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Seeds outside the box.

Seems to me that time has run out for The Left. The initial "stay and fight" approach may well have had some merit at the time. There can be no doubting the common sense it was founded upon. There can be no doubting the deep conviction of the likes of Richard Burgon and the other members of the Socialist Campaign Group of MPs. However, as I see it, the mob currently masquerading as "The Labour Party" will just enjoy repeatedly kicking the SCG . I would spotlight the antics and attitude of Rayner as a perfect example of the limited and narrow minded attitude of the pretend LP that the SCG and its supporters can never hope to be able to reason with.

Put simply, it's like getting in the queue to be kicked again, and again and again. The supposed LP is efficiently callous when it comes to killing socialism. Make no mistake, Starmer is executing a long term plan, one that has a minimum of four years to run. My view being that his ultimate goal is to make Labour unelectable for as long as he possibly can. The reflex reply to that from those who deny the actuality of last winter is that Labour was unelectable already. Not so. Truth is that the Corbyn project made Labour very electable indeed. This is why the establishment filled its pants so very quickly and stooped to previously unseen levels of lies and outright sabotage from the very cowardly snakes in the grass who are currently conducting the witch hunts all over the country against altruists who worked so tirelessly in the 2019 GE.

A totally immoral UK media jumped at the chance to assassinate Corbyn, (not his ideology) and aided by the cowards in the upper echelons of the LP the dirty deed appeared to have been done. Only it wasn't was it ? It is still going on now as we speak.

Frantic moves are ongoing to prevent the release of the "leaked report" into A/S, the findings of the EHRC investigation remain hidden from view. Desperate diktats are issued to try to prevent CLPs even discussing the status of Corbyn. Those who show public support for socialism are suspended or placed in impossible situations.

Well, Starmer took a gamble. He assumed that he could sneak his pale blue ideas through without too much collateral damage. He has now got that spectacularly wrong. All over the UK motions of support have been democratically passed in support of JC.

All across the UK Labour councils are seeing local campaign forums etc resign en masse. The machinery of the party is disintegrating at an alarming rate. Membership has plummeted by at least 50K and this will only accelerate. I think it is fair for me to point out here that if you resign from that "party" you afford yourself the option to rejoin at your will, if you are expelled you are gone for at least five years. It is not for me to encourage people to kick Labour into touch, however I feel fully entitled to offer an honest opinion which is what I am trying to do.

Labour has just lost its majority at Kirklees due to three resignations over the JC debacle.

So, my view is that it is time for the left to indeed fight like it has never fought before. Not a case of fire with fire, that cannot possibly work, as outlined above. More of a case of fire with water. That water being the flood of members walking away. Some of those who wrecked the Corbyn project will not have foreseen the entire party falling apart, the likes of the awful Hodge, Ellman, Kinnock, etc will not have expected the wreckage to be quite so widespread. Starmer will have, he desires the leadership and nothing else. The quicker the ship he is the captain of hits the iceberg the better. The current LP mob will never shake off the long poisonous tentacles of the Israel lobby. They are a right wing mob who care not for A/S they are focused only on wrecking socialism. To put a stop to all of this there needs to be a move towards the very edge of the abyss. The BoD would happily shove Labour over the edge, Starmer is not capable of telling them to get the hell out of it. The Left is. The Left has a moral duty to all those members who have and will walk away, to all those altruists who are resigning from positions rather than NOT support JC. To all those members and the like who worked so hard last winter.

To put it simply, let the BoD have its so badly craved ownership of Labour, a Labour party that means nothing, has shrunk to almost nothing, carries debts, loses more and more seats, sees its hold on UK politics evaporating to almost nothing. Let Starmer sit atop of a molehill. A molehill of gutless sycophants like Rayner. Let them choke on their pale blue ideals. Lets see Sky get Hodge on more and more often, lets see her spewing out her deranged and deluded rubbish as all around her turns to dust. It will actually not take all that long for them to become a national and international laughing stock.

The Left are the seeds of the futures of our children. I am proud to be called a Lefty. That will never change. The wheel really will turn. I feel that it will turn a whole lot quicker if it is not bogged down by the architects of the end of JC. I also have to say I have a lot of admiration for the SCG and its supporters, I just do not believe it can work.

Again, It is not possible to over state the sacrifice that every member who has resigned has made. It does illustrate the depth of their principles though.

Just because the seeds are outside the box does not mean they have to die.

Thanks for looking in, please help by spreading word of this piece.

Society not Economy

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