At we give a street level look through the eyes of a left wing socialist at the disturbing events that are unfolding around us

On an Island in a Storm.

Now then, Labour and it's current dire situation, it is a dire situation. Droves of members are walking away, plus droves are also being expelled (like me) because they have an altruistic outlook re the apartheid regime that is currently ruling Palestine in such a brutal and inhumane way. It is easy to take a very damning view of the party and its newly installed leader Sir Kier Starmer. It is light years away from the hope and enthusiasm created by Mr Corbyn. Well, i'm not so sure the real culprits for all this are being held accountable. There seems to be a huge con trick in operation. Lets look at why/how and the consequences.

The first sign that something was wrong was the warm reception that the media afforded Starmer. That should have been obvious to all and sundry given the sustained and appalling treatment dished out to global peace award winner Mr Corbyn. History is now creeping by, NOTHING will ever equal the disgraceful conduct of MSM in the UK over the last few years. Relevant thing being, the same faceless and gutless individuals who engineered the aforementioned assassination of the Corbyn project are still in the same positions. They are indeed still pulling the strings, the UK public is still being fed the garbage . Therefore it is logical that not much that they put forward can be taken at face value let alone believed. This is not a point that should require repeating, to the general public it most certainly does.

As for Starmer, his first action as newly elected leader was to stampede to the BoD and basically prostitute himself to them. Along with this it has since transpired that he accepted £50K in donations to his election campaign from an Israel lobbyist. For obvious reasons Starmer kept this quiet until the result had gone his way. Add this to the ridiculous hatchet job that is being carried out in a frenzied manner upon many members based upon supposed A/S and a very strong aroma of rotting socialism is easily detected. So, what exactly is Starmer up to ? My view is that he is not actually all that interested in the BoD or indeed A/S, it is actually about purging the party of Lefties.

He ran to the BoD to enable the press to make him appear acceptable to the public.

It has to be said, that the UK public is also not interested in the BoD or A/S. Not because they are all A/S but because it is a minute problem that was blown out of all proportion by a media focused only on wrecking the Corbyn project. go here

Starmer is obviously a very intelligent man, his profession before politics shows this to be the case. So, what is his long term plan? Clearing out the Left is obvious, he must realise that at some point he will have to put the rabid Board of Deputies of SOME British Jews in its place. It is not that straightforward, many Labour MPs are in the Labour Friends of Israel, this is going to become incompatible with retaining any direct control over the party. The Netanyahu Govt has gone too far with its current lunatic plan to annex Palestine out of existence. Even Starmer will have to come out against it. This will represent a huge problem for the new "ToryLite" Starmer approach. Should be fun !

Thing is, once that is out of the way we can then expect to see what Starmer is really about. Removing RLB from her post was a clear indication of his anti Left agenda. Unfortunately for him it has not had the desired affect. It is clear that it was a mistake. The timing is hugely wrong. Nobody could have realised it would coincide with many countries around the globe speaking out against the annexation plan, but it did. In simple terms the RLB episode has turned out to be a PR disaster. RLB is widely respected and nobody entertains the notion that she is in the least bit A/S. Her real crime appears to have been being pro Unions. This is a massive can of worms.

Since day one Labour has thrived upon the donations and reflex support of Trades Unions. To even call that into question is ridiculous. Obviously the Establishment would like to see this happen. Labour has more or less severed all connections with huge swathes of the once industrial north. Many towns are now, for the first time flying a blue political flag. This was actually due to Brexit, not Labour policies. This point is being swept under the carpet. Throw Unions onto the same bonfire and Labour as a true socialist endeavour ceases to exist. This also suggests to me that Starmer and his long term plan requires Labour to become dependant on the cash support of rich benefactors, along the lines of the Tories. This is a bitter pill for many socialists to swallow. Me included. The weekly donations of fork truck drivers, nurses, train drivers, crane operators, etc etc were a source of great pride for me. It showed beyond doubt where the soul of Labour actually resided. In the souls of ordinary workers.

A point I will make here, as we were trudging out of that Rotherham count room on GE night, the conversation somehow turned to Blair, I asked a colleague if they would prefer Blair to Johnson?, the person never replied. We will return to this later on.

Back to the Starmer long term plan. We do not actually know what it is. We are aware of some very unpalatable symptoms of it. However, the big Q is, does it suit the modern and upcoming political landscape? Any party that is driven along on a narrow and straight road risks becoming one dimensional. This for me is the biggest problem we are seeing with Starmer. Surely there has to be room for a Left wing input. The policies unveiled in 2019 were very popular with many of the voters. This despite the distortion of an out of control media. Such things as nationalising the appalling railways, levying sensible taxes on the super rich, closing tax loopholes, ensuring the UK does not become a tax haven, stopping the UK from continuing as an arms sales showroom, universal free school meals etc were all vote winners. Only the Left will shout for these things effectively. Removing the Left completely is bowing to the Billionaire controlled media. Harsh truth though, as Mr Corbyn showed, winning without them is impossible.

There is something called The Socialist Campaign Group of MPs within Labour. It is fronted by Richard Burgon. go here please look at that link.

Those MPs are existing on a very small island during a raging storm. They are struggling against immense odds to the keep the Left wing voice heard. I have my own axes to grind with Labour just now. As one who has been expelled there is not a lot I can do about it. My monthly subs now go to the local Wildlife Society, if the exodus continues there will not be a Labour Party to contest anything. This again triggers an alarm in my mind. There are many scheming demons at work here. All is very definitely not what it seems. To assume that the media have stopped their games would be foolish.

Johnson and his sycophantic gang of money hounds are going to run free for the next five years minimum. The damage they can inflict on the weak is almost incalculable. Seems to me that without a functioning Left faction within Labour they will have an easier ride. I can't say the jury is out re Starmer, what I will say is maybe it is not as convinced as it could be. So, back to the question I asked outside that Rotherham count room in the freezing December night air. There is only really one realistic answer, that being -

ANYTHING is better than the Tories. Burgon and his loyal comrades require your help. Unequivocal and determined help. Against the odds help. Thankless and at times demoralising help. That campaign in 2019 was harrowing. Things since have become even more harrowing. Those Tory cash hounds just keep on sprinting.

Thanks for looking in. Please help by spreading word.

Society not Economy.

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