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Not Like Elephants Do.

Now then, Elephants go to die alone, away from the herd. They wander off when they know the end is coming and simply lay down and pass on. African elephants can live for 60-70 years, if heartless poachers don't get to them first. On that subject I would shoot poachers on sight every single time, I'm convinced that would apply a sharp brake to poaching. Great creatures our friends the elephants. Sadly they are dwindling.

Most people have a good affection for them, regrettably not enough people actually get see them unless they visit an animal prison.

So, what has this actually this got to do with anything ? Well, you see, the thing is, our older brothers and sisters are being left to do more or less the same thing. We are seeing it all around us, those who have racked up 65 or more years are being sent to care homes, from the care home to hospital and then back to the care home to die. Alone, without anyone from the family with them. The difference to the elephants being they are not choosing to do this. The choice is being made for them. This shocking scenario is down to cash, as usual. I say this because the virus we are being routed by could have been controlled in a much better way if cash had been spent wisely over the last decade. There is plenty of evidence of this if one just scratches the surface.

How many Walk in Centres have disappeared? A&E units, actual hospitals? How many rest homes do we now have that are not privately owned? It is not easy to pin down actual numbers of care homes or residential homes, especially non private ones. Either way, it is fair to say that the care provided is not cheap. Well, that's debatable, let me put this forward, what is the salary of a Nuclear Submarine Captain? or to put that another way, how many old folk would that salary pay for? Or this, EasyJet is proceeding with a pay out of £174M to it's shareholders, and is also seeking a tax payer injection of cash. Supposedly this is to keep the business running through the current crisis.

For a large part of my 60 years I have been acutely aware of the massive inequality this country is founded upon. The treatment of the aged just now illustrates that it is far worse than we ever imagined. The culprits remain the same, as in those who are already extremely well off. Think Branson and you will get the picture. He is another one who has asked for a tax payer payout. This despite him apparently not having paid any tax for 14 years. I could go on, I will just mention Tim Martin, no words required.

At the moment we have a Tory Govt. So, as you would expect, those mentioned above can confidently expect to get their way. The old folk can just as confidently expect to shuttle back and forth between care home and hospital and then die alone. Thing is, it all could have been avoided, maybe I overstate my point there, I can state with confidence that most of it really should not have happened. A few years ago a huge exercise was conducted that pointed out the massive shortfalls in the readiness of the UK should something drastic like CV19 ever happen, those findings were ignored. They were ignored because the Tories were too busy salivating at the prospect of selling off the NHS and lining their pockets with lots of cash. They saw the cash register and any hope of maintaining the health of the nation went out of the window.

From top to bottom the NHS was gutted. Anything that showed any possibility of generating money was targeted and prepared for sale. Much of it to Branson. The same individual who then sued the NHS. The Tory response? There hasn't been one.

The Govt has recently announced that Billions of quids worth of NHS debt is to be wiped away. Some may see this as a huge gesture to the struggling staff of that fabled organisation, not so, it is simply to make the whole thing a more attractive proposition to our American friends. This same Govt is currently massaging the daily fatality figures to not include deaths in care homes. It is reckoned that those awful figures could be a third higher if those care home deaths were recorded.

Those who find themselves being ferried back to the care homes are victims of corporate greed. Or should I say corporate manslaughter?. If the NHS had been nurtured rather than raped, it may well have been in a position to prolong life which is the very thing it is/was intended to do. Every professional physician has one prime directive- First Do No Harm- It seems our ruling classes do not adhere to that fine guidance. Johnson spoke of 40 new hospitals, but then again he speaks of a lot of things, the quality of which generate banner headlines in gutter comics like the Daily Star. There is a brand new unused hospital in Liverpool which has never opened. Meanwhile conference centres are being hurriedly converted into places to die. These "facilities" are staffed by volunteers or students who have been fast tracked into hell on earth.

Tory thinking has seen to it that many UK businesses put their hands up and said that they stood ready and willing to manufacture Vents, they were avidly eager to commence at the drop of a hat. What did the Tories do? Refuse. Even worse, they awarded the contracts to those who just by coincidence have been keen supporters of Brexit and/or the Tory party. If you look at this it gets worse, the companies who are favoured by the Tories have no experience in making such items, the companies ignored actually do.

Can you have a more shocking illustration of class war than this?

Those old folk who are perishing, if they are lucky whilst clutching the hand of a NMW paid medical assistant, for how many decades did they chip into the NHS via National Insurance? Or by paying taxes out of their wage packets? Or maybe even risking their now under valued lives in war zones? Or contribute via owning small businesses? Or by bringing up altruistic children? You see this really does get to me on that level that I had forgotten I possessed. These people have worked hard for decades. Been struggling to make not fit for purpose pensions into a reasonable standard of living, recently they have been threatened with losing a free television licence. They have been victimised in the cruelest way by the cruelest people. Some context, Stanley Johnson speaks of having owned 20 homes and 500 acres on Exmoor.

So, this is 21st Century UK society. Those elephants choose to die in their own particular way, our old folk get shoved into a situation beyond their control to die alone, and die alone they duly due, but, not like elephants do.

Thanks for looking in. Please help by sharing this stuff.

Society not Economy.

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