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Proper Heartless Tories.

Now then, our Tory friends often disappoint. Whenever you assume they have reached the absolute nadir, they outdo themselves and reach even further down. The current medical emergency has provided them with zillions of opportunities to do the right thing, and as usual they have done the complete opposite. Part of their DNA dictates no comprehension what so ever of the concept of actually being in the wrong.

We have all seen it recently, various individuals standing there and spilling out absolute garbage to a sycophantic reporter, or, in far too many cases out and out untruths. They have done this so often now it is almost normal. Make no mistake, this current Govt is founded on lies and total arrogance. Many thousands of avoidable deaths are occurring on a daily basis, shockingly the lies and arrogance come across in equal measure.

There is no other way to put it, they just DO NOT CARE .

So, I could list many hundreds of graphic (fatalistic) examples here, I will not do that. At the time of the recent GE people spoke of the public being "fatigued" well here's the thing, right now the public is sick of the crap. They are not fools. The tensions are rising.

Decent people expect reasonable standards of information in times of crisis. To be honest, the disquiet is now reaching across political tribalism. Nobody believes this crap about mountains of PPE, or the refusal to enter into an agreement with the EU re the procurement of Ventilators. ENOUGH is ENOUGH now.

Here is the one thing that outdoes all the other examples of deliberate, crass, targeted abuse based upon callous lies. The Govt, in desperation, called upon retired NHS staff to come back to help with the effort. A huge ask for anyone who had previously opted for a quiet life. A life away from the fraught atmosphere of the struggling NHS. Many assume that it's only just become a depressing battle ground where death is overcoming altruistic efforts. I have news for you, it was like that before. Have we all forgotten the yearly news items just before every Winter ? the shockingly long waiting times in A&E ?

The appalling scenes in Walk in Centres where those with no GP queued for hours in Third World conditions ? Those people retired for good reasons.

So, this Govt that has been suffocating the NHS for a decade leans upon altruistic former employees. Hmm, any financial inducements ? Not a chance. If there had have been would that not have been the correct thing to do ? These former employees jumped into the queue to wear inadequate PPE, next time you hear a lying Tory claim otherwise, ponder this, just exactly how much of it meets the suggested WHO standard ?

These people could have been sat at home, relatively out of harms way. They CHOSE to enter the most dangerous environment on the planet, on a regular basis. In many cases offering "hands on" help to those who otherwise would have died alone , staring at the white washed walls whilst possibly hearing the white washed lies of yet another Tory from the flat screen plasma in the room.

Well, if that's not bad enough (your not a proper human being) get a hold of this. Most of those who have answered the plea are of advanced years therefore they are more at risk from the blight. Some of them have already died. The stinger, the thing which absolutely typifies the Tory outlook, many of the partners of those deceased returnees will not receive the Death in Service Benefit. Can you believe that ? I struggle to control my anger regarding this. It is difficult not to resort to foul language. Cold hard truth, any partner or child of a deceased returnee could lose around 83% of pension payments, and could reasonably expect to lose 50%. For volunteering to go into hell on OUR behalf.

It actually gets worse if the returnee has been retired for more than five years, in this case partners can expect to receive NO lump sum payment for losing their loved one.

The Govt is said to be "considering proposals" to extend help to those who have fallen into the awful position of having lost a partner or parent having returned to active duty,

this is put forward by Mr Hancock, he who stated that "now is not the time to be talking about pay rises for nurses". I am not sure how banging pans on your doorstep in the dark can impact upon any of this.

I will leave you to do your own digging into this distasteful issue. I find it to be very demoralising on this sunny Easter Sunday morning. Can you imagine Jacinda Ardern (the number one human being on the planet) allowing such as this in her country ?

Why does it seem so predictable here in the UK ?

This virus will pass, will be quite a while, I can see us being in Winter when the end finally comes. At that time, a reckoning will arrive. None of this must be forgotten.

I am not one for retribution, justice will have to be seen to be done, and quickly at that.

None of this endless public enquiry garbage. This Govt got in by default via invented smears and media control. Well, try that when The Reckoning arrives and see what happens ! Lying about death does not quite fall into party politics, It's inhumane.

Thanks for looking in. Please help me by spreading word of this site.

Society not Economy.

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