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No Choice

The good old BBC, something which seems to have been around for ever, and for years was regarded as something to behold. Indeed the fact that it survived whilst being advert free was looked upon with pride, or was it?

As time has drifted by, the Beeb has changed dramatically, it used to produce fresh and unique output, manged to cover big sporting events, delivered news in a fairly neutral manner and its leading celebs were like household friends, at least to some. Think of Wogan and his almost god like status to the purple rinse brigade and those who staffed cake stalls at the church fete. My deep love for cricket was born out of the voice of Jim Laker, and I wagged school many times to watch the coverage on the Beeb (don't tell anyone about that).

So, time marched on,and the slow sad demise of Auntie set in. What you are provided with today is shockingly inept. I seriously doubt if anyone who does not sleep in a room where the mattress is on the wall would try to project the Beeb as anything other than garbage.

Yesterday, Saturday the 17th of March, I paid attention to their listing. This a weekend day, sport is in full flow, far fewer people see Saturday night as get dressed up and go out and spend enough money to have an enjoyable night. So it is fair to assume watching telly is on a lot of family menus. Lets take a look through what they had to endure on BBC 1.

Early morning its BBC breakfast, a chance to see the same bit of news every fifteen minutes, over and over, read from one of those auto cue things which make the reporter seem as though they have been sniffing something. Its not fair to say only the Beeb does this, but there is a sort of drabness about how it is presented, sort of like the way Eastenders has a dull off-putting quality about it. On this particular ordinary day they tell you about the rugby (establishment variety) every fifteen minutes.

After that we get 90 mins of Saturday Kitchen. Well, what can one say? How long has this tired formula stuff been surviving? How many people actually turn off other stuff to watch this? Guess what follows? "Classic" May Berry!! Very imaginative eh? Then it's Football Focus and the news. OK, the Beeb should deliver some footy stuff for those who seem unable to cope with life without it. FF is a way those without a satellite sub can keep up with things, so, fair enough. During the news, they tell you about the rugby again. Now then, if you have been glued to this stuff since 06:00 you will be ready for a change, ah, next up its "Master Chef" for well over Two hours, good eh? I am not making this up, somebody who is likely paid much more than a woman would be for the same job thinks this is good!!

Stunningly after that sensory assault it's, wait for it... Wanted Down Under. OK, enough, what is this repetitive drivel all about? Mainstream nationwide peak day viewing??

I honestly do not see how this could be any worse?? It is pitiful and insulting.

There is yet more to come, we have only reached Half-Four. Next up is the establishment brand of Rugger. This brings Seven and the news, during which they tell you about,, the rugby!! After that it's Pointless Celebrities, my god, this series must be the most repeated series in history. During the week not only do I know the answers from memory, I can remember which question is coming next! The big showpiece Saturday night offering follows, that being the 32nd season of Casualty. Hard to be critical of this tired old show. It did use to be a "must see" show, about ten years ago. Story lines are no longer believable, it's slow and, if your tired from all that rubbish you have been watching since 06:00 you will nod off. I suggest you buy the box set of ER and see how a medical soap opera should be done. Now we get Troy Fall of a City, ordinary humdrum stuff, really not fit for this time on a Saturday night, probably not intended for it actually.

So, again the news follows, in which they tell you about the rugby and MoTD. Followed by a nothing film. That is your Saturday as catered for by BBC 1.

Everyone will have their own personal tastes, and some will think that line up is a good one. That is for each and everyone of you to decide. What I really do not like is that we ALL are forced to pay for it. Why should this be? I will go into that another time, as the BBC has other serious charges to answer. For now, I think this line up of dire crap should be enough to see it dismantled as soon as possible.

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