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Same old sad story.

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

It staggers me that the UK has come up with £16Bn to be spent on weapons. In the current global situation our glorious leaders are working out just exactly how much they can put to one side to manufacture and maintain the weapons of war. I am actually a realist when it comes to defence. We do not live a world where you can comfortably assume that we will not be required to enter into an armed conflict at some point or other. The world is very unstable. Tensions remain critical in various regions and there are those who would relish the chance to strike at the UK. Maybe the so called "special relationship" with the USA is responsible in part for this. If I had my way, I would very definitely be looking to water down all links with the USA until it demonstrates that it is willing to operate fair and humane foreign policies and to look at being more fair minded in the world of commerce. Maybe the removal of the orange lunatic is a step in this direction. Biden cannot possibly be as bad can he ? As for our preparedness for any flashpoints around the globe, is it really the case that we need to spend so much CASH to stay at a level that can be classed as reasonably prepared ? I am no expert however it seems to me that any threat would have to be absolutely dire for us to spend all that money. We are in an utterly horrific mess as it is.

I would be a very happy individual if I thought that the UK could actually afford to spend all that CASH on death and mayhem. For me to be able to think like that I would have to see no homeless people on the freezing UK streets, I would also have to be able to see widespread social housing being erected and much reduced private housing costs. The provision of somewhere to live in the UK has become a wicked scam that does nothing but saddle ordinary people with a debt that lasts for decades. Another thing which jumps out at me just now is feeding our children. Are we really supposed to accept all that CASH for weapons when tens of thousands of kids only ever see nourishing hot food at school ? We have regularly seen the same Govt that has found all this CASH for war squirm and wriggle to try to avoid feeding all those kids. They only eventually caved in thanks to the outstanding efforts of a footballer who couldn't read until he was 17. That in itself is a damning indictment of the way our Govt thinks. But for Mr Rashford those kids would not be getting fed, that war CASH however would have been found.


At the moment our NHS is being steadily starved to enable it to be bought off on the cheap by anyone who the Tories regard as financially viable. Waiting lists are growing, waiting times for ambulances are truly unbelievable, appointments for the most common things are like rocking horse droppings, the pandemic has exaggerated these things, however, the situation for patients was dire before. All over the UK GP surgeries have become the source of frustration and disappointment for millions of ailing people.

NHS staff are paid appallingly in far too many instances. We have nurses and Drs working extremely long hours trying to preserve life and forced to pay more and more to park their cars. Nursing pay-despite the lies of the Govt- has fallen steadily over the last decade, the Tories have misruled for that decade. At every possible opportunity NHS funding has been decimated. One glaring example being the denial of certain cancer drugs to patients. Yet we can afford Billions for war. Some of those nurses go home to an empty fridge and lead poor lives.

Wherever you look the symptoms of run down public services are all too obvious. Bus routes that have been removed due to not being profitable. Unstaffed railway stations in the night. Fire stations that have been turned into shops or some other retail outlet. Libraries gone or staffed by volunteers, leisure centres gone, don't even start me about Sure Start centres. Disabled people hounded regarding being close enough to total paralysis to qualify for meagre handouts. Waiting months for claims to be adjudicated, people literally starving to death in unheated flats in large neglected inner city estates.

Huge tower blocks STILL coated in dangerous flammable cladding. They are still like that due to the potential cost of doing the right thing. Seemingly we just can't afford to put it right. What is this crap ? Unforgivable is what it is.

Sky news has just had a military mouthpiece on to discuss this avalanche of cash for the armed forces. How very original eh ? (by the way, I only watch that news channel to remind me just how good CNN is) As you would expect he was glowing in his praise of the Govt. Pity they didn't ask somebody who spent last night shivering on a pavement or a high ranking nursing union representative. Typically British outlook .

It gets even worse if you ponder for one moment where all that cash will actually end up. The Tories only part with cash if it will benefit them or their crooked and immoral colleagues. They have shamelessly used the ongoing mass extermination of the UK public to feast as if at a huge jamboree, time after time they have lined the pockets of their like via embarrassingly awarded contracts worth many Billions. Some of this is truly shocking and is being spotted right across the globe. Countries say openly that the UK is now regarded as the most corrupt place on the planet.

21st century UK actual scenario - we have pestilence, we have death, we have suffering, we have starvation, we have ZHs, we have NMW, we have mass addictions, we have cardboard beds in travel agents doorways, we have evictions, we have knives and gang warfare in our cities, we have all the trappings of a society that is lead by those who believe we can ringfence £16Bn for war.

Does this seem right to you ?

Thanks for looking in, please help by spreading word.

Society not Economy.

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