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Response (Careful with that axe Labour)

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Now then, I have recently been expelled from what used to be the Labour Party for what they see as "Racism" in that I publicly aired my vies of the regime that is currently running Israel. At this point, I see it is fair to ask, irregardless of my views re Israel should I not have the right to express them in whatever way I see fit? Sure enough if I had been using abusive language or encouraging violence etc I would have no complaint. As it is , these days the now LFI party seems to operate along North Korean lines and any mention of that vicious and brutal apartheid regime carries with it enormous risk for party members. In all my life I have never known anything like this, but there you go.

I did publish the case for the prosecution go here

It takes a bit of concentration, but if the rest of this piece is to add up to you I urge you yo work your way through it. In addition to that, If you have any thoughts or observations please feel free to make them. I am acutely aware that I am perfectly capable of being wholly in the wrong. However, re this issue I do not believe I am. Not only that, subsequent developments have seemingly proven me right. 1st thing Starmer did was run to the BoD and grovel, then we have him paying out to the so called "whistle blowers" who orchestrated that shocking BBC Panorama propaganda programme, and next his promising to visit Israel. Anyway, the Sheffield wildlife trust is perfectly happy to have what used to be my party subs. I regret nothing and my view has not been affected. For my response to the LFI go here

As you have now seen the list of Items and my answers are key to the whole thing. It also becomes obvious that my comments and articles had been monitored for a very long time and had actually been carefully cherry picked. Anyway lets get into it.

Item 1 The Israeli Govt does have very long tentacles which do indeed reach into some very high level places. Are there people who really don't believe this??

Item 2 Why is this being used as some sort of evidence against me? I do not get this.

Item 3 Concerns my view of Chris Williamson and his comments re Labour being too apologetic. It is straight forward enough, I believe that CW spoke sensibly and honestly. My answer is easily understood and I still see no problem. Actually I am hoping to be a part of whatever he puts together in the future. I will return to this another time.

Item 4 At the time the DUP were holding the Tories to a very high ransom, anyone who does not believe that Netanyahu is influencing our politics is a fool.

Item 5 This staggers me, the entire leaked report mess (which I have a copy of) confirms everything I put forward. LFI members very definitely played a huge part in the disgraceful tactics employed to wreck the Corbyn project. Too many of them are more concerned with Israel than they are the public of the UK.

Item 6 I stand by this comment, the BoD is a small and dangerous right wing group that does not even represent all Jews. The sooner its poisonous outlook is removed from UK politics the better. Obviously Starmer and the LFI vehemently disagree with my socialist view. Either way, my view will not be changing.

Item 7 As above, self explanatory. I stand by it today and always will.

Item 8 Again, see above.

Item 9 Requires no explanation. The antics of Starmer speak for themselves. Sadly.

Item 10 This points to my suspicion that A/S has been hijacked to purge the Left. Also the leaked report more than supports the fact that most of the accusations used to wreck the Corbyn project are/were garbage.

Item 11 Simple enough question, I have had no answer to it. The Jews/Israelis who want a free Palestine are ignored by the BoD and others.

Item 12 As far as I,m concerned it is not me who is displaying any racism , it is the person highlighted. I have said many times that I will chat with anyone who is reasonable, gender, ethnicity etc are meaningless to me. Berger is spotlighted due to her shocking lies re needing a police escort at conference, she should have been flung out of what used to be the Labour Party. Again it is john vg who introduces racism not me.

Item 13 I do not understand the point that my accusers are trying to make. My statement is clear enough. As above I welcome any reasonable person into my personal space.

So, that is what I sent back as my defence. I have been part of a team that was responsible for terminating peoples employment. No small responsibility, one which I took extremely seriously. One thing we always focused on, education was better than the ultimate sanction. Nobody has bothered to offer explanations or engage in any discussion re helping me to try and understand why my views are seen as wrong. To put it simply any regime that shoots unarmed medics in the back, tears down houses, illegally occupies lands, meddles in other Govts, and all the rest of it that Israel inflicts on Palestinians or any other people will attract the same opinions from me. I can only assume that the new LFI party has taken no steps to discuss this matter with me because it is too convenient a tool for purging The Left. In which case it is they who are abusing A/S. Not only that, the leaked report plainly suggests that the LFI party is more than happy to ignore any racism when it suits them. I can honestly say I will never do that.

I had actually decided to just let that be. I considered contacting the BoD, however it seems to me that this would be a waste of time. They are quite happy playing a part in wrecking Labour and shaping a right wing future for the UK, whilst also taking every opportunity to drum up support for Israel and pulling the strings of Starmer. Something happened which has irritated me greatly. A local woman who is a friend I value immensely has also received a letter from the Governance unit, her liking one of my tweets being highlighted. It seems that they really are determined to have their pound of flesh. This changes things in my perception. The problems of contamination of socialism within the LFI party are clearly out of control. Basically Starmer has very little control now. The time to hope for a new socialist party has arrived. Those contamination problems will finish Socialist Labour off- if they haven't already. Better days ahead elsewhere. The very real tragedy of disappearing Palestine cannot be ignored. Germany has just voted to oppose the annexation, it is to be hoped others follow suit.

Starmer has neither the conviction or courage to stand up to the Israeli regime.

It seems to be up to the rest of us to do that.

I will publish the LFI decision re me soon.

Thanks for looking in. Please help by spreading word.

Society not economy.

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