At we give a street level look through the eyes of a left wing socialist at the disturbing events that are unfolding around us

Missing a Trick.

The whole USA riot reaction is still rumbling on. It seems it will be a very long time before that tragic issue is any where near being concluded, if ever. The death of a Police officer drastically changes all the dynamics and so it should. Forget all the huge political tribalism and the potential political ramifications. Capitol Hill and those much revered centres of lawmaking are now a crime scene. The crime being murder. Nothing should be allowed to even slightly fog the issues at stake. Some of the video evidence that is emerging is beyond shocking. Any law abiding citizen across the globe will instinctively want to see those breaking the law dealt with appropriately. America will do the right thing. From the deepest depths America will be born again. Eventually.

Here in good old Blighty we are being kept up to date re the USA via our many pointless and deeply sanitised news channels. I don't watch them. I watch the offerings of CNN and am quite happy with that. How people can stomach the likes of Burley and Kuenssberg is beyond me. But that is up to them. Your average Brit is aghast at the whole Capitol Hill tragedy. However, we have our own serious issues just at the minute.

We also have a corrupt and flawed Government which is more focused on the ECONOMY and lining its own pockets than the survival of the great unwashed of the UK.

Undeniably there are substantial links between our current political mess and the far right of the USA. Unfortunately America has had its fingers deep into the UK pie of cash.

Things have been going wrong with UK politics for a few years now. The 2019 GE was extreme beyond belief. The gutter press really went to town when it came to brain washing the apathetic UK public. Personal attacks, slurs, outright lies and untruths, no stone was left unturned in the blood lust of destroying the opposition, supporters of the opposition and even any lingering good memories of the days when socialism was looked upon fairly. UK politics left the gutter way behind as it descended to previously unknown depths. Some will say this was a master stoke of political strategy and very effective it was too. Others, like me, lament the days of fair politics and see all this as the death of politics as we used to know it.

Johnson swept to a landslide victory. Subsequent events have shown just how bad a development that really was. Where did this new strategy come from ? Why was UK political integrity jettisoned so graphically ? Who came up with such appalling tactics ?

Steve Bannon is the answer to those questions. He being a far right American extremist. The Tories installed him as a chief advisor. He duly imported the American way into our politics. The rest you already know. UK politics died. Just to emphasise this, Bannon is a former campaign manager for Trump. What other proof do you need to see what I am getting at here ? It is that atrocious that Johnson has since given many denials of any links to SB. For Johnson to issue bare faced lies is nothing knew. He does it all the time. This particular lie is one that he should not be allowed to get away with. Look around you, see the widespread poverty, the completely bungled management of the pandemic, think of the brazen corruption. Basically look at the UK dying before your very eyes. Bannon and Johnson gave birth to all of that. All Johnson can do is face the cameras and lie about it. He has no shame within him.

A video has come to light which shows SB stating that he helped to write Johnsons resignation speech when he resigned as Foreign Secretary. One of the denials which Johnson has put forward to the UKs subservient media goes like this " As for the so called association with Steve Bannon I'm afraid this is a Lefty delusion whose spores continue to breed in the twittersphere" well that may be so. Thing is, it also seems to be supported by a video of SB saying it all took place and is absolutely true. This explains fully why UK politics is now on the same track as American politics. Once upon a time I would willingly engage with a Tory, and most of the time enjoy the sharp but fair minded exchanges. I grew to realise that a good political cake had within it various ingredients, One of them being sensible Conservatism. The critical thing was getting the balance right. All of that is now gone. Thanks to Bannon and Johnson it is now all or nothing.

That is the problem which is exploding within the Capitol Hill buildings. Sadly, it has been implanted in what used to be a perfectly fair and acceptable UK political system.

For all the ills of the last decade, the outright brutality of Cameron and Gideon, the cold ineptness of May, NOTHING equals the crimes of Johnson and Bannon. All over the UK millions of people are leading shockingly poor lives. A very few others are piling it high. The death toll is rising, the profit from the death till is also rising. The American way is with us. It need not be this way.

It has taken the appalling scenes and deaths on Capitol Hill for the beleaguered population of America to jolt itself into action, what the hell will it take for the UK to realise the error of its ways ?

Thanks for looking in. Please help by spreading word.

Society not Economy.

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