At we give a street level look through the eyes of a left wing socialist at the disturbing events that are unfolding around us

See Emily Play.

Now then, Like you I have absorbed a lot of images lately, ones that I never dreamt would find their way into my mind. Yesterday I rode along West Street in Sheffield.

This particular street is unique. Sheffield exists on the money that students spend. West Street is where they spend most of it. Believe me, in the small hours of most weekends all human life is usually there. Extremely busy, bright and colourful. If Mr Attenborough took a film crew along there, firstly he would not believe what he saw, secondly the footage would never get broadcast. Yesterday it was deserted. Deserted and gloomy. Image that sticks in my mind, the homeless were still sat there in doorways. Bedraggled and hopeless. Holding out their tins for spare change. Hardly anyone around to oblige them. How the hell are they surviving ? Actually, scrub that - Will they survive ?

Images, riding by Asda and another stunning sight, a queue like you have never seen away from a football stadium. Stretching back a very long way. All spaced two metres apart. Shopping bags being clutched. I have no idea if the stuff they came for was there when they finally got inside the place, or how long they will have had to wait. It must have been a minimum one hour wait, likely even longer. This is not acceptable. Something else needs to be brought into practice. Those people are trying to feed the family. I make no claim here about being particularly clued in or bright. We heard recently about 20,000 soldiers being made ready. Somebody should grasp the nettle and organise them to make home deliveries.

I will be brutally honest with you here. The "put upon" have become the "shit upon".

I hate to say this, the image of people standing on their doorsteps and clapping haunts me. I have never seen anything so pointless. It's easy to throw things at me here, Sorry, just being honest with you. If every single adult who clapped wrote a complaint letter to 10 Downing Street that may well accomplish something. If you want to thank the NHS please do it. Tell them via other means. Hospitals and the like have addresses, send a Thankyou Card. Send word. Give a thumbs up if you see an ambulance going about its business. Email your local radio or TV station. Call into talk shows. I read a tweet the other night from a Brit living in Germany. It said "we applaud the health service by funding it". Not rocket science is it ?

Image. I often walk around Woodhouse Washlands. Wonderful place. Lots of nature to be impressed by, especially as Spring is waking things up. Lately it is seeing more people than usual. Everyone is just glad to have somewhere to go. here's the thing though. It is my way to say "how you doing" as people pass me. All done properly, the obligatory safe distance etc. Many people stare stony faced at the ground immediately infront of them.

No acknowledgement or anything. Just fear flowing out of every pore. There are others who are quite cheerful and will have a quick minute of small talk. Most of them are dragging kids and dogs along. The kids are full of it. Running along ahead and generally having a ball. The blessing of being unaware I suppose.

Image. This is the one I find most disturbing. There's a park quite near us. Lots of swings for those kids to spend hours playing on, and they do. It is usually vibrant. You can hear the kids from miles away enjoying themselves. Usually a long line of cars due to many parents driving here with kids and dog. It is cordoned off. That plastic red and white tape all over the place. Empty. The kids are all off school indefinitely. The sun is shining.

I get the reasoning behind this. I watched one young mum walking away with the young un on a brightly coloured trike. Young un was upset, Mum was trying to placate him.

That young un will not understand about Social Distancing, or stock exchanges, or somebody who owns an island and spaceships asking for money.

Its about Faith, Hope and Clarity. I am still clinging to the Faith part. Faith that when the new world is ushered in it will be a better place for that young un to grow up in. That things will be built upon the worker bees. A better quality of live will be there for those who drive the industrial engines. The Hope part comes from my belief that ordinary people are good and altruistic. All we hear about is the negativity. Hoarders, the corrupt who are "price gouging" and making money from people dying. These people are infact the tiny minority. There are hundreds of thousands of people out there who will jump in and help at the drop of a hat. I retain my hope. I always will.

The Clarity part, this is awkward. We are being fed rubbish constantly. See the picture at below left. I am not going to explore any political slants here. That is not what this piece is about. To go forward with any optimism what so ever there has to be an enormous amount of honesty. No honesty no trust. I do not care which MP stands up and delivers to us the actuality of it all. Time and again just lately complete LIES are exposed and nothing follows a s a consequence. We as the public have got enough to contend with just now. Its not just MPs, medical "experts" have been shown to be talking rubbish.

What are people supposed to do in the face of such crap ?

So, images. That closed play area really does bother me. What would I like to see happen in the near future ? That park being able to reopen would be good. I'm not ignoring all the other stuff. The children are the hope for tomorrow. I just want the day to come when as I'm walking by I can pause, lean on the fence and take a minute in the sunshine to See Emily Play.

Thanks for looking in. Please help by passing this on.

Society not Economy.

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