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No Vote- Your Poor

Now then, I wrote yesterday about the upcoming gutter tactics that will be dredged up by the Govt. Next day something truly staggering hits us, straight out of the American playbook (again). Our privileged friends are thinking about removing the right to vote from claimants. I have not made this up so that I can write about it. This is not my imagination trying to suit my disgust, it is true. Probably produced by the Tory strategy advisers, the likes of Steve Bannon, multi millionaire right wing Rascist American lunatic. Just Google his name you will get my point.

The Tories it seems are so bereft of ideas that they pay the likes of him to tell them what to do. I would dearly love the chance to tell him what to do. I am sure you can all figure that one out.

Anyway, remove voting rights from claimants, let us step back and analyse this. Would it mean the hundreds of thousands of "in work" claimants? Would it mean those with long term life threatening conditions? These are massive questions, where are the answers? Maybe they are hiding in the same cupboard as the absolute proof re the Salisbury poisoning situation.

One other thing, is there any ridiculous way this could be projected as helping the economy?

May and her merry "So What" cohorts exude an outward arrogant confidence, within though they really must be panicking big style. Just who exactly is this unbelievable garbage supposed to impress? I really do have no idea. I detest the tabloids in this country, But, it is up to each person what they choose to buy for news input, I really do doubt that many of them would openly praise this shocking idea. Some hard chore Tory supporters, you know the type, Nice car, Owned house in a nice state, like Skiing, kids at nice schools, pay less Poll tax than you or me, shit their pants when the stock exchange dips (I giggle), blue water in the toilet(?) all that stuff. Will even they like this lunatic idea? I prefer to think not, But ,,,,,?????

The only ones this Nazi type rubbish would suit is the Nazi type Govt we currently are enduring. There is no other explanation that I can see. I say this because we have already seen the signs. Denying votes for the young, very dumb indeed. All that did was alienate upcoming generations for ever more. Annoy the students and you light a very big fire indeed, so, the Tories did it. are you starting to see now why the idiocy of shouting for Mr Bannon fits the profile? Along with this we saw the boundary changes pantomime. Nothing but trying to look after themselves at the expense of any pretence of honest democracy or anything else. Now, the poor.

The poor, eating crap food, wearing cheap gear, living in fear of the electricity running out,their children only getting hot food at school, do not worry though, that will soon be gone, cold in the Winter, hungry all year round, dreading Christmas and Birthdays, behind on the agreement for the washing machine, hoping the food bank has something in that the kids like, finding out it has closed due to lack of funds.

Now we have the chilling idea that they should forfeit their right to vote. Lose something that is the very definition of a free and democratic society. For the love of God, why has this even materialised? What the hell are these privileged pigs about? Are we becoming Korea? oh, wait, hang on, at the Winter Olympics we had ONE KOREA. They put aside long standing and deep differences to take part in a happy and vibrant spectacle that entertained us all fully. At the moment our Govt is at best, hiding proof re Salisbury, at worst does not actually have what it needs, and is busily screaming about boycotting the World Cup. Hmmmmm sad eh?

This week one of Mays aides "outed" a whistle blower re Brexit, this is never to be forgiven or forgotten. the person involved, who chose to speak out based upon honour and truth is Gay and of Eastern origin. He has family back home who are now at risk due to the childish antic of this "aide". The response of May " I have full confidence in my aide". It is difficult to get any lower than that, this vote suppression idea rivals it.

I have to ask, why are the Gay lobby so damn quiet about this?

As for the whistle blower in question, Sir, you are an immense credit to yourself and I wish you and your family well in the future. Hopefully your honesty and honour will see you end up in a position which reflects that.

As for our Govt, I hope every single one of them ends up broken, poor, without hope.

Then, when they get the chance to exercise their democratic freedom and vote, I hope some bully tells them to clear off.


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