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Mob Rule in Suits

Now then, something has been slowly bugging me lately. Since Salisbury leapt into our view quite a few things have surprised me. God knows there has been plenty of choice in that regard, it is becoming like a very good Monty Python sketch really.

The biggest interest point to me is how T. May got all those countries to kick out Russian diplomats. Surely it was not just a case of picking up the telephone and asking them to do it? There must have been some sort of validation asked for and then put forward? I really do not see it as being a case of "hello there, nice to chat again, blah blah, oh, before I go, could you boot out your Russian diplomats please"? That really would be Monty Pythonesque. Or would it?

Here's the full list so far:

United States: 60- well, they always have to be top.

Britain: 23- obviously.

Ukraine: 13- anything to register understandable dislike of Russia.


Canada: 4- bit surprising.

France: 4- well, you know!

Germany: 4

Poland: 4

Czech Republic: 3- does Corbyn count, is he now banned?

Lithuania: 3

Moldova: 3

Albania: 2

Australia: 2- cheats siding with cheats?

Denmark: 2

Italy: 2

The Netherlands: 2

Spain: 2

Belgium: 1

Croatia: 1

Estonia: 1

Hungary: 1

Ireland: 1

Finland: 1

Latvia: 1

Macedonia: 1

Norway: 1

Romania: 1

Sweden: 1

Now, take a look at that map, and note the colouring. The situation is not a clear one, many of those countries have coalition Govts, and we now know how very successful they can be do we not? Mostly, as you can see that map is not red, red being Left wing ruled. Only one third of Europe is under "Centre Left" rule, Centre Left is by no means Left Wing as it is defined here in the UK, Cameron redefined being Left, to him and his subsequent disciples Left actually equals being fair minded. There is actually very little of what I would see as "Left" out there. Make your own minds up about that one.

So, the USA, top of the list. Has to be seen to be hard headed and swift and decisive when it comes to being Anti Russian. Here is the thing though, America has sort of looked like they are leading the Anti Russian charge, but, actually they are doing no such thing. The White House has said that Russia can replace the expelled people! Just what exactly is that all about then? To my mind that enables us to subtract their 60 from the 151 total. Not looking so big now is it?

Then we move onto our Eurovision Song Contest colleagues. Two Thirds of that fine continent is under right wing rule. So, an ultra hard right PM asks them to kick out The Russian Bear. Love to have been in on any of those conversations. I wonder if BJ made the calls? Reciting his "absolute definite proof, beyond all doubt etc" to coerce the other leaders. Would the others have taken much coercing? Along with that the UK immediately removed the Russian Bear from its tiny little island. Tack those onto the American quota and the number becomes really quite small does it not?

The Ukraine I can well understand, they are in a unique position, and they deserve all our respect, and actually help. Good luck to them.

It is now emerging that all those leaders were very likely conned. Sold a dummy, tricked, led up the garden path. Must be some very high level red faces at the minute.

So what now in this unfunny tragicom? May must have pushed that she had the absolute proof, it is now beyond reasonable doubt that the absolute proof does not exist. This has to be the single biggest cock up in political history, I certainly can think of none bigger, maybe Watergate?

God knows where we go from here. Putin is taking this ridiculous farce to The Hague, all those leaders are now pondering how seriously to take May next time she makes any sort of statement, Johnson can not be sacked because he seems to have some sort of hold over the weak PM, there is no easy run out of all this. It will likely take decades to repair the damage.

Not long back its was flowers, fist bumps and flashing smiles. Well it sure as hell is not that now is it? How can all this be put right? I like to think that I am fair minded, especially over stuff of this magnitude. This goes beyond cheap tricks to win an election, this is severely damaging stuff. It should have been quite straight forward really, firstly pause (somebody did say that and MSM butchered him), weigh up the pros and cons, consult, check it all again, then take measured and proper action. Look what happened! This is all basic stuff.

The UK has acted outside of International Law more than once over this issue, and blatantly assumed it has far more importance and clout than it actually has. We are a small island nation, no longer a major player in military terms, no longer a big fish in economic terms, no longer a world leader in foreign policy. This mess is what you get when you put people in charge who really think we are all of those things. The likes of May, Williamson, Hunt, Johnson, Grayling, etc.

Heads have to roll. Simple as that, and quickly if we are to gain back any of the lost respect across the globe. I fear this will not happen.

It can not be left to mob rule in suits.

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