At we give a street level look through the eyes of a left wing socialist at the disturbing events that are unfolding around us


Now then, the report that everyone is talking about has been leaked out into the wild.

Extremely damning it is too. It is actually not as shocking to some of us as you would have imagined. Sure enough it more than confirms the long held suspicions (since 2017) of those who are genuinely Left wing minded. It made no logical sense that a movement as huge and popular as the Corbyn project could not prevail. Let is make no mistake on this point, the surge in enthusiasm for politics was driven by this project. Literally hundreds of thousands of people picked up on UK politics for the first time. Enthused by the fair minded and common sense approach of Corbyn they came out of nowhere to produce a huge gust of fresh air through the formerly staid and almost despised establishment. There had to be reasons for result not going the way of Labour.

This is where the picture becomes stark, yet at the same time becomes blurred.

That report shines a very harsh light and removes any doubts. The blurred sections of the picture are where the treacherous and cowardly have been hiding. Now they are out in plain sight. It truly is mind boggling. The extent to which so called socialist members of the Labour Party have schemed against a socialist success and incessantly derailed the endeavours of socialists everywhere is hard to accept. Actually, I predict that it will not be accepted. Starmer is now in an untenable position.

Obsessives. It has been obvious to me for quite a while that the most dangerous people in UK society are actually the well educated ones. They seem to believe that due to having gone to a posh school they can not possibly be in the wrong. Not only that, they also possess this reflex action that dictates no possible acceptance of anything other than what they see as right being right. Evidence is dismissed, consequences ignored. they only possible way is their way. Nothing else is given the time of day.

Sheffield has been afflicted with such people for quite some time. Trees brought them out in droves, at great cost to the Sheffield tax payers. Extremes became regular, such as condolences cards left for trees that had been felled. Adults in groups weeping and wailing , ringing bells and dancing about in the streets, singing hymns, it was like some sort of psychedelic lunatic asylum. We have also seen the terrorist wing of the LibDems decide to invade busy roads and without care for anyone else hold up rush hour traffic.

Just how unacceptable is that ? People travelling to hospital, so what ? on the way to a job interview, so what ? To the well educated in their Val Doonican jumpers it just did not matter. It would be amusing if it was not so potentially serious. During all of this one particular issue proved beyond doubt that the UK has a huge problem with obsessives.

The Referendum. It came and fed these obsessives like they had never been fed before.

A certain hashtag came to the fore. Anyone who disagreed with it's perpetual war footing on social media was hounded out. Much of it was not pleasant. People were targeted and bullied into submission. Many people found themselves ditching social media whilst the bullies moved onto the next hapless victim. It was tried with me several times, they are it seems getting their way now.

The Referendum result was totally denied. Their ranting and raving intensified for a while. Then, they went relatively quiet. Now it seems their colleagues in higher places were busily taking up the mantle on their behalf. That report details the antics of those within the higher ranks of Labour who set to work wrecking everything. Corbyn initially supported respecting the democratic decision of the people. Others within the party did not accept this. There's that inability to deal with reality. What these obsessives did was manufacture their own reality. One where a better future for millions of people was denied, because they did not like the way it was to be achieved. That's the thing with democracy, sometimes you have to go with the majority, Corbyn was elected leader twice, the second time with an increased majority. This merely emboldened the obsessives. Fired them up. They went deeper underground and their cowardly scheming reached new lows.

Higher levels of the party machinery were compromised. Truths were denied and hidden. Corbyn was starved of the means to function. People looked him in the eye and said one thing then went away and did another. Personal attacks on various Labour officials grew, all in secret ofcourse, they don't have the conviction to stand out in the open and say what they need to say. Many Emails have come to light, WhatsApp conversations, all inescapable evidence which graphically assassinates any claims to honour that these obsessives may try to defend themselves with. At the time these very same cowardly people saw fit to continually accuse the Left of such tactics.

Starmer, who still has not divulged who his financial backers were, sits atop of a very dodgy pyramid now. The Left has been scapegoated for the undeniable popularity of Corbyn and his ideology and many members have walked away. A massive eruption will now take place when the virus has ebbed away. As one who is obviously a Remain obsessive himself he is poorly placed to rule over all of this mess. It is obvious to me that most of those snakes in the grass are obsessed Remainers. For years the Labour Party took great delight in the EU tearing apart the Tories. Not so delighted now eh ?

Where to now then ? I actually think that Labour, once the seismic repercussions have been through, can come out the other side in much better shape. Sure enough the party will be much smaller. I am not sure that this can be achieved within the four years that we have (minimum) until the next GE. Obviously this suits the Tories perfectly. They

must think that it's Christmas.

We now have a good snapshot of who the culprits were/are. The only reasonable course of action is expulsion. All of them. OUT. They can have no complaint. Sadly I think this will include Starmer himself. Hard to comprehend I know. He took his chance to stab Corbyn in the back. More truth will come out. None of these people can claim they have been subjected to rough justice. Many of those former Labour members who have been victimised can. There's the really unforgivable thing about all of this.

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Society not Economy.

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