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Now then, we are well into the 21st century now. That likely means that humanity is quite a long way through its total existence time. The way our planet is being ruined it is unlikely we will last very much longer. Maybe not in the time of our children , however I would be very worried for the prospects of their children. There are many huge issues for us to be concerned about, ecology, poverty, arms sales, famine, equality, on and on, we are supposed to be traveling along our evolutionary curve in an upward direction, I have to ask, do you really think that is the case ?

Of late, the subject of humans not being able to just simply get along with humans has risen to the top of the list as far as human inabilities go. RACISM. It never really went away. It is still the case that people of colour have to wake up every morning and realise that somebody out there would like to do them harm. How would you like to be in that situation? waking up in an inner city run down estate and being of colour, fully aware that you will be looked at with a mixture of mistrust, seething dislike and in too many cases casual disgust. In workplaces it is now meant to be illegal to view anyone differently due to race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or anything else you can think of.

It seems to me that out there on the public stage we are far away from applying those simple rules with any meaningful result. I say that from personal experience.

I knocked on many doors last winter whilst out campaigning in the run up to the GE. Far too many times I encountered purple faced people who wanted nothing more than to berate me with tales and accusations about THEM. It was not a case of isolated incidents, it was actually quite common. Fair enough this had been driven by a very low standard of media coverage, fact still remains though that this brought out something that was already there. That being a very petty minded attitude of far too many, one that generates an immediate despising of those seen to be getting something for nothing.

When you take a moment to examine what exactly it is that THEY are getting for "nothing" you soon see that it amounts to nothing but a crap life. The UK has a serious and growing problem with the far right, the even bigger problem being that the UK won't admit to it. Just take a look at that GE result, and then pause to consider the tactics used to win it for the Leave voters. I am not for one moment saying that everyone who voted to kick the EU into touch is a racist, but you can guarantee that every racist in the UK voted leave, the crushing result speaks for itself. A/S was mobilised to nail a bloke who has won global peace awards, yet on the other hand the Tory Party has devoted much time and energy to dodging an inquiry into Islamophobia deep within its privileged ranks. This shows us quite clearly how racism was manipulated for political gain. So, this also illustrates why the UK will not admit to the serious problems it has with racism, simply put, it enabled a racist political party to ride into 10 Downing Street.

That statement will not be popular in many circles, well I can tell you that in those circles I do not want to be popular.

Across the pond this problem is amounting to the basis for civil war to erupt. When you hear the deranged President of that troubled country use the language he does you realise that the so called "free world" is actually anything but free. Just this morning he referred to Covid as "The China Virus", Americas problems are just that, Americas problems. Thing is, when America sneezes the UK catches the cold.

BLM is the flavour of the month for our media outlets. It is telling that they are now starting to be portrayed as an unruly rabble of yobs who wreck everywhere they go. As somebody once said "Rioting is the language of the unheard", so very correct. One thing that is being overlooked, it is not just about skin colour. Anyone who is not from the UK and white and speaks with a pure UK accent is looked down upon by many. Lots of Polish people have come to the UK and settled very well. They are no problem to anyone, yet they are whispered about due to taking "our jobs", occupying our housing, earning our money, being treated on our NHS, on and on, these are examples of the casual racism that is now common place in UK society.

The next GE appears to be some way away, you can guarantee that when it rolls around the same old Immigration card will be played. You will hear about limiting numbers, you will hear about patrolling the channel, what you will not hear about is the amount of money that has been cut from Border agencies or the Police. Truth is, without Immigration the Tory Party has not a lot to talk rubbish about. I am not sure if those purple faced ones I spoke of earlier will be quite so easily manipulated next time. Sure enough they will still own that petty jealousy that drives their hatred of anyone who has more than them. They will never be able to view the world fairly. the Tories are welcome to them. Eventually they will turn on the Tories. Sooner the better.

Where do we go from here? Like it or not Immigration is a huge political issue. Such is the level of insularity in the UK anyone who advocated for an open border policy will not stand a chance. Asking for what I see as fairness and reasonable free access to the UK would be political suicide. Where does this leave the Asian family running a corner shop or driving a Taxi to feed the kids? More to the point what sort of future does it signal for those kids? Sadly, I can only predict more of the same, if not worse.

The dangerous racists in the UK are the ones sat in offices in Parliament. They are infact quite happy for the "I'm alright Jack" attitude in the UK to stay just as it is. You can expect no real remedies to put forward by them. The task of changing things is huge. It falls to me and you to act. That starts by judging people on the colour of their souls, not the tone of their skin or where they happened to be born. It angers me that Priti Patel likes to dish out the tough rhetoric regarding Immigration, she who would not actually be here in the UK if the measures she likes to trot out had been applied to her parents.

Is there any more graphic an illustration of what is wrong with 21st century society than this? It is appalling that this situation is tolerated. Why is it ???

Thanks for looking in, please help by spreading word.

Society not Economy

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