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Same Old Same Old

Me is stunned this morning. Firstly our loony cat woke me up at 04-10 because his food tray was empty! Not strictly his fault this one, the cat from over the road calls in and gorges himself when he wants to, so Snowy may well have been hungry,however , any more of this 04-10 nonsense and I will barricade the cat flap, or he will become an Ex Cat rather quickly.

So, under a bit of a cloud on this glorious Spring morning I switch the telly on and its been left on Sky news, I do not normally subject myself to their awful output but this was the channel I was confronted with. What gems of impartial reporting was I to be assailed with today then?

A devout Christian.

Some of you may be aware of my less than enthusiastic appetite for our unnecessary 24/7 news channels. I was not to be disappointed today. They were showing Salisbury. They have not been bothering with it much lately. Let me ask you a question here, without using google or any other search engine, can you say when the initial "event" took place? It was on a Sunday, but which one?

Mind you, Two guinea pigs and a cat were brutally slaughtered in this incident, or was that down to nobody feeding and watering them?

The mighty Snowy, the 04-10 cat.

Point being, it was that long ago anyone would be forgiven for not knowing the correct answer. Sky news is full of dramatic footage of those tent things being erected around sleepy Salisbury, footage of furrowed brows behind desks on raised plinths in public meetings, members of the public asking about the imminent dangers,senior Police officers saying ominous things. Graphics showing the high number of possible "hot spots", where the "saturation" levels of NOVICHOK remain "possibly" dangerously high.

What is this garbage? Just how dumb do they think we really are? Remember our glorious leader swanning around that town, smiling, grinning,accepting spontaneous gifts in the form of bouquets, the adoring public gushing at the presence of T. May, all in the spring sunshine. Made you proud to be British (unless you are of West Indian origin).

All this really is so very very demoralising. It adds up to nothing but condescending rubbish being broadcast on behalf of the, now disgraced on several fronts, Tory Party.

So far this week, we have had Windrush, Hunt "accidentally" buying SEVEN luxury flats, and even more "accidentally" getting a bulk discount, The Lords putting the boot into the EU single market policy, Mr May being exposed as having made a financial killing from the bombing of Syria, revelation after revelation regarding the Syrian debacle, May and Rudd at loggerheads over who to blame about almost anything, May brazenly lying in the Chamber, on and on and on. Its like a rather demented Punch and Judy show.

More puppets, like proper panto should be.

So, all of a sudden Salisbury leaps back into the limelight. Not rocket science is it?

Just for a bit of "balance" the next report following on from the scenes of a carefully practised "camping exhibition" in sleepy Salisbury is an in depth look at the Russian cyber attack threat, not in the least bit biased this stuff is it?

One last question, why are you watching this drivel?

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