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Reasons to be Cheerful (pt 312)

Our 24/7 Tory party PR outlets are at it again. All morning I have been hearing how the Oxford vaccine is a "triumph for science", these words coming from our current PM.

The reporters have that carefully rehearsed spontaneous air of glee about them. I suppose we should be glad that we do not have to endure the insufferable Burley spouting her biased rubbish at us. I do hope it is foggy where she is currently on safari.

Anyway, this new vaccine. It is getting to the point where asking relevant questions paints one as an anti vaxxer in some people eyes. Let me put something out there at this point, the anti vax brigade (like Extinction Rebellion) see nothing but their own point of view. They care not one jot about the damage they do to anyone or anything. ER have caused a situation where draconian measures will be put in place to severely hamper any future demonstrations about anything. Blocking roads was a hair brained idea, all they have done is ruin things for everyone. They should be ashamed. They are not.

As for the anti vaxxers, things are a whole lot more serious. Actually, they are dangerous to the point of potentially contributing to a rising death toll . Simple as that. I observed an anti vax protest in The Peace Gardens here in Sheffield. Looking around at the attendees I was struck by how mature they all looked. Yet there they were extolling all and sundry to ignore ANY health guidelines. Staggeringly depressing really.

Every time an anti vaxxer opens their mouth it is a very deep insult to the families of all those who have left us due to the damn virus. Again, you should all be ashamed. Depressingly it is painfully obvious that you will not be. EVER.

So, the Oxford vaccine. I am in an at risk group. To cut a long and arduous story short, I am sixty years of age and have no immune system. Therefore it seems reasonable to me that I will be offered a shot sooner rather than later. It is now the case that there is more than one vaccine which is likely to be offered. Thing is , there seems to be a marked difference in the efficacy of the ones available. One thing which has jumped out at me from all the sanitised news coverage this morning, the Oxford vaccine is being termed "affordable", this raises some red flags in my mind.

We have seen politicians on both sides of the pond being shown having a shot. Here is a thing, the Oxford vaccine has only just been approved, therefore all those known people shown being injected have had the Pfizer shot. The one that is claimed to be 90% effective. Good for them, I am pleased that they have inched closer to being immune. Back to the term "affordable", well, am I to believe that the cheaper Oxford option is just as effective ? Actually the answer to that appears to be no I am not. The Oxford option is claimed to be 70% effective. Sure enough it is cheaper, can be transported and delivered to the patient in a far easier way. I am not all happy that for cost reasons I will be expected to opt for being 20% less confident that I can go forth in the spring and pick up where I left off back in late February 2019.

I have to say at this point that the very same people who will be pushing us all to have the cheaper option will likely have had the Pfizer shot, and are the very same people who have been misusing public funds to waste on Nightingales hospitals, hotel carpeting companies and even a small company in Turkey that manufactures T shirts.

Why exactly should I listen to or trust them ??

Thanks for looking in.

In 14 days The Fallen Kingman will have some questions for you.

Society not Economy.

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