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Shut The Airports.Today.

Now then, it seems a bit ridiculous to me that we are still seeing planes in the air.

I absolutely cannot get my head around the population being (rightly) told that we can't go and see relatives yet people can travel from far away lands into the UK and then get on the Tube etc. It seems like madness to me. For a start how do they "Social Distance" inside those thin aluminium tubes ?

We are on the edge of a very dark precipice, drastic measures are desperately required. Altruistic people are appearing out off nowhere and working like Trojans to get supplies to the needy and vulnerable, at risk to themselves, VOLUNTARILY. Some people are dying alone in dire circumstances, inside hospitals. Professional medical staff are starting to die. Yet planes travel into the UK on a very regular basis. Why ? Some of those people arriving in Blighty say that they are not being tested in any way.

It's like putting out a welcome mat that says upon it " Infect Us Today".

The Police around here - South Yorkshire - are attracting a lot of stick for stopping anyone who is out on the roads. Sure enough many well-intentioned folk are being turned back. Sadly, others are just trying to get away with something. Well, I for one fully support SYP in their unpopular actions. BUT, how is this fair when planes are landing in London ? Look at it this way, would you want to be a Copper just now ?

Easy Jet has today grounded all of its fleet. A huge thing for that business to do. This company has around 15K employees. No way to know how long this cessation of flying will actually last for. All those employees are now plunged into deep uncertainty and worry. It is the correct thing to do. Any essential flights should now be vetted rigorously and go via military means. I pray that the other airlines follow suit double quick.

The really worrying thing for me is the number of flights arriving from across the pond. As you would expect the USA has made a complete pigs ear of the whole thing. They have a leader many times worse than ours. Sadly, we have one who aspires to be exactly like the President. You can expect the USA to be way out in front of any league tables of infected and fatalities. We have already seen Mr President try to strong arm Germany into giving the USA sole rights to a vaccine that they are working on. It is not difficult to envision the USA keeping it all to itself or charging exorbitant rates to poor countries to save their populations. For some reason the UK seems to think that some sort of "Special Relationship" exists with the USA. Methinks that our glorious leaders will be in for a short sharp shock if Trump ever manages to get his way.

Gun sales in The Land of The Free are now at record levels. At this point it is fair to point out that most Americans do NOT own a gun, nor do they want one. I cannot imagine what it is like for all those millions of peace loving Americans, trying to bring up their children with all those guns floating around their society, I also think it is only fair to say that the UK would be just the same (if not worse) if the general public had the same access to weapons. The FBI has just shot to death an individual who was planning a bomb attack on a Kansas hospital. That country will have a huge problem with this sort of thing as it rolls through CV19. Their health systems are different to ours. Millions know they cannot afford to be cared for so don't even bother to ask. The methods of halting CV19 depend critically on early medical intervention and ongoing care.

The American administration will choose to opt for profit every time. We already seeing the effect of having the focus on money rather than health. The numbers are staggering.

Stories are emerging from the USA of medical supplies being hoarded by Drs so they can look after themselves and their families. In the UK we have front line staff working whilst wearing bin bags. I'm not sure which is the worst scenario.

No point trying to sugar coat things, I will leave that to the "Experts" on the news. This will go on for the rest of the year. The time to play hard has arrived.

Just had a text from my son, he's a Train Guard, his other half a Nurse. They have a toddler. he says "they are both full of something". They live sixty miles away, I can't go and see them.

Happy Days. I can't do this just now.

Thanks for looking in. Please help by passing this on.

Society not Economy.

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