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One Hundred Thousand Victims of Greed and Negligence.

A truly shocking figure has been left behind. It is hard to comprehend a hundred thousand bodies all laid out next to each other, the line surely would stretch out for a very long way. Back at the onset of Covid one of the leading medical experts stated that if the toll remained around 20K we would be doing rather well.

Over the next few months you will see various sections of the UK media trying their best to mitigate that hellish number, this will be done out of political tribalism and nothing else. It is reasonable to highlight those media outlets that take part in this unforgivable PR exercise. Quite simply this situation is miles beyond cheap political tribalism. The shocking standards of greed and incompetence that have contributed so decisively to all those deaths represent "Corporate Manslaughter" on a scale equivalent to a WAR.

Since the Iraq war there has been no let up of the condemnation of those who are seen as being responsible. I have to wonder if the same levels of condemnation will apply now ? More likely we will see certain "empty vessels" speak of the heroic efforts that Johnson and his gang of privileged thieves have made. We will hear of mention of Johnson heroically recovering from his hospital bed and climbing into his Spitfire and returning to Downing St to bravely rescue the UK and its ECONOMY. You will hear very little mention of Acuri or Cummings. Jenrick, that most pure and dependable Minister, has already been on Sky this morning saying exactly the things I have just put forward.

Credit to Niall Patterson who grilled him fairly and determinedly. (who needs Burley?) Thing is, Jenrick, as with any other corrupt and inept Tory thief knows full well that there will be no adverse repercussions whatever he does. Think Patel, or clueless Hancock, etc. Coffey is a perfect slobbering example.

Early on in the pandemic the point was made that it was no time for "playing politics", as you would expect this point was made for and on behalf of the Tories by their various PR arms around the UK, Sky, BBC, the press etc. They really didn't need to bother, there is no effective opposition out there to play politics. ( Israel has seen to that).

Anyway, you can make your own minds up about whether or not I'm playing politics with the next few points. Hancock is the MP for Newmarket. Early on in the pandemic Cheltenham went ahead. This just so that a certain class of drunks could drink, fritter away large sums of cash, and bar owners could order youngsters about who were being paid a pittance to serve these drunken snobby individuals. Infection rates around that citadel of excess climbed alarmingly in the following weeks. Repercussions = zero.

The elderly and frail were sent back to Care Homes whilst carrying the virus. Hospitals were placed in an impossible position by this uncaring Govt. Lots of those frail people died alone. Their last vison being the ceiling of a care home room. No loved ones with them, scared literally to death. At their funerals numbers were severely limited. Members of the staff who cared for them started to die. At their funerals numbers were severely limited. This is a glaring example of bungling ineptitude unnecessarily costing lives. Repercussions = zero. It is still going on. There is a scandal breaking regarding elderly hospital inpatients being denied vaccines. Repercussion will be zero. Many senior NHS staff have been forced to sign gagging orders. Why would that be necessary ?

We are now eleven months into this nightmare, yet 10K people every single day are arriving into the UK via our Airports. This is staggering. All we heard about during the early months was airline owners screaming for public money. Needless to say they were given it. I should imagine that Branson smiled about that as he sat on his private island dreaming about his space ships. Cheapo outfit easyJet were given their thirty pieces of silver whilst paying out a dividend to share holders. Repercussions = zero.

There is an understandably growing list of countries that will not allow people from the UK in. That sort of puts things into sharp focus does it not ?

At one point, due to the incessant yapping of restaurant owners the Govt came up with a nice catchy slogan to disguise enticing people out to save a tenner on a shit meal, whilst also giving the spread of the vaccine a huge boost. Eat Out to Help Out arrived along with photos of Sunak (his wife is said to have more money than the queen) mincing about in some no mark food outlet passing plates to grinning folk who enjoyed saving the tenner and catching the virus. A total utter complete disaster. A gimmick that cashed in on peoples insane desire to save a tenner. It illustrates perfectly the Govt ideology of risk any and everything for the vague possibility of saving some CASH. This is what happens when you have a weak buffoon running the show. One that is easily manipulated by the likes of Tim (go work at Asda) Martin. Repercussions = zero.

The slogan they actually should have used goes like this -

"Starve a Kid for a Quid". Mr Rashford can tell you all about that.

Long before all of this negligence started claiming so many innocents, the Govt displayed far reaching negligence. Something called Exercise Cygnus came and went. The Govt ignored it and its suggestions. I will let you reference this for yourselves. I care not one jot about your own political allegiance. Looking through Exercise Cygnus takes you way beyond political tribalism. It illuminates an ideology that once again, shows that reflex reaction of risk any and everything to save some CASH. There is no escaping this horrible conclusion. Repercussions = 100K innocents dead.

So there we have it. History will not look kindly on those responsible. I really do have this deep uneasy feeling that the media will click into gear. The same old Tories will deliver the same old hard faced untruths. Time will pass. UK residents will return to reality TV shows and football. The next realistic opposition leader will be painted as one who practices dark magic and eats babies. The Govt will promise a 32p a week tax cut and all will be hastily forgotten. This country should be ashamed of itself.


Thanks for looking in. Please help by spreading word.

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