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Privileged Islamophobia ? No Problem.

Now then, hard to believe though it is, our current Govt has been dodging holding an inquiry into racism within its ranks for well over a year. This is no small matter. The enquiry was called for by The Muslim Council of Great Britain. SILENCE.

I am am not sure it is possible to have a bigger stain on the character of any political party than undisputed racism. For a very long moment the Tories haven't even bothered to dispute it. Stunning arrogance.

So, the Muslim Coucil of GB wrote to The Equalities Commision in May last year stating there was "sufficient evidence to suggest that the Tories had breached discrimination laws". This is massive stuff. We are all well of the ridiculous smear campaign that wrecked the Corbyn project, Mr Corbyn being a bloke who has won global peace awards yet the Labour Party was wrongly crucified. Why the silence for our privileged friends ?

Our national media has a few rather serious questions to answer re that.

Rosemary Carrol, probably not a name that jumps out at you. This racist individual is a Councillor , a Tory one. Her seat being in Pendle. Carrol was suspended by the Tories after an uproar surrounding a joke she published via Email. The "joke" compared an Asian person to a dog. Shocking and extremely insulting. Carrol was suspended for 3 months in June 2017 over this gutter level incident. It is claimed that the offensive Email was sent in error, and that she meant to delete it. In other words, once it snared her she decided she didn't mean it. It reveals how her inner mind really works. In many UK work places it would have warranted dismissal. What did the Tories do ? This will shock you.

Here is where things take a severe turn for the worse. Carrol sat as an independent councillor immediately after the suspension. However on the Friday before the next local election she rejoined the Tories, and the seat of Pendle was won , if she had remained as an independent it would have been hung.

Stark evidence right there of how the Tories work. A real glimpse into their tainted souls, tainted with total disregard for racism. Carrol stated "we cant be in a position in this world where people can't make mistakes".

That is just one example, I could run through many more. Some really are quite depressing. For the purpose of this piece I will ask you to go along with my central point.

Various groups are now calling on the Tories to come clean about all this.

Hope Not Hate and others are almost constantly pushing for some sort review to happen. Yet all that keeps happening is absolutely nothing.

Tory MP Daniel Kawczynski went a step further, he attended a conference at which notable global far right extremist and the Hungarian Nationalistic PM Viktor Orban appeared. When this was pointed out to the party they reprimanded him. That's all. Compare this to reactions re Mr Corbyn and the stuff he never actually did.

We already know about Patel and her secret meetings with Israeli officials whilst supposedly on holiday.

The Tories work on the basis of being SLY as being clever. They tend to insert people into key positions on various committees, then steer sensitive issues in the direction of these bodies and hey presto, get the result they want, as in the BBC.

An academic by the name of Professor Sarwan Singh was appointed to lead an enquiry into all this. At which point prominent Tory Peer Baroness Sayeeda Warsi pointed out that he had previously written an article about how Muslims had driven other communities out of Kashmir. Not even subtle is it ?

This really is damning, Brandon Lewis once stated that the Tory approach to Islamophobia is "completely transparent" then refused to say how many complaints had actually been received. Where else could this be tolerated ?

The chair of The Conservative Muslim Forum- Mohammed Amin- has said "the party has prioritised electoral concerns over taking decisive action" which leads nicely back to those deplorable machinations in misty Pendle. Very demoralising.

Make a dumb comment about a Muslim in some seedy back street city centre pub during "happy hour" and likely somebody will snigger. That sort of things is an insult to all and sundry. To remain silent is to be complicit. I am highlighting here the actions and inner beliefs of MPs, Ministers, Councillors, Tory activists and Reps at all levels.

Those who wear expensive suits, walk the corridors of Whitehall, shape the laws of this awful country. Stand in front of glassy eyed reporters on live television and spout lies about OUR responsibility to be good citizens.

Just exactly what sort of education have these privileged idiots had ?

Those clowns in the back street pubs probably know no better, these "privileged" individuals have no defence. They are focused, determined and seriously flawed.

That flaw ensures that every single Muslim (or minority member actually) is constantly at risk, not only that, we have a PM who speaks of women looking like "letter boxes and bank robbers" or even "picanninies with water melon smiles". This is the very apex of our law making and political system here in the UK. How sad is this ?

Thanks for looking in. Please spread word of this site.

Society Not Economy.

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