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Now then, things are getting a little bit serious regarding the funding of coping with the Covid crisis. Not your usual set of dreadful circumstances the Pandemic. Many tens of thousands of ordinary people have died, among them hundreds of healthcare professionals. Arguments have raged about the importance of the economy. I always had my doubts about the current UK Govt being able to put the importance of life before the importance of insatiable greed. Seems the latter has won easily.

It is now being revealed that many of those companies who cashed in on the furlough scheme are based in Tax Havens. Other countries said right from the outset that any Tax Haven based companies would be excluded from Govt money, the Tories seem to have actively sought them out for a cash reward. What else would you expect eh ? Just to confirm that this has been no oversight, there was a stall at last years very poorly attended Tory conference on behalf of a Tax Haven, this being the Cayman Islands.

So, let us get back to the Covid crisis. Right from the beginning there were calls for domestic politics to become all grown up, for parties not to look to make political gains from the suffering of so very many citizens. To a large extent that has indeed been the case. Pantomime scenes such as the Turkish airlift fiasco have slipped by unpunished. We have endured hapless Hancock and his clueless but forthright rantings, we have seen the science lobby ignored, we have seen the senior nurse for the country disappear from those tiresome daily briefings due to refusing to back Cummings, it got to the point that the briefings themselves disappeared, daily totals for fatalities and new infections are now quite difficult to track down. Something isn't quite right.

Johnson stated recently that there will be no public Inquiry. Why would he say that ?

I think I may have some ideas regarding that ridiculous statement. Firstly the Tories are actually untouchable now. That 80 seat majority which they won on the back of the "Oven Ready" Brexit situation swept all before them at the GE, couple this with the expert job that the right wingers within Labour did in wrecking the Corbyn project and that was that, game over. Secondly we have a situation where there is actually no credible opposition at all. The Tories are off the leash and running free. They see no limits to what they can achieve up until 2024 at the earliest. This in effect has opened up untold riches to them, the vampires have the keys to the blood bank.

Sobering part of all this being, it is the blood of our brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers they are turning into cold hard cash and they aren't particularly bothered about who does or doesn't like it. Here are a few glaring examples.

Nightingale Hospitals, much trumpeted. We saw reporters gushing enthusiastically as they reeled off numbers about how many miles of piping had been installed, how many staff would be on hand, how many soldiers would be supporting the whole thing, how many volunteers would be scrambling to display the true "British Dunkirk Spirit", how many lives would be dramatically saved ! Well, here is the truth, it was all GARBAGE. They were never actually used. All that "Oven Ready" glowing media coverage, all playing along and pushing the Tory line. Where is the blanket coverage of what a total mess it all was. This is the sort of thing that would have any senior manager in Industry immediately booted out. The cost of this low grade PR shambles = £220mn. No Inquiry ?

The running costs for these places is said to have been around £15mn.

The Furlough Scheme. On the surface a well meant idea. Straight off the bat it overlooked the disabled. Unforgivable, the Tories are already pushing "The Rishi God" as the next PM. Well, he sure does have the credentials, as in owning a property portfolio worth in the region of £10Mn. He is known as the richest bloke in The Commons, one drawback he does actually have, he knows how many children he has. Many stories are starting to emerge of the scheme having been widely abused. Greedy employers claiming and yet forcing employees into work. The Tories have a knee jerk reaction to such problems, they blurt out big numbers without any thought of how to implement such things, also they don't actually bother to figure out how they could finance such things, the Tories have never been any good at economics, nor will they ever be.

PPE, well, here lays a very deep and dark financial hole. This episode starts a few years ago. An exercise was carried out to ascertain the state of UK preparedness should such a thing as a Pandemic hit our shores. Guess what ? It starkly revealed that the UK was massively under prepared. It put forward that CASH needed to be spent on such things as Vents, stockpiling of PPE. All sensible and good stuff which would indeed have reduced the numbers of fatalities especially amongst our NHS heroes. Well, all those life preserving suggestions were duly ignored. The virus arrived and ran riot. Many deaths.

However, it is not that simple, it is actually far more immoral than just ignoring the findings of seasoned professionals. As ever with the Tories, this all signalled a chance to CASH in B I G time. It is not difficult to see in your minds eye the scales of injustice tilting towards piles of CASH in the face of tens of thousands expiring. Our Tory Govt is well practised in the art of dismissing reality with a sneer and focusing on profit. Prime example of this would be Robert Jenrick, look up his dodgy dealings, why has his obvious corruption been swept under the lush carpets of Whitehall?

So, PPE, as far as can be currently ascertained, Tory backers have been given contracts equating to £180mn . This does not include a complete review of all the awards that have been given. The total cost spent on PPE is said to be in the region of £5bn. God only knows just how far the system of rewarding the friends of the Tories reaches. A company called Trade Markets Direct was given £3.8mn, this company was listed as dormant in 2019. It has one director by the name of Garry Edward Morrill, Mr Morril has a colourful history, he is described in business circles as a "Banker/Bookie" yet he is awarded all that CASH for PPE. His name crops up in the Paradise Papers. His whole financial history is built around gambling and stashing huge amounts of CASH in various off shore accounts. Why is he even considered for supplying PPE in a time of crisis ?

I have an idea as to the answer to that question, greed. Plain simple old fashioned Tory greed. There they were, having crates of £200 a bottle Champers delivered to various Tory gatherings and the damned virus landed. The chortling was interrupted. A serious and fatalistic crisis was upon us. Difficult choices were looming. A national crisis unfolded before our eyes. In Tory minds the blue fog was pierced by a harsh and fiercely burning light, a light fed by the increasing numbers of the dead. It became obvious that some outstanding leadership was required urgently. This fell onto a PM who has a drink problem, lies habitually and does not know how many kids he has. This totally unfit PM was faced with a stark choice, profit or lives.

Branson and Martin and their like seized the moment. Those sharks who are long practised in spotting an opportunity rounded on Johnson. The choice was made. As usual CASH won the day. Pubs opened, airlines were given fortunes. Business cranked into gear. the death toll and infection rates continue to climb. Sunak greased the way for money to trample over all before it. Amidst all of this, the NHS was left out of a round of pay awards. The practise of rewarding "mates" will continue to come to light. Remember Hancock and his idiotic move of purchasing millions of the wrong sort of tests, now we hear that millions of unusable masks can be added to the list. It is now at the point where it is virtually impossible to put a figure on the amount of cash that has been squandered.

Every soul that has timed out in the UK owing to Covid really is entitled to have an Epitaph which outlines the greed of the Tories as a contributing factor to their premature deaths. "Killed by the greed of the Rich" would be appropriate.

Thanks for looking in. Please help by spreading word.

Society not Economy.

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