At we give a street level look through the eyes of a left wing socialist at the disturbing events that are unfolding around us

On The Turning Away. (endless)

Now then, Socialism. Quite a simple ideology actually. One that can only benefit society. When practised correctly it assists everybody. Basic facets are all altruistic. Look to help those who require it. Do not leave behind minorities. Share out equally the fruits of work, be fair. Be first in the queue to stamp out injustices. Never settle back and be content with hoarding on your own behalf. It is not complicated stuff. I'm happy to put forward that so far in my 61 yr old life I have always adhered to these basic humane principles. Truth is, I believe that the overwhelming majority of human beings share my outlook. May not seem like that in 21st century UK society, there are many reasons for this. The main one being fear.

Mortgages, car payments, gotta have a holiday, kids uniforms, keeping the light on, the weekly shop, satellite telly, the phones, Internet, on and on and on. That is actually how it is for the better off these days. Socialism is getting battered by the rat eat rat environment that we are now all born into. This is how Conservatism became an absolute all consuming need for more and more CASH. Adult UK citizens live with a daily craving for money and the promise of more money and nothing else. Millions of Brits are one pay day away from the street. The street. Home to many thousands.

Strangely, it is on the street that socialism is both dying and surviving. On the street people step over the homeless on their way into travel agents or pubs. They walk by the veteran with no hope, or ex miner who lost his house when his wife died. The addict who couldn't cope when his job went, or the ex nurse who cracked under the pressure and turned to the bottle. It is also on the street that just every now and again you see a good soul attending to these losers, these drains on society. You see them talking to the

victim, handing out food or a few quid. Checking the immediate welfare, arranging for a warm place for the night in mid December. Offering a warm ear to a cold tale. Thing that strikes me, all of these good souls are very definitely socialists. They exhibit the classic signs, wanting to help, eager to give up their time and energy on behalf of those who can't do it themselves. Socialists. Good people. All of them. Every single one.

So, socialists. Striving to force back the rising tide of cash dependence, where would 21st century UK society be without them? It is not in a very good place with them. Sadly, it seems to me that socialists are being targeted and abandoned in the cruelest of ways. By the very ones who should be at the forefront of shielding them, should be shouting from every rooftop on their behalf. It's not happening though. Quite the opposite actually. Not only that, there is a total silence about it all.

In the last few years socialists have been the victims of appalling media coverage. Socialist policies and ideas have been portrayed as some sort of "hard left" threat to the rest of society. Truth is, those designing this portrayal are the very ones designing the cash fear via smashing unions and making the NMW universal etc, all this whilst hiding their oceans of cash offshore. We all know about the recent GE and all that went into that. The fat rats continue to get fatter. Victorianism won the day.

One consequence of that was the drive within the Labour party to remove the Left. It was (in)conveniently hung on the Anti-semitism coat hook. Many thousands of good socialists were purged. Removed. Cast out. Classed as racists. GONE. It is still going on, everyday. People sit in offices looking at cherry picked items of "evidence" and take the decision to label good socialists as racist. I have had far too many of these good people contact me to arrive at any other conclusion than it's just a stitch up. Fair enough much of it is being driven by infiltrators within Labour who seek only to protect one particular apartheid regime, that being the one that is currently running Israel. Here's a fair question, why is it OK for me to write that China is an evil regime, or Russia, or North Korea and there be no interest shown by the keepers of good socialist standards within the Labour Party Governance unit? That very definitely seems racist to me !

Anyway, what is done is done. Couple of things jump out at me here. Firstly, all huge organisations are built upon foundations. Those foundations have to be the strongest part of the pyramid. Sands shift, conditions change. Those foundations will be stressed over time. The ones supporting the Labour pyramid are being eroded from within. In one month there will be less socialists in Labour than there are today. This will not stop.

Those infiltrators are running free. We all know who they are. Nothing is being done. Come to that nothing is even being said. Which leads me onto the second thing that occurs to me, bit dark and worrying this one.

Why the silence? Where are the voices being raised in protest about all this? Protesting is becoming almost reflex these days. There are protests on a daily basis about almost everything. Same old faces turn up at most of them, sort of professional protesters, there must be times when they turn up with fists clenched and voices raised and don't actually know what they are protesting about. Make no mistake they really are genuinely altruistic people. These are the ones who tend to the homeless and all the other societal casualties. I suppose it can be fairly put forward that they don't actually have any affinity with Labour, after all it's in no way mandatory. It does puzzle me greatly that all these surviving socialists don't seem to be bothered about all their brothers and sisters who are being branded by Labour. Part of that may be due to the realisation that mentioning that apartheid regime I outlined above is no longer tolerated. So, silence follows. Even to the point of not being able to speak out in support of the wrongly persecuted. I cannot recall one single voice being raised to question the validity of all these miscarriages of social justice. How far Labour has fallen and so very very quickly.

This flawed socialism is very disappointing. It's not about any single case, it's about a basic cornerstone of good socialist principle. Looking out for the oppressed and bullied etc, seems that when it comes to those who speak out in support of Palestine all socialist principles are out of the window. I got told that "i,m not up for a fight" recently.

Maybe that is correct, I prefer to think that it is not. That accusation does entitle me to ask " where are the socialists who should be speaking out in support of the cast out, are they not up for a fight?". I think it is reasonable to put forward that the "turning away" that they are all practising is only going to kill the last remaining socialist attitudes that remain. The numbers are shrinking. The flame is flickering. A cold blue wind is building.

Thanks for looking in. Please help by spreading word.

Society not Economy.

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