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Rose_Marie has left us.

Sunday October 4th 2020. A day that has now slipped into history. An otherwise ordinary day. Sure enough "ordinary" has taken on a new meaning of late. Humans are worried about having any avoidable contact with humans. The problems that have ravaged us for over a decade now are even more pronounced than they have ever been.

For those with a fair minded approach to life and a soul that aches for the arrival of equality for all times are dark. The night has been long and starless. Not much offers encouragement or threatens to light that starless night. It's all about the well off becoming even more well off and little concern is shown for the stragglers, at least in the corridors of power. The 2019 GE delivered a huge hammer blow, the ripples from that are more pronounced than any of us could have imagined, the Tories it seems already have a very active and powerful wave machine in operation.

Surrendering ones spirit and becoming despondent were easy choices to make. Remaining silent would have been far less hassle then going public via twitter with ones REAL inner feelings. Rose_Marie chose to be energetically open and vociferous whenever she could. She left us having accumulated 7133 followers. Every single one of those followers was fully aware of her enormous socialist heart. Rose also followed 5539 like minded people. Not one for avoiding saying stuff on behalf of others, Rose brought light and energy to many. Yesterday was very sad at first after being informed of her passing. I never met her. I don't know if she had family, I don't know how old she was.

I have no idea where she lived or about her social standing. I wish I knew those things.

Thing is, that choice I alluded to earlier is actually an enormous choice to have made. The Lefty "family" is under attack from all sides. Opting to be Left and proud is quite the thing. Rose_Marie set about spreading hope and love and continually aired her voice in the hope that others would spread the word. A look through her tweets over the last couple of weeks illuminates perfectly how deeply her fortitude actually reached within her. Pictures of the food she was being served in hospital, along with sharp comments. Never folded in the face of the most appalling circumstances, I am not at all sure that I could have coped as well as her. A shining example to all of us who claim to have an idea as to how we will be when our time arrives. One of her more telling messages concerned her telling the staff to take the "crap" food away and then requesting jelly and mini Jaffa Cakes,,, needless to say the jelly duly arrived!

As the hours ticked away yesterday I realised that Rose_Marie had done far more than type words onto a screen. Those words may well have been seen by millions of people right across the so called developed world. Much of our chatterings are seen in the USA and far beyond. Rose has been spreading her messages of hope to a huge audience. Not a captive audience, one that chose to make itself available to her endless stream of altruistic energy. In a way all those folk who read her stuff knew her in a very intimate way. Those of us on the Left share so very many things. We don't need to meet a Lefty in person to instantly be aware that they have an outlook based upon offering help wherever possible. We know that we all are keen on NOT looking down on anybody. We know that ours is the duty to keep the cycle turning. There is no finer or noble thing that any human can do than offer the hand of help to those who require it. This is that undefinable thing that Rose_Marie brought out in us. That is something which does not stop because she has left us. I know there have been times when I have wanted to throw the toys out of the pram, been under a cloud, usually when Jenrick or some other piece of garbage has got away with something outrageous (again) and I have logged on and been lucky enough to see a tweet from Rose that lightened my mood and set me off myself with another tirade against the wicked world we inhabit.

Rose_Marie is gone,, or she? Many have absorbed her feelings, agreed with her outlook, we share a responsibility to keep her flame flickering as we drift through the approaching years. My personal view (if I may be selfish for a moment) is that as long as a deceased person is remembered that persons energy exists somewhere in some form or another. Maybe that's complete rubbish, I really have no idea. Thing is, I believe it. Therefore I am happy and quite humbled to say that I will continue with increased verve to spread the outlook and energy that Rose_Marie brought to all of us. I see our task as being keeping her flame flickering by striving to bring about the things that kept her the right way up as she looked death square in the eye. We have a duty to look out for the weak and the needy, the ones at the bottom of the pile. For me, in the name of Rose_Marie this will be an absolute pleasure. We can still fetch her a smile.

It is really telling that she left us on the anniversary of The Battle of Cable Street. !

I dedicate the above musings to the memory of Rose_Marie, and also to the help and outstanding support that Rose received from Carmel_Presott.

Love each other, value every second.

Sleep well Rose.

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