At we give a street level look through the eyes of a left wing socialist at the disturbing events that are unfolding around us

Money, So They Say ,,,,,

Now then, where the hell do I start today ? A crushing weekend for the Left is with us. The Left has been battered like never before. Seeing the expected suspects on the news gloating is sickening. Labour MPs talking of "ridding the party of the unpleasantness" makes me want to vomit. Mr Corbyn and Hackney Di are the ones to consult on that subject. In my minds eye I see images of the new membership cards having an LFI insignia upon them, all documentation having been printed by The Jewish Chronicle.

I have written elsewhere that I will wait for seven days before making a decision re my membership, so that is what I am doing. I will keep you all informed. If anyone wishes to contact me with observations that would be good.

It is almost impossible to think up anything that could be more important to me than the above. Our current dire situation has easily eclipsed any political issues.

Here is the thing that worries me so immensely.

The Tory Party is actually tiny. It exists upon donations from a few VERY wealthy individuals. Those who have made vast fortunes from business. Time and again it leaks out that certain ministers have been taking many £Ks from various moguls. By coincidence which ever business that minister has taken money from then comes into the spotlight due to possibly being hampered by the Tory Party via Government.

Such as the gambling industry. It is not just Tories who do this. Umunna was once exposed as having taken 20k from a gambling company executive. But, as we know he IS a Tory anyway, the point is, this sort of thing is widespread around Westminster.

As you all are aware, a certain class of person was very recently able to go and snort coke and get pissed on expensive drinks at Cheltenham. An utterly ridiculous thing to be allowed to take place. Flying in the face of ALL sensible medical advice re limiting the spread of a deathly disease. A quarter of a million people attended it. Top Hats and Tails, women dressed in designer attire, minimum waged lackeys running about with trays of sliced salmon. Book makers raking it in. I don't know how many medical staff were occupied by this virus incubation fest, it must have been very many. I also do not know how many medical staff are now being occupied by those who did indeed contract the virus at that "Sport of Kings" event, or have caught it via having been in contact with any of those clowns who attended. What really bothers me is how many of those lackeys are now sick due to trying to pay the rent rather than fritter away "disposable income".

Turns out Cheltenham was really about "Disposable Lives".

Here's the thing that really angers me, Matt Hancock recently received £10,000 from John Gosden Ltd, who is considered to be a major horse trainer who is based in Newmarket. This is jaw droppingly appalling.

Mr Hancock, the Sec of State for Health. bribed by a horse trainer. People are dying alone in hospitals. The NHS is now losing nurses and Drs to this vile disease. Two nurses have died in the last few days, leaving behind SIX youngsters.

Michael Gove said the other day "some nurses have died" he doesn't even know how many. Victoriana is still claiming victims in the Uk in the 21st Century.

I would like to see any Tory MP who is currently serving in this ultra hard right Govt have to wear a lapel badge on their expensive suits that displays the name of any company that they have received money from. That would be simple to implement and so very revealing. Can you imagine the sheer panic if it ever came to be ?

As I said earlier, it is not just the Tories who are guilty of this. It is just the Tories who are in power though, they disgust me to my soul.

Jumping back to the top of this piece, due to the leadership results all sorts of extreme things are being put forward on social media. My future political home is uncertain.

One thing I can say with hand on heart, NO Labour MP could ever be as crass as your average Tory MP. Simple as that.

Thanks for looking in. Please help by passing on this piece on if you would.

Society not Economy.

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