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Now then, it's been a while since I spotlighted the management of the Pandemic. It was, and still is, not straightforward. No matter which Government was in the hot seat things would have been contentious. Trying to cope under such enormous pressure would always throw up major errors. Under such circumstances it is entirely reasonable to allow some width, after all, would you like to have been taking some of those decisions?

Having said all of that, there are reasonable limits. It has to be remembered that in excess of 60K souls have left us in terrible circumstances. Those circumstances require looking at. Many people expired alone, in white rooms where the staff flitting in and out looked like astronauts. Faces obscured, every inch covered with some form of protective uniform (I will get to that later), unable to even gaze upon their loved ones as their last breath was painfully taken. Thing which plays on my mind is this, the huge majority of them knew they were dying. The most unimaginable torture .

Therefore the BIG question has to be, could any of this have been avoided? Shockingly the answer would appear to be yes, an emphatic YES. Many thousands should not have died. I am not an expert, like you I have to base my opinions on the input of learned people. My suspicions were first aroused when those daily briefings we used to have started to happen without any scientists being included. I do not know if any of these scientists had been made to sign "gagging orders" but it has to be said it would very definitely be the Tory way if they had. They have been forced upon various charities etc. Tensions were starting to show, other scientists cast doubt and the public twigged that all was not well in the management of the virus.

Most alarmingly the performance of the UK virus combat team was made to look shambolic by the performance of other countries. You have to keep in mind that the UK is supposed to be one of the strongest economies in existence. The UK has actually performed appallingly. Political spin is the blight of the modern age. At a time of sweeping death you really should be able to rely upon stark honesty. That has been absent. There is nothing good about being economical with truth at this time. go here

The examples are many, the honesty is unseen. The Turkish airlift fiasco, crates of PPE that had been altered in that use by date labels had been replaced, MPs brazenly breaking the very lockdown guidelines they had imposed upon the public, the mess that returning kids to school has become with the bumbling pantomime clown PM talking of fines for parents who put safety first, at no point in all of this has any MP or minister stood there and been honest. Maybe I'm in the wrong here, my personal feeling is that if any of them had simply acknowledged the error the public would have been reasonable and actually shown a begrudging respect. I certainly would have.

A couple of things leap out at me and cannot be in any way mitigated or forgiven. Firstly the shocking decision to keep our airports open. I do not care how well educated or high ranking anyone who cares to to try convince me otherwise is, this was and still is a massive balls up. I actually believe the gravity of the need to grovel at Trumps table in the trade talks is overriding the obvious need to stop incoming flights from the USA. Simple as that. How the hell can you justify it? I challenge anyone to make the case for keeping the viral door open to a country that is riven with the damn virus. They can send me an article and I give you my word it will be published on this site exactly as it is written. It is quite damning in this respect that some countries -Greece for one- are talking of not allowing Brits to enter. Also, Trump has just hoovered up the entire global supply of a virus fighting drug. Why is the UK not leading a global outcry and calling the USA exactly what it is? A childish bullying mostly lawless viral breeding ground.

The other thing is far more damning. It is clearly obvious that old folks homes were designated as places to go and die. The stats are shocking. The Govt talks of having strained every sinew to look after the elderly. go here

Older people were discharged from hospitals with the virus and sent back to care homes. There is no denying this. Care home staff have died. It WAS avoidable. The levels of lies around this have been truly staggering. Still they claim to have placed a "protective ring" around such places. It is shocking in the highest degree to see them doing it. It has to be said it has not been opposed very well.

Hancock has been the main voice regarding lies that insult the intelligence. Time after time his stats have been rubbished, his statements adding up to nothing more than using up the time the interview lasted for. go here

It is my view that there is no other conclusion to be reasonably reached other than the Govt have performed terribly and then lied and lied to try and cover it up. What will happen over the next few years is unknown. The Govt has an unassailable majority and there is no credible opposition to them. The public and some sections of the UK media will expect to see meaningful and balanced investigations. This will not happen. It will take years to put the investigatory groups together, because as is the Tory way, they will manoeuvre to ensure only the people they want are placed in the relevant positions. Also the media who adores them will form a queue behind Kuenssberg to ask the carefully rehearsed questions and then record the carefully rehearsed answers.

The reality will be lost amidst the full weight of the Govt spin machine. The Grenfell enquiry will look like a practice run. All those lying Ministers and MPs will be forgotten about. All those unknown Hedgefund managers who have gambled on the economy tanking and raked in Billions will continue to rake in Billions. The Tories will likely ride a wave of "nationalistic pride" to another term. As time passes and the usual habits of going to the pub, going abroad and going to the pub, generally acting like the pigs of Europe and detesting foreigners, the humdrum day to day existence of kids earning the least possible legal amount, the ZH economy growing and growing, people will start to switch channels when the latest update from the Virus Investigation Group is covered on the news. Probably to watch Love Island or Strictly Come Dancing.

Thanks for looking in. Please help by spreading word.

Society not Economy.

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