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No hare running in this race.

The Labour Party leadership race is trundling along. Not a simple and straightforward thing at all. We are now slowly becoming aware that nothing in 21st century UK politics is as it seems. Outside interference is actually now at very worrying levels. The GE showed us in terrifying ways how influential our corrupt media now is, allied to murmurs about foreign money funding it all- look out for the long awaited Russia report arriving soon complete with many large black blocks obscuring the incriminating truths.

As for Labour and it's necessary leaders competition, you can take it from me that LFI is representing the Israeli Govt. Also, everyone of the runners has lay down for the Board of Deputies. This really is shocking in the extreme. I will say that for me personally this is a seriously low ebb for Socialists everywhere. If one wants to be a representative of Netanyahu and his cronies, that is up to you, stand out in the open and continually work for them, as in take your salaries from them, be honest about it, and really I would not be acting reasonably if I was then endlessly critical. I know it's not that simple, all i ask is transparency, once and for all. Tories also have their Friends of Israel, why do we never hear about that ??

Five contenders remain. Again, they have all laid down for the BoD. All these five have secured the backing of 22 MPs or MEPs to reach this stage. There is still some way to go, result is not due until April 4th. The press started its interference even before the whole thing had started. Early criticism of Rebecca Long-Bailey set the tone. One third rate so called journo wrote a particularly awful comment regarding RLBs looks. Utterly shocking, even more shockingly this verbal assault has gone unpunished. It is to RLBs immense credit that she just laughed it off. One thing you can definitely say re RLB, she has been outstanding when it comes to dealing with the media. The Left regards her as being the closest thing on the ballot to a proper Left candidate. I do not believe she is. I cannot ignore her role in the removal of Chris Williamson from the party.

RLB is a former solicitor, so if you had any doubts as to her super nimble brain you can dispel them now. Sharp she certainly is. She is being skewered at the moment due to some comments regarding abortion. One comment does not the future leader make, the hysterical responses are sadly becoming the norm lately. Rebecca is seen as being "pro Corbyn" hence why the Left are looking favourably in her direction. She has also stated that she was against the 2nd referendum policy that seems to have inflicted terminal damage upon the Corbyn project. She is the MP for Salford & Eccles, hence the brainless rubbish about the "Salford Mafia" that saw light of day in certain gutter level comics. Personally I think the arrival of any "Salford Mafia" into UK politics would be rather colourful just now. At least it would be home based interference.

A well known low level right wing site actually tried to rubbish her for having a multi millionaire other half. (obviously Labour people aren't allowed to have well off other halves), hilariously the clown who runs that site had messed up BIG style. The husband of RLB has the same name as the megga rich bloke but is NOT that bloke.

Good eh ?

Difficult to say anything bad about her, she did shine in the JC inner circle and does seem to lean to the Left. I am unconvinced that she would not drift to the right. As far as I can ascertain RLB is not a member of LFI. Feel free to correct me if this is incorrect.

Kier Starmer appears to be the establishment choice and they keep repeating that it is all a piece of cake so far as he is concerned. I reject this totally, the establishment does not vote, the members do. That is a key point. The media has NO SAY at all.

KS is a former barrister, and a very well qualified one at that, his intelligence level is super high and he exudes confidence. Not a good bloke to get into an argument with on any day of the week. He did not always support JC and many see him as having revealed his true inner self via this. He was very much part of the JC inner circle but when push came to shove he shoved Corbyn. There is no doubt that KS did much to harm his leader. This can't be overlooked. You may or may not have supported the JC project, that is your call. I will never support anyone who shows one face whilst secretly wearing another behind the public one. How anyone could put honest faith in him when he has shown he does not offer it in return escapes me.

Lisa Nandy, MP for Wigan since 2010. Not really caught the attention as she would have liked. Also she really has come out with some very puzzling stuff. At the moment she has enraged the whole of Scotland with her view that the IndyRef stuff is akin to what is going on in Spain regarding Catalonia. I prefer to think this was just an ill judged comment, however the damage is now done and I do not see her becoming a serious challenger to KS or RLB. Another thing, she was the co chair of the Owen Smith leadership campaign, we all know how that went. She should drop out now.

There are two runners left. Emily Thornberry and Jess Phillips. This is where it gets difficult for me. I don't pretend to be any sort of expert. I am a member of the party, and did a lot of campaign work round here in the GE. I have always been strongly of the Left and have for my entire life been Labour to my chore. It has been hard for us all just lately. I was in the Rotherham count room, we did not giggle much at all.

Emily Thornberry puzzles and infuriates me. I don't think the party is her first concern. You all know my opinion of LFI, ET often says things which can only be seen as incendiary given that whole sorry situation. Add to that her wrecking tactics re demanding that the party supported a second vote re Europe and none of this looks at all good. I don't see how she has secured the support of the required 22.

Jess Phillips, what do I say ? JP is seemingly well liked around here Brum constituency. The media seem to love her, think back to those pictures of her grinning with the Rt Hon Member for the 18th Century- Reece Mogg. She also infamously said she would "stab Corbyn in the front", just how clever was that ? On election night she was shown laughing all over her face at the crushing result. The more I research her the more I tend to think she is totally out of her depth and would be a disaster of epic proportions if by some series of miracles she won the vote. How has she got this far ?

Just for the record, all of the above have done enormous amounts of good work on behalf of those who asked for it and should be applauded for that. Leader of the party requires that who ever is selected has that extra special adeptness.

So, who to vote for ? I am a bit lost to be honest. None of them set me alight. RLB is actually fourth choice, Lavery, Williamson, Pidcock all would have been preferred on my ballot paper. I don't think it is fair to vote for somebody because all the others are worse. Having said that, wasting a vote is not acceptable. i still don't know.

Thanks for looking. Please help me by spreading this site. Thankyou.

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