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Mist over Pendle

Updated: May 8, 2018

Now then, I have written a few times lately about our rapidly deteriorating political standards. This I do because it bothers me deeply. Nothing represented UK values better than the way our elections were run, it was a superb example to all to see losing candidates shaking hands with the winner and each congratulating the other on well run campaigns, when did that last happen? These days it is more about long faces, accusations and seeing just exactly what can be gotten away with.

Sleepy Pendle

That infamous "bacon butty" scenario was the first major new low, as usual supplied by the Tories via a fawning and self interested right wing media. This in itself should have set the "decency alarm" bell ringing, it did not. Things have been left unchecked and we now find ourselves confronted with the worst example imaginable, they say all is fair in love and war, maybe I am a bit behind the times, our electioneering really should not be seen as either love or war. The Tories have redefined the whole thing as nothing but a cheap mud slinging contest with absolutely no bounds in either direction.

Our children, especially those who have a grasp of politics have been set an appalling level of abuse and name calling by which they measure political success, how the hell are they supposed to grow into the sensible adults of tomorrow on the back of that which unfolded around Pendle? click here

This whole sorry escapade raises many questions, such as , why is this not the opening story on every news bulletin on every channel? It beggars belief that in the modern age this sort of appalling incident can be ignored by national media in this country. Why are we not seeing leading figures roundly criticising the Tories? Why are there no forceful calls for that seat to be re run? Where are the Parliamentary Committees who really should be raising questions about political decency? Why is nobody putting forward that maybe the Law of the land should be looked at to see if criminal charges can be invoked? Why are people seemingly casually going along with this?

Political tribalism really should have certain limits, sure enough it is all too easy for bar room debate to become heated at times, for people to fall out, for things to be said which later seem a bit over the top. Grown up people, at such times, realise that it has gone too far, look the other person in the eye, and say they regret the moment and everyone accepts that and gets on with it. It seems the Tory party are not grown up any where near enough to act in this way.

Just another Tory

Not only have they allowed that deeply racist individual to remain, ah, strike that, it is far worse, they reinstated her as a councillor, they cashed in on her position to snatch the seat (on the day of counting) and therefore control Pendle. A clear and obvious example of swapping decency for a win. Nothing I have ever seen in politics comes any where near equalling this as an immoral act. NOTHING.

I have no idea where they think this leaves them regarding public opinion,plainly they just do not care about that. Ridiculous excuses have been offered by other gutless Tories, she did not mean it, it was a joke, she accidentally sent it rather than deleting it,(just try doing that on your keyboard) etc etc. Or, here is another scenario, they actually believe that this sort of thing will not bother the public sufficiently to harm their prospects. That is a huge thing. It asks several major questions about all of us, ones which I do not want to raise here. You have to wonder what the media in other countries make of that. This is the image the Tories are building of the UK. If this is not dragging the entire UK into disrepute, just what exactly is?

What happens next? Pendle, it should clearly be re run, that person responsible should be left in the political wilderness, an example of all that is wrong with closet racism, a disgraced empty shell with no future, nothing but somebody to be talked about in school lessons which are about teaching children basic civility and how to conduct yourself in a grown up manner. I have raised children, believe me they know far better how to act than this privileged pig in Pendle.

A disgraceful Tory candidate

What actually will happen? The racist Tory Party will make some lukewarm noises, the right wing media will help to soften the whole thing, the offending racist will slowly merge into the everyday grey of biased right wing news. Pendle will remain a Tory council. The people of the UK will move on to accepting every last thing that the tabloids tell them, but, here is the thing, here and there some folk will, in time, spot the upcoming racist things that the Tories do in their desperate attempts at clinging to power. (think Windrush) That bacon butty episode has not been completely forgotten. This leap from that (in a downward direction) is huge even by racist Tory standards, they are giving themselves too much rope. In time, that rope, with strands of decency, honesty and integrity, will eventually hang them. The problem is, the amount of damage they are doing in the meantime. Their utter and sustained arrogance is their Achilles Heel.

Me, I will be looking at things, asking around to see if there are any ways we can bring pressure to this mess. I will look at Laws, Email MPs, Email any media I can think of, there has to be ways. I really would appreciate your help with this one. My son died in Iraq in 2007, he did not give his life so that the United Kingdom would become a cesspit of racist greed, these bastards really are accountable if we can find the way.

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