At we give a street level look through the eyes of a left wing socialist at the disturbing events that are unfolding around us


Something new is appearing in our midst, something which can only lead to a cheapening of our political machinations. This is a huge worry given the severe battering politics in the UK has endured ever since the expenses claims debacle. We have been hurtling steadily downwards as UK politics becomes ever more American style with every passing day. American politics to me is nothing but a competition to see who can get away with the most outrageous claims whilst keeping that carefully rehearsed straight face along with a vacant smile.

However, UK politics is becoming a testing ground for such juvenile antics. It did not used to be like this. Maybe you strongly disagreed with the local MP and the policies of the various parties, it was though largely honest within the accepted limits of common sense. Not any more. That is now consigned to memory. Young people are seeing this new "lies and fabrication" contest as the way it should be.

Weep for the memory of decent UK politics.

As soon as the Tories paid Steve Bannon to advise them about electioneering the rot set firmly in. Cummings has now emerged onto the main political UK stage and there will be no slowing down in the rush to corrupt just about everything that could possibly reflect badly on our current Govt. Gagging orders and D notices are scattered around like cheap confetti. There is no light at the end of the tunnel, and it has to be said that the Tories really have been very clever in this (dis) respect. Just think about the total absence of coverage regarding the absolute upheavals going on across the channel, this a truly shocking state of affairs. On that note, I salute every French citizen for having the courage and determination to simply say "ENOUGH", bruised, battered, teargassed, for over a year, yet the protests grow. They put the UK public to shame.

It is bad enough having a Govt which controls the media, shuts down opposition points of view at every turn, distorts truths, basically puts forward lies and then uses that well practised American style vacant smile method mentioned earlier. Patel being an obvious example, or maybe Hancock with his vacant brain assisting fully. Actually, inept as she was Mrs May had this off to a fine art. Mind you, she was so cold it mattered not.

The new must have "right wing distortion toy" appears to be "The Pledge". never heard of such things until fairly recently. I've been around since Follyfoot was on the telly, and I've always been keen on politics. This is all new to me.

Where has this idea come from ? Who decided that they need to become essential for the future of UK politics ? What is the aim of such things ? First clue comes when you see that these Pledges are only aimed at the opposition. I do not recall the Govt being given the pleasure of adhering to any. Why is that ? Perhaps the hard right Govt is immune, on that point, never mind Pledges, regarding the Tories, it is now a very long time since the Muslim Council of Great Britain called for, no strike that, demanded an inquiry into Islamophobia within Tory ranks. It has not happened. But that is ok ?

I would like the Govt to adhere to a pledge, it being this, act fairly. Quite a simple request. One that as we all know is far beyond their comprehension.

At the minute the opposition is being battered with a pledge that shows us clearly how easy it is for some to directly interfere in top level UK politics. The now much detested Board of Deputies has seen fit to use the Govt controlled media to try to force an idiotic list of pledges upon the Labour Party. Nothing in the least bit funny about this. This group which actually represents about 40,000 people caused massive damage to the Labour effort in the recent GE. Their power is way beyond their numbers. Hopping back to the way the media now is, contrast every word the BoD lets out being front page news and all that trouble in France being invisible.

The pledges this small and troublesome group has drawn up are utterly ridiculous. (see pic at the bottom), and would basically make the Labour Party an extension of the BoD. Each line of this ridiculous list is an insult to every Socialist. Every Socialist I know will not tolerate racism, or discrimination on any level. We do not judge anyone based upon their sexual preferences, race, religion, colour, social standing or anything else. And never will.

Actually, Socialists by nature will go out of their way to intervene and put a stop to such things. Every time.

We see a lot of accusations thrown at anyone raising their head above the parapet and stating they are Socialist. I had it last night on the Net. A quite extreme and sustained tirade unleashed upon me concerning "The Left" ripping into Chinese people to such an extent that MPs "had to apologise", obviously I asked for examples and validation, at this point the tirade got worse. This is not unusual. Abuse, "The Left",, let me shine a light upon this massive and unfairly perpetuated crap.

During the recent GE I did a lot of campaigning around Sheffield, on behalf of the Labour Party and its outstanding young candidate Sophie Wilson. During that six week effort I personally received aggressive verbal abuse several times on the doorsteps. Purple faced flabby balding males with large mouths and small brains screaming in my face from Three feet away. A colleague of mine who is aged 72 had his jaw broken, a middle aged woman in the south was thrown across a car bonnet and picked up Two broken ribs. On voting day the police were called because another assault took place.

Time and again openly hostile receptions to people giving up their free time and making an honest effort on behalf of dishonest UK politics. Yet "The Left" gets the bad press.

This appalling environment will only get worse now. Weep again people.

Is the age of The Pledge now with us ? Probably, mainly due to the negative effect they are already having. The runners in the Labour leadership race lined up to sign up to the BoD requests/demands. I am stunned by this. Maybe its my age, or perhaps I have got it totally wrong. It does seem as though I am totally at odds with everyone else. Maybe the whole thing is designed to cause exactly the feelings I have at the moment. Taking on board these ridiculous demands is a disaster of epic proportions. Not only should every Socialist be urging a firm NO to this, they should be instructing the BoD to keep its nose out of the internal workings of the party. You can have tour opinion of the BoD, I have mine, however it is very dangerous to allow them or anyone else to control such things as leadership elections. This small group has already played a substantial role in denying millions a better future in the UK, destroying a leader, tarnishing the reputation of Socialists, scheming away behind closed doors to actively wreck any chances of a Socialist future becoming reality.

Obviously this has been carefully planned over a period of years. BoD , LFI and various other groups have been busily infiltrating Labour, inserting themselves into key positions at various levels, and simply waiting. The GE has given them the green light.

These agents of the right are now emboldened by a whopping majority, they see the demise of the Corbyn project as the time to wreak havock. The shards of the Corbyn project are scattered, the vultures are circling ever lower. This is NOT the time to appease them. This is the time for unity and strength and courage.

Standing up to these malicious wreckers will be no easy thing. Their tentacles reach out within the party. Shocks await those who take on the task. The media will have a field day- will we really notice the difference ? - I have to ask though, What is the worst thing that could happen ? A terrible GE result ??

I will be expected to cast my vote for leader soon. Not voting would be more or less a sin. I will not spurn the chance lightly. Something needs to happen.

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