At we give a street level look through the eyes of a left wing socialist at the disturbing events that are unfolding around us

No Right Turn.

Now then, the realisation that the Labour Party as we knew it is no longer has had a while to permeate through the minds of those of us who worked tirelessly on behalf of it. Sure enough toys left many prams at a heavy velocity. Mine included. Time has ebbed by and many of us have spotted that having no connection with that doomed party does not have to mean ceasing being a good altruistic and very active socialist. Fact is each is now incompatible with the other. Worse even is the actuality of those who are GENUINELY playing a long game by lingering in the hope of changing things from within ( I salute the dedication of every one of you) and having to do it whilst walking on the hot coals of the Israel lobby taking offence if anyone so much as hints at that regime being a brutal and bloodthirsty apartheid regime, which it obviously actually is. A truly appalling state of affairs.

So, you can take the view that the rotting carcase of organised socialism is there for all of us to see. Or is it? My view being it most certainly is not. It just resides outside the former Labour Party. What I have found interesting is the sprouting of so many miniscule groups who are all of a sudden riding over the hill to rescue socialism and drive it onto new heights. They are all over the place. Jostling for the red spotlight. Where were all these unheard of splinter groups last winter? What are they actually about ? Why the sudden appearance from the shadows ? The answer to that last question is really rather obvious, they see the void caused by the obliteration of Labour as a chance to install themselves at the top of some imaginary "all powerful tree". When you dig into some of these groups it is all rather depressing. Obviously I cannot speak about all of them. It is more than possible that some of them have some great answers to all of this. I rather doubt that though.

I attended the national conference of one of these new groups, it is not fair to name them, nor am I in the game of belittling anyone, I have four decades of experience in political matters at various levels, therefore, given that this is my site which I pay for, I feel entitled to air my view, so that is exactly what I am going to do. The conference I attended was well meant, but almost from the off was nothing more than a tussle between various groups from around the country. It was gobshite tennis. I left well before the end and have had nothing to do with them since. I know for a fact that there were many good altruistic socialists in that hall, it did not matter. They were drowned out by the more vociferous ones. Complete waste of time. It gives me no pleasure saying that.

All sorts of things have cropped up on the Internet. Claiming to represent "grassroots workers" or be in existence solely to ensure that nobody is above another and be desperately eager to shootdown the elitist establishment , well, when you look into most of these groups they consist of a minute number of people or may well be lead by somebody who scored a few hundred votes at the last general election. Sadly these days the Internet enables such fringe groups the opportunity to make a noise which far outweighs their actual size. Most of these people will be the same ones who put forward that voting for the LDs or Greens was equal to throwing your vote in the bin (it was) yet here they are trying to entice people into their feeble ranks with promises of all sorts of utter nonsense. All quite sad really.

For those of us who are lucky enough tomorrow will keep on coming. With that comes a whole lot of unknown things. Believe it or not some of them will be extremely good. Almost everything is cyclic, cycles turn. I am not for one moment thinking that any of this will be anything but maddeningly slow. Quite possibly not even in my lifetime. I have a son, he has a son. The sun will keep on rising long after I am gone. My hope is for the sun to shine down warmly upon them. How could that come to pass?

As somebody once said "I have a dream" I do, and here is a snapshot of mine.

The sheer number of those who were energised by the "For the many not the Few" ideology suggests that even a small percentage of them would be a more than adequate base upon which to put a true socialist project together. Most encouragingly most them are young. The young are the most important people on the planet. They have been kicked around and abused for far too long. For evidence of this look to our university campus buildings just now, when you have done that, consider just what the hell is going to be done with all those clever young people come Christmas? So, they all bought into fairness in a big way. They have not mysteriously evaporated. They are all still out there in the harsh environment that the UK now is.

Also still out there are the ones who energised them and all the others who for once found politics vibrant and interesting. I saw old folk who had never bothered with politics out there in the rain trudging along stuffing leaflets through doors. I saw them at demos and meetings. I saw the enthusiasm. I saw the hope. The trick is, given that Labour now longer offers a reasonable channel, harnessing all that appetite for hope and growing it. We have at least FOUR YEARS (likely longer) to do it. I was very lucky to see Mr Corbyn and walk alongside Mr Burgon on the campaign trail. There were many others who epitomised the vision that people shared. Ian Byrne, Diane Abbott, the fantastic Zara Sultana, on and on. We are lucky here in The Steel City to have one such as Olivia Blake, what I am putting forward is that the framework for a good socialist party already exists. never mind all those fringe groups, the Socialist Campaign Group of MPs holds all the keys. They also hold my utmost respect for being people of principle and remaining so through the harshest of times. It is not that simple though.

Those principles which the above mentioned MPs hold are the biggest barrier of all to my dream. I dream that they will, en masse, walk away from that which used to be The Labour Party. This would then immediately make them bigger than the LDs today. If the unions , or at least some of them affiliated, they would be a serious force going forward.

If My Corbyn could swallow his lifelong principle and jump on board there is every possibility that a snowball would start rolling any day now. The antics of the UK media have come out since the GE, many people are disgusted. Things have changed. The constant corrupt excesses of the Tories are wearing people down. A unique opportunity has presented itself. Millions of people are now realising that they were conned. Not many Brits like being shafted. Johnson and company stand accused.

Chris Williamson took on the A/S brigade and beat them. He was exonerated, he is as clean as it is possible to be. I have met him, been present at one of his talks. A fine and true socialist. Placed in with the SCG the mix, that would be great news for all altruistic socialists. The time is limited for this all to happen. Those obscure fringe groups are busily scheming away trying to disguise their actual motives as "proper socialism" and the inaction of the above can only provide them with more opportunities. It is down to the this damn virus that things have not been moving along.

If you are a displaced true socialist, please be patient. These pop up micro groups are only interested in themselves and their deluded dreams of world domination via wrecking the establishment and knowing better than anyone else. The framework for successful socialism already exists, YOU are it.

Thanks for looking in, please help by spreading word.

Society not Economy.

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