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Mr Tony Blair

Now then, where do you start with this piece? Mr Blair certainly is not your run of the mill political figure. I can not think of many who have had the extremes in their careers as he has. War in Iraq to peace in Northern Ireland is a quantum leap in the history of the human race let alone British political history.

Mention his name in any country on the planet and people will know who you mean, and will likely pass an opinion without being invited to. Such is the size of the reputation which follows him around.

He was PM of the UK from 97 to 07, and lead the Labour party from 94 until 07. Many still regard him as the best leader the Labour Party has ever had, others regard him in a somewhat different light. Tellingly, Mrs Thatcher described him and New Labour as her finest achievement, was this genuine or did she say that to leave a curse upon New Labour for ever more? we will never know, it is fair to say though that if it was a sly move on her part, it very definitely hit the target.

Under his leadership, the UK certainly enjoyed good economic times, no doubting that. Such things as child poverty, the NHS, education, disability rights etc all did very well, and there was a general air of satisfaction around the place. However, and this is huge to me, he had very little time for Unions, seeing them as an obstruction to business, maybe that is a sign of Thatchers comment? As mentioned previously, NI saw peace arrive under his leadership, and that fine achievement can not be over stated.

There were signs back then that he was very definitely a right winger at heart. Education fees, lack of enthusiasm for unions, privatisation of the NHS, and a general view that business drove everything. Just to show some balance, the NMW was born.

Mr Blair was very definitely not a left wing socialist. You can make your own minds up about that. Thatchers times were brutal, Blairs time was not. Things were different back then, the good economic time was enough to sway the people on street into quietly getting on with everything, with the usual complaining just to show we really are British.

Then, something turned all this upside down. Iraq.

I need to point out here that my fine young son Alex died at Basra in January 07. I point this out because I do not want anyone reading this to dismiss it as the rantings of yet another bereaved parent. Google my name and see the stuff I have, or more to the point, have not been saying about the rights and wrongs of taking the decision to remove Saddam. I have stood out as a voice in the wilderness really, abused for not screaming for Blairs head on a stick., abused for sticking with the official line that had been put out. Clinging to the hope that the whole mass was honourable and justified.

A former serving MP called me "naive" others have said harsher things to me, through all of that I went along with the number of UN resolutions which had been ignored etc.

Basically I accepted the word of those in the relevant positions at the time.

So, am I a fool, or an honourable person?

Then, something happened which turned all that upside down.

Mr Gordon Brown released a book "My Life Our Times" which I buy- because I find the internal workings of our political systems endlessly fascinating. Sometimes I wish I had not bothered buying it. If you can, read the chapter "Iraq-How we were all Misled" .

If you cant do that, just read page 254, and make your own minds up. This has had a truly devastating effect on me, and confirms my status as a naive fool.

Mr Brown blows open the whole thing. He just says it how it was. Nails any doubts about legal validity of indeed even honour being a part of what went on. Some have dismissed it as a fit of pique due to the ups and downs of his relationship with Mr Blair. That is easily said, and ignores the input of Sir Christopher Meyer. I am not here to advertise that book, nor do I wish to join those who have screamed for years for Blairs hanging. All those who have been doing that have been doing it without knowledge of that book. I prefer to base my views on facts or the words of those in prominent places who were involved at the time.

I did write to Mr Brown last year to seek a meeting, I have had no reply, which is very disappointing. I need peace of mind, in my position that should not be much to ask.

So, Mr Blair, exposed as having kept massively damaging evidence from the country and the Houses of Parliament. I have , for Eleven years been wandering up the garden path.

Lately Mr Blair has been cropping up regularly again. As outlined earlier this bloke is a former Labour PM. To see his utterings just lately you would not think so. He has surfaced to do his level best to wreck the Labour Party. Anything will do, he has jumped upon the Anti Semitic band wagon, appearing on every available television slot, columns in newspapers, radio slots, you name it has has done it. All in the name of harming Social Democracy. I know that he is strongly opposed to Brexit, OK, that is fine. I do not see how anyone with a supposed "Labour Soul" can possibly equate that to doing immense damage to Labour, or to put it another way, doing the work of the Tories for them, or was Thatcher correct all along ? Remainers have latched onto Mr Blair in their droves, just how many of these keyboard warriors have been the same ones happily screaming for his head? Makes me think that if Satan appeared to agree with them they would all sink to their knees then tour churches turning crucifixes upside down.

So, Mr Blair and his extreme history, looks to me like his last notable chapter could be headed "Wrecking the Labour Party".

I may have been a fool, however, I have been an open, honest and consistent one.

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