt of Israel. Here's where things gain some gravity and take on a whole new dark meaning. Various voices who are afforded time and column inches by the corrupt UK media have steadily been working on defending Israel by accusing those who rightly term that brutal Govt "a vile apartheid regime" as AS.

Let me clarify that, it is well known that Israel kills civilians, unarmed medical volunteers, journalists have been shot and killed, it raids homes, confiscates lands, they have been placing people in the Govts of other countries to defend the reputation of Israel at all costs. Obviously America has played a huge part as it seeks to use Israel as a stepping stone towards total global domination.

So much bloodshed

There is a group within the Labour Party, "Labour Friends of Israel" which WILL even go as far as deliberately costing the party an election victory if needs be.

Two things occur to me at this point, they must either be thrown out of our party, or make the choice between being defenders of that brutal apartheid state or defenders of the weak and the poor in the UK.

It really is that straightforward. My fear is Berger and company would choose the former. It worth pointing out here that the Tory party has far more friends of Israel than Labour does. That never gets an airing does it ?

I'm often accused of being AS on social media due to writing stuff like this. Due to the above I suppose I have to accept that. Here's a thing though. ANY regime that acts in the way the Israeli Govt does will attract the same opinion from myself. Also, I find this most distressing. AS is a form of Racism, so they are saying i'm racist. That is a deeply offensive and quite serious allegation. So, let's stop messing about, TAKE ME TO COURT any time any day any where.

If you see the logic in what i have put forward, and to some degree accept my view, the question then has to be asked, given this new distorted definition of AS, just exactly who is Anti Semitic ?


Me and you and a dog named Boo ???


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