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Schools Out (maybe)

Now then, you have to be of a certain age to remember Alice Cooper and his monster hit. From this far down the line they seem to have been very happy days. That record went down in history, it was enormous and will linger much longer in the memories of those who were around at the time. It was released way back in 1972, I was 12 and have to be honest I never bought it. I was more interested in scrumping and puncture outfits at the time. For those who don't know, here it is being performed -

Not sure it would be such a big seller these days. Not actually sure that is a bad thing either! Anyway, the lyrics bear looking at in the current awful situation, so here they are -

Well we got no choice All the girls and boys Makin' all that noise 'Cause they found new toys Well we can't salute ya can't find a flag If that don't suit ya that's a drag School's out for summer School's out forever School's been blown to pieces

No more pencils no more books No more teacher's dirty looks yeah

Well we got no class And we got no principals And we got no innocence We can't even think of a word that rhymes School's out for summer School's out forever My school's been blown to…

Sending the kids back to school is the thing which is at the forefront of every adult mind in the country. No bigger question could possibly be asked of any parent. All I can say is that I am grateful not to be in the position of having to make that decision. Thing is, it seems to me that many parents will act based upon loaded PR delivered via our sick media. I'm 60 now and cannot remember anything even approaching this awful parental situation. Put plainly, children COULD die horrible deaths, simple as that.

Not only will the kids be at risk, the teachers and support staff it seems will be at even more risk, sure enough various "experts" are putting forward almost polar views. It is not actually known if kids carry the disease, or to what extent they can spread it. There is a complication in something called Kawasaki disease. Cases of this are rising around the globe. It is very definitely a grey area. All of a sudden we are getting Government representatives talking in terms of how extremely important it is to get our children back into their education. The scientific advisers who appear at those excruciating daily PR briefings now fit firmly into the category of Govt Rep. Why, through all of this mess have we never heard one of them contradict the corporate line?

There's a Govt minister on the box just now putting forward that his wife is a teacher and that all will be well, that being the case, how is it that state schools are due to open in two weeks yet public schools not until September? This is unacceptable.

At this point, I would like to be able to say that the well-being of the youngsters is not a political issue. However, I believe it actually is. As there is no credible opposition to the Govt at the moment nobody is saying that. A large part of the thinking behind the Govts enthusiasm for opening some schools is based upon then being able to get those parents back into their NMW work places.

We have, as usual, seen the teaching unions coming in for some heavy criticism due to them doing exactly what they are supposed to do, represent their members. All of a sudden they were being seen in certain sections of our infantile media as worse than the devil. To those who support that reflex reaction, I ask you this, how many children or teachers have to die before you come out into the open and admit your grave errors?

Or, a better question, why take the risk? Actually, I see that question as being one that should be aimed firmly at those who have been starving the NHS of cash for a decade. But, that's another set of stories eh?

Back to schools,not enough people in high places are taking the time to see this issue through the young lens. I shudder when I picture the psychological long term effects of this on our kids. Already they are absorbing stuff which no kid should. Talk of increased death rates, footage of ICUs being staffed by what look like some sort of cheap Dr Who aliens, hearing that many of those staff are actually dying! Cottoning onto the fact that children are dying, can anyone really imagine this stuff in a young mind? There is a photo floating around of kids in a playground, stuck inside squares that have been painted on the ground to limit the area in which they can play! This is madness. It beggars belief that this is even being considered by grown adults given that the playgrounds/swings across the country are considered too dangerous, I have to ask, just exactly what is this brainless garbage? School is supposed to be the happiest days of a youngsters life, as it is they will be terrified. Talk abounds of them being cordoned off via plexi screens, just how scary does the environment have to be?

What will be the outcome for those who do the obvious parental thing and say NO? What exactly will happen to them? Firstly certain gutter comics will set about demonising them, our media in the UK is truly awful, but you already know that. Will those parents be classed as unpatriotic, left wing militants, enemies of the people?

Nobody has the actual right to overrule any parent regarding the safety of a child.

Sad fact is, many children only get to eat a healthy hot meal at school, the same individuals responsible for that are the same ones calling the shots regarding possibly sending them back into the environment outlined above. Victorian UK again.

Another serious problem I have with this is how are those parents not well off enough to get into thousands of quids worth of debt for a car supposed to manage? Public Transport? REALLY!! Its ridiculous. Is this how desperate the Govt is to appease the Hedgefund managers and business owners? I rather think it damn well is.

Our children warrant the ultimate in love and care and passion and understanding of their world not profit and loss or stock exchanges. This country is being driven towards a very dark chasm by a cash hungry privileged establishment. The time is arriving for a stand to be taken. For what it is worth, I will stand along side any parent who digs in. I will do anything that I can to hamper this shortsighted and potentially deadly nonsense.

I am sick of hearing about the huge effect the lack of schooling is having on the "poorer children". The lack of things like pencils,toilet rolls, trips out, etc have been having a detrimental effect on "poorer children" for a decade, who is responsible for that?

Let me outline when I think all those "poorer children" should go back to enjoy the happiest days of their lives, well, when the cinemas are operating, bookies, sports stadiums, churches, pubs, restaurants, street corners, concert halls, bingo halls, all that everyday stuff that is presently considered too risky. In other words schools really should be the last things to open. I used to have a job that involved working in what was known as Rose Cottage in a maternity unit. It required my to put the corpses of babies in stainless steel freezers. I have actually lost a son. I know what it is like. I do not want anyone else to find out about how that goes. DO NOT SEND YOU KIDS TO SCHOOL.

Thanks for looking in. Please help by spreading this piece.

Society not Economy.

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