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No Vaccine = No Problem

Now then, I've not written about the virus for a while, in truth it became boring rehashing the same old stuff. The fact that I can use the word "old" in that statement is rather telling. Fact is nothing has improved, if anything the whole situation has taken on an even more sinister flavour. The worrying thing to me is the almost total silence regarding information. When Johnson kicked the daily briefings into touch he stopped any flow of relevant public service info. Since that point doubts have been allowed to fester. We already know the UK media is utterly devoid and totally subservient when it comes to "holding power to account", actually we now do not have any of that in the UK.

Just to back that up, as I'm writing this, Burley has got Coffey on, the trailer that Sky news is running currently for that awful womans new "News" show contains her saying that "those in power will be stepping into the lions den on her show", laughable, Coffey may as well be sharing a cozy chat with a close friend. Burley is now fawning over Jeremy Hunt, I can't recall her doing that with Jeremy Corbyn. Nuff Sedd.

So, lets take stock for a minute. Yesterday I was walking by our local kids play area, the swings remain closed. A young mum was lifting her toddler out of the buggy and over the fence so that the happy kid could play in the chilly sunshine. The kid was as happy as can be. This got me thinking, was the young mum doing the right thing? I'm not one for flouting the law or going against sensible advice. Therefore, the logical next question has to be, why are the swings still closed? Pubs are open, restaurants are, public transport is running, here's the clincher, the damn schools are, yet this mum was lifting her kid over a fence. What rubbish is this? My son lives in Bury, he has a 1 year old son, I live in Sheffield, I have not seen them since February, who is in the wrong here?

I have not taken advantage of the "Eat out to Help out" scheme that the "Rishi God" dreamt up. This is due to my putting the wellbeing of myself and those around me way above the prospect of saving ten quid on a pub meal. Again, who is in the wrong here, me or all those who jumped upon the cheap scoff? It will be interesting see how far the numbers fall once the discount is ended. Seems to me that far too many Brits are obsessed with getting something on the cheap than they are on being safety conscious.

It has just been put forward that Scotland has placed Greece on the "do not travel" list yet England has not, why can this be so? This suggests to me that the PM of England (remember him) is far more obsessed with money than his Scots counterpart. No surprise there I suppose. It raises a very dark point though. Right back at the very start of Covid I asked why the airports were still operating as normal. Time after time, including last week, I have read accounts from people who have flown in from the USA and they put forward that they were not stopped, questioned or even given a leaflet as they entered the UK. What madness is this? The news has shown countless clips of Brits complaining that they have had to return early due to their chosen "Brits on the Piss" location being placed upon the danger lists. They put forward, with straight faces, that they NEED a holiday! This stuns me. Sure enough many folk have been sensible and just quietly got on with doing what is asked of them. Arriving back and quarantining in the way they have been asked. How many of those who NEED a holiday do you think will have stampeded down to the local to save the aforementioned Tenner?

Back to the youngsters, they are after all the most important people on the planet. I spoke to a young girl who is going back to school tomorrow, she really is not looking forward to it. She is in her 2nd year at Big School. I put it to her that those starting at Big School would need looking after given the environments they are entering. Imagine it, being that young, all this talk of masks & distancing and on top of all that having your first day in secondary school. The young girl looked at me and said " We can't go near them we will all be in our bubbles", Is this for real? It's like some sort of cheap sci fi film.

Our children deserve far better then this, Their safety should be at the absolute top of every list. Nobody can say with complete certainty that there is no risk from Covid, so therefore there is a risk element. Given that I will stand with any parent who point blank refuses to subject a child to that risk. I would imagine that many of the voices who are critical of this are those who saved ten quid on a pub meal.

Winter is on the horizon, that brings with it added pressures in normal times, obviously these are not normal times. Our NHS staff are going to need a lot more than pans being banged on doorsteps, they will again, be battered from pillar to post. Those who went on holiday may well contribute to their enormous workloads. Surgeries up and down the land will bear a lot of the brunt. There is no vaccine. Business is cranking its engine back into life. Cash over safety was always going to be the case. People will die.

Please keep an eye on the attitude of the media. Observe how the Govt shifts blame. See the Care Homes again complain re PPE. See the queues at A&E Depts flooded with the sick. Hear the CEOs berating the Govt for ending the furlough scheme. See the adds on the box for cheap winter breaks in the sun. Have a think about the number of times you have heard about the number of DEAD, or Migrants, stocks and shares, airlines, the Hospitality Industry, football, pub chains, coffee shops, it's quite a telling exercise.

Thanks for looking in.

Society not Economy.

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