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Saturday Arrives.

Now then, I wrote elsewhere that I would wait for seven days before deciding where my future political home would be. Today, Easter Saturday, marks the end of those seven days. My membership of Labour is now terminated. When the new shadow cabinet announcements were made, followed by the ministerial appointments the message was easy to decipher. There is no doubt now that Starmer is focused on Israel above all else.

He has also signalled his complete contempt for anything even slightly resembling Lefty thinking. That is up to him, he has his principles, I have mine. I will not, EVER , contribute in any way to any group that is enthusiastic about supporting the likes of Smeeth, Phillips, Streeting, etc. The removal of Gardiner is a puzzle, this suggests to me that some personal animosity has been allowed to eclipse common sense.

Sure enough, radical measures were called for. The recent GE debacle was never going to allow for anything else. Starmer has overlooked a couple for things. The first and most important being that Lefty policies as portrayed by Mr Corbyn really are very popular with the public. It is telling that the Tories are now adopting some of those very same policies. The public will now be even more angered by Water, Electricity and other such things reporting huge profits for shareholders whilst jacking up prices for me and you. It will at that point be remembered that it didn't need to be like this. Lets not even go into the money trough that is our railways. Brexit decided the GE, not Lefty policies.

The other thing that Starmer has conveniently overlooked is that the public really does not respect MPs being brazenly dishonest with them. The whole country is starkly aware that Mr Corbyn was not/is not Anti-semitic. When Philips etc basically shot their mouths off to the baying media they left lasting images in the minds of millions of people. Thing being, NOT the images they were intending. Smeeth and company trail blazed a path of big words based upon little actuality. They will reap the rewards of this dishonesty when the time comes. The public see them for what they really are. CHEAP OPPORTUNISTIC LIARS. Their credibility cannot be rehabilitated after the event. Starmer has erred big style.

Many sections of the jewish community are oppsed to the BoD. Starmer again is wrongly assuming they represent all Jews. They do not. Starmer is using this issue as a political football to help eradicate the Left. Unforgivable.

Another massive wight around the neck of Starmer is his complete refusal to reveal who bankrolled his leadership campaign. This indicates that he thinks revealing this information would have damaged his bid, so he keeps quiet. My personal view is that Mr Blair is the sponsor, we will likely never know. So, obviously Starmer would have been miles behind when the votes were tallied. Something else occurs to me here, when Starmer is placed in a position of having to highlight any impropriety by the Tories he is going to find himself on a very sticky wicket. They will just point out his inability to be honest about his financial backers, they must be chortling away in anticipation.

Tory ineptitude is reaching dizzying new heights. 17.5 Million testing kits have been purchased, all of them are not fit for purpose. Why is the media not raging about this ?

Despite the claims of Hancock and company PPE is still a chronic problem for NHS staff, some of whom are finding themselves treating their colleagues due to the lack of PPE.

Death toll is threatening to outdo any other European nation due to the Govts early days hesitations. Airports are still open, when you have a minute google Heathrow arrivals and see how many planes are landing which set out from infected places, most worryingly the USA. Shocking as this is, many incoming passengers report not seeing anyone at arrivals intending to carry out any testing!! The UK is open. Can anyone explain to me how this fits into any sensible quarantine procedures ? At the latest daily briefings not one of them would tell us how many medical staff have died from CV19, I really cannot imagine anything as sinister as this. Our media fawns about super hero Johnson battling alone to defeat the virus then jumping in his Spitfire and triumphantly flying back to his desk to single-handedly save the country.

It is now required that I ask, just exactly what does it take for our media to tackle the Govt properly ? Clearly a thousand deaths a day is not enough. Shame on all of them in the media. They are proving themselves to be utterly spineless.

My future political home is one for me to ponder for a while. Chris Williamson is setting something up. Have a look at what he's putting together, maybe I will see you there.

Thanks for looking in. Please spread this stuff for me.

Society not Economy.

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