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Our Racist Country

Now then just lately I have been watching a show called Ambulance, I have worked in the NHS for a good few years and seen it both as an employee and as a patient. I am in my autumn years now and have never been outside the UK. Therefore I feel that I am well placed to pass comment regarding certain things. So, I often do.

Life Savers

I have been heavily critical of the BBC lately, mainly aimed at their political coverage, and this peaked when I told a producer of a certain daily show who wanted me to appear on a particular day that I regarded him as an employee of the Tory party PR arm. I stand by that-though maybe I should not have said it- and I now realise that there must be many amongst the BBC workforce who are utterly demoralised by the obvious bias within.

Ambulance has been direct, open, unbiased and very honest in how it has portrayed the parlous state of health care in the United Kingdom. It is quite depressing now.

We have seen altruistic professional people going the extra yard time after time. Showing deep and caring humane attitudes when faced with almost impossible situations. Over two 12 hour shifts as many as 2500 calls are fielded, ranging from unnecessary calls to multiple shootings and often failing to prevent death. Time after time the same old problems arise, older people who really should be in care homes, no beds in hospitals to accept new patients, drunks and addicts taking up valuable time and resources. Another huge waste of time is the sorry state of Mental Health care. Episode four showcases this ridiculous situation in graphic detail. Starving mental health services of cash does not do anything other than transfer the burden onto ambulance crews. The problems do not go away, they merely shuffle down the slippery slope.

Stricken people, in pain,in agony, suicidal, carers trying to cope in terrible circumstances, babies struggling to breathe, relatives watching loved ones ebb away, passers by encountering stab victims bleeding out on city pavements, all of them depending on the reply to a phone call. Controllers juggling calls, trying to make Two plus Two equal about Nine. Coloured bars on screens denoting the seriousness of those waiting incidents. You see the reactions spread across their faces as the gravity of the situation sinks in. Then the complete devastation as news filters back that the patient did not make it. All this as the queues on the screens grow and grow.

It belongs to all of us

During the episode last night an Iranian lady was visited by an ambulance crew. This lady- Maya- was in the late stages of Cancer. The crew were, as usual, superb. The lady herself managed a few smiles and warm words and was extremely dignified and a credit to herself. During the report it transpired that she had a daughter back home in Iran.

I do not know the name of this young lady, I do know that she had been making efforts to come to the UK to spend some time with her dying mother. She was refused entry to this green and pleasant land. I have no idea of the reasons for this, maybe it would have severely compromised the security of the UK, maybe it would have sent THE ECONOMY cartwheeling into a headlong depression. Or, maybe the UK has a set attitude regarding people entering here. Iran. Carries with it a certain a certain image in the minds of the everyday resident of the UK. An image of a country that is wicked and a threat to us all. An image that has been carefully fed to us for decades. At which point I would like to ask you this, Do you really think that the average Iranian is different to the average Brit? If so in what particular ways ? Please feel free to contact me in confidence if you wish.

Just another country just another people

Somebody in an office in an unreachable place ticked a box that prevented the daughter coming over here. Met a quota, reached a target, pleased the boss, upheld the real values at the very heart of the UK establishment. Not many other people are saying what I am about to say.

This country (The UK) is now a nation of petty and jealous racists. Right through to the highest levels, right from the lowest levels. Utter mistrust rules, petty jealousy shown to anyone who is perceived as having gained something cheaper than the next person. You would think the world has ended if it comes out that somebody who is unwaged has a holiday every now and again. The disabled have been at the leading edge of Governmental brutality for years now, fine words are spoken about it, not many people who are not disabled actually do much about it. Windrush and Grenfell come to mind.

So, at the end of the episode in question, as the closing credits roll, you see the face of Maya, bright and breezy looking at you. The words inform you that after a week in hospital then two weeks in a hospice, she left us. Died from Cancer. You are also informed that her daughter never made it into the UK despite the best efforts of the family. The mother did not get to hold her daughter, the daughter did not get to say her goodbyes. The fine traditions of the United Kingdom were upheld.

I detest this awful nation of micro Tories and self interested people.

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