At we give a street level look through the eyes of a left wing socialist at the disturbing events that are unfolding around us

Poison ??

Now then, Salisbury. Until last week hardly thought of. A Tory stronghold, last GE they had a majority of 17,00, though the Labour vote went up by 10.2.

I have never been there, the above suggests it is not a depressed area, and is probably at the upper end of the social scale. Good for them. Things changed, and now everybody feels quite familiar with the place. It could infact end up being something of a huge development in UK politics. Due to its now infamy, politics is washing all over the events there, and the ramifications which will surely run and run.

Facts are becoming fogged, news is heavily biased, and yesterday it threatened to become a circus with bouquets, fist bumps and the media clamouring to go down on one knee and rain down warm words on the Government. Much like you see across the pond when the President cashes in on any disasters that take place.

Thing with this being, that same Government has cut £129 Million quid from the department that is responsible for chemical weapons defence, with the loss of 391 jobs.

While that pic is in view, I have a suspicion that all of that "Euphoria" may well have been stage managed, love to be able to delve into that. They do insert "plants" into the QT audience regularly and are currently paying idiots to disrupt Twitter.

Anyway, the claim is that The Russian Bear knowingly, even worse, with state support poisoned two people in Salisbury, no small thing to occur. Firstly it can only be hoped the victims can be saved, though that does seem remote. Good point that, in all this clamour to be seen to be scoring political points they have been forgotten.

A terrible nerve agent is said to have been used, not unlike the Russian Bear to do this, but, there are one or two points that require airing here. People who know about such things (like the bulk of the public I do not) are asking why the Dr who gave mouth to mouth to one of the victims has not fallen ill ? That seems a rather large point to me, also shots have emerged of people in full chemical suits (which all looks rather dramatic) yet just a few feet away firefighters are casually stood around in no chemical protection at all ?

Whilst all this political feeding frenzy rages, there is one glaring omission from what we are being told, THE EVIDENCE, where is it ? Who has access to it ? Who carried out the analysis ? Are the findings beyond doubt ?

We have now had Gavin Williamson put forward the most infantile comment I have ever heard from a so called senior cabinet member, Russia will respond by kicking our diplomats out, things will deteriorate, only negativity lays ahead. Plus ofcourse a surge (for five minutes) in media assisted popularity for the Tories in some 10p tabloids.

A copper was caught up in all this, good luck to him and thanks for your efforts Sir.

Politics and poison, one almost lone voice did speak in Parliament and was instantly rubbished from all sides. One person carried flowers and smiled to the adoring crowd, another sat quietly envisioning a bleak future of hostility and worsening of relations between a super power and a small island nation.

We will see The City affected, just how much Russian money will now leave our shores, obviously that will not include £800,000 in Tory coffers will it ?

They suggest not going to the World Cup. Well, we would not have been there long anyway and it would save some of our fans from getting their heads punched in. Thing with that is, The Winter Olympics were magnificent, happy smiling athletes with infectious enthusiasm entertaining us all superbly, which included ONE KOREA.

they shoved politics to one side and got on with being grown up and bubbly.

Talking of Korea, Kim Jong un, was a member of his family poisoned ? where was that poison made ??

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