At we give a street level look through the eyes of a left wing socialist at the disturbing events that are unfolding around us

More than just a game

Now then, our political landscape, thing is, I am not convinced it is even ours anymore.

It seems to me that it is now owned by very well off media kings (why no queens?), and designed by our friends across the pond. Nothing in our day to day lives is as important as our political landscape. It shapes everything around us, actually it directly shapes our very selves. How do you want your life to be for the next five years? what do you want the prospects for your children to be?

To my simple mind, nothing and nobody has a right to tamper with this fundamental block of the definition of a civilised society. Over our history many many people have died in the struggle to protect democracy, and in armed conflicts to introduce democracy to far away lands- I should know- and it stuns me that this sacrosanct ideal is being battered so much on a day to day basis in the modern UK.

Not a good good start this is it? How, why and who are the obvious leading questions here, the answers are straight forward in some ways, a bit deeper and messier in others.

Not so long ago a humble bacon butty played a major role in deciding the result of a general election in the UK. It was not just the offending snack ofcourse. It was aided and abetted along the way quite forcefully and successfully dependant on your political tribalism. This was the first demoralising sign that our political landscape was being dragged towards the gutter in a very callous and infantile way.

Has to be said, in the final analysis, it got the job done. The public went along with it and it powered a certain Mr Cameron into Downing Street. So, huge victory or, massive blow to all that used to reasonable about our political systems?

Tabloid papers. The absolute proof that democracy is no longer what it was. Truth seems not be a part of what they are constructing. Time and again brazen and brainless headlines wreck political aims. Nothing subtle about it, nothing particularly clever about it. BBC news is now shambolic. Anything that can be broadcast to injure a person who speaks a different narrative to the one required by the current Govt goes out in full HD on the hour every hour. BBC QT now features "plants" in its audiences. Radio4 gives us Mr Humphrys, this is 21st century UK democracy at work?

Quck recap concerning Mr Corbyn, recently he has been a Czech spy, IRA apologist ,Anti

Semitic, on and on. This is not just rumour amongst people sipping G&Ts in some expensive Whitehall bar, this is front page national news and spills out of millions of flat screen Plasmas across the nation. Where are the ones who are supposed to set standards in such areas? Where is the absolute bottom to all this?

Simple answer, they are now in the employ of the current Govt.

Where did this all come from? - the good old USA. A certain Mr Steve Bannon- you will know him when you see him- looks like a very over fed Worzel Gummidge- has been jetting across the pond and having meetings with senior Tories. I do not think they will have been discussing the Super Bowl prospects of Green Bay. Mr Bannon is said to be worth Twenty Million Dollars. Just do a quick Google search on Mr Bannon. His background shows that, without question he is ultra right wing, and his main driver is racism. Plain and simple he is one disgusting individual. So, the Tories recruit him and pick his brain.

Bernie Sanders is suffering this very same treatment as JC , he is accused of just about everything constantly. You see the similarities instantly. Like JC, BS is not in power.

So, fair to say this new gutter politics works for those in power, which then implies it appeals to right wingers, and sadly quite a few others.

Quite bleak eh? Maybe so across the pond. Across the pond however is very different to good old Blighty. Our public is very different to the American public.

All this media bias is leading us into a very dark period in our history. So, what does the future hold for us?

Local elections loom. The machine will be cranked up to full. Smears smears and more smears. Look at the names here, Green,Williamson,Truss, Hunt, Johnson, all of them are low calibre people. The stuff they have got away with is staggering. IDS has been shuffled off to resume his career playing second fiddle to everyone around him and will soon be unseated. Mr Grayling, another complete and odious failure. Yet they seem almost untouchable.

Opposite these individuals we have Rayner, Thornberry, Starmer, Pidcock etc who all act with dignity in the face of such appalling untruths and media bias. You can rest assured that the Tory strategists will be going over their histories with a very fine tooth comb and their turn in the mire will then be served up to the nation by the adoring Tory media.

Based upon recent events the degree of truth required to launch such smear campaigns is now very low. The new Tory way is to launch the smear, watch some of it stick, sit back, expect some sort of unimportant criticism, or maybe even being "officially" rebuked in the chamber. This has now happened too many times, forced to apologise over false statements at PMQs over wild claims about funding etc. They do not care. It is all about staying in power and nothing else.

Last week Mrs May dismissed any links at all with Cambridge Analytica, I think this issue will not be going away and carries a lot of potential damage for the Govt. A new low has already surfaced regarding this, a whistle blower ( re Leave campaign funding) who happens to be gay has been outed and the PM has expressed her confidence in those who carried this out. The whistle blower is of Eastern origin and his family now live in fear back home. This is the new way to cling to power Tory style.

Truth has been left behind, they have media control , they are following the American playbook,they are lagging behind in the polls, several of their big hitters look to be in severe danger of losing their seats, Amber Rudd springs to mind, luckily IDS is another one. Expect even more extreme and infantile measures to try to save them.

It is difficult to see a way to derail all of this, the immediate future does not look good for the Left. The future will however test those who so far have jumped when instructed to do so by the Govt. Print media is on the way out. It is slowly dying. Sales are sinking, this is not due to backing the Tories, it is down to the rising popularity of the Internet.

Social media is eclipsing the tabloid era. Many of those who used to religiously buy them now simply go online and read stuff. People are no longer motivated by celebrity excess or slanted political rubbish. For those media barons mentioned earlier the end is very definitely nigh.

Soon we will see political commentators starting to properly second guess the instructions they receive to give the Tories an easy ride. Cambridge Analytica, repeated stories of Tory MPs attending "Nazi" themed parties, Accessing pornography on Commons computers, sending the secretary to buy sex aids, The UK becoming the worlds second largest arms dealer, all these things remain in the public memory.

As I keep on saying just lately, this is not America. The difference seems to have been overlooked in the rush by the Tories to assume that the public are too thick to get it.

America has a complete idiot in the White House. They will put up with that if the idiot just smiles and says everything is just dandy. In this country that will not work for long.

It used to be a question of voting for the Left or the Right, it has now become a question of voting for truth or lies. I have to wonder if the Left are going about things the correct way just lately. There seems to be an air of ignoring all these awful slurs, that may well be due to trying to look dignified in the face of the onslaught. To me, this is a mistake.

Time has come to fight fire with fire. The Right is deeply racist yet all we hear about is Labour Anti Semitism. We keep hearing about (on Social Media and no where else) leading Tories with iffy financial links, why is this not being shouted from every roof top?

Tory MP Aidan Burley is in that pic.

May stroked the the hand of the White House idiot, fawned to a Saudi Prince, said coldly in the Chamber "Yes" when asked if she would press THE button, "No Deal is better than a bad deal" at Lancaster House, these things should be thrown in the face of the public at every possible opportunity.

The future, it will not be the one that most of us want to see. The Tory machine is already starting to test the patience of the public, thing is, will it exhaust it in time to see themselves kicked out of their cash laden wet dream? Their formula has been very efficient to this point. More and bigger smears will be set in motion. Russia provides a very welcome political distraction. Certain Tory lite Labour people are adding to the precarious balance that could well yet see the Tories somehow survive.

The Tories have their own problems with infighting, we all know that BJ wants her job, maybe that will rise to the surface again.

I cannot help but feel that Labour are not helping themselves by not adopting tactics similar to the Tories. That is sad, very sad, mainly because it signals that the new age of politics is actually built around lies, celebrity and cheap gutter antics.

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