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RT bad BBC good- yeah right.

Now then, this week really is providing good value. First of all those ridiculous daily briefings have gone, you know, the ones where Hancock half hour got more and more stupid by the day. Anyone who indicated that they would not parrot the Govt lines was removed, including leading scientists. This left Hancock to tell us about lining the pockets of a small Turkish Tshirt manufacturer or buying millions of the wrong test kits. To be honest it was getting a bit Pythonesque with a dark edge.

News content on the telly, it's become a hot topic. One in which the UK has shown the entire globe just how far up its own arse it really is. For the UK to express a wish to revoke the licence of RT due to bias takes the biscuit, no, wait, it actually takes the whole packet of biccies. How can we, given we are forced to pay for the ongoing upkeep of the BBC criticise or accuse anyone of bias in news coverage? I mean C'mon, it a joke right?

The BBC sold itself out long ago to the harshest of masters, that being the Tory Party. It truly staggers me that the UK can openly display such unbounded arrogance. Cameron contaminated the BBC with hand picked senior people.

As you can see from the above, I am not making anything up. That damn corporation exists due to the general public HAVING to fork out, at risk of being outside of the law otherwise. Though Cameron and his bungling ways (Brexit) are now history, those carefully placed people have ensured that the BBC has remained nothing but a clumsy puppet of the Tories. Just think about Kuenssberg and her prior knowledge of the postal vote result. What actually happened about that? What does it say of the calibre of Her? She is supposed to be a serious journalist, REALLY!. That corporation also showed a pic of Corbyn wearing a Russian hat on Newsnight, they claimed that it had not been photo shopped but "digitally edited", The list goes on and on, Labour people being harassed live on air by zealous reporters, carefully picked plants in the QT audience. They weren't even very good at it. Same faces kept appearing, when investigated they were usually Tory councillors or other officials. Here's a pic of a BBC pundit.

Maybe now you are seeing my point here. The BBC will regret the day they prostituted themselves to a cold arrogant heartless master. At that point the tears will start rolling. Well, that pleases me immensely. They will expect the public to be sympathetic. Guess what?? I would dismantle it today and burn it to the ground. There really is a biased news network brainwashing the UK public, it is not RT.

I think we should take a moment here to highlight the good work that Victoria Derbyshire was doing. Look what happened to her superb show. Says it all.

Thanks for looking in. Please help by spreading word.

Society not Economy.

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