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Updated: May 23, 2020

Margaret Hodge, or to be precise Dame Margaret Hodge.

I switched the telly on the other day which had been left on Sky news and there she was, large as life and seemingly happy as can be. Busily giggling away and spouting her "expert" views. An old lady , one who in any other setting you would open doors for.

The sort of figure who instantly activates the fairness within one, as per any woman at that stage in life. We all like to be pleasant to such people. Normally that is .

Dame Margaret Hodge. Is she what she seems at first viewing ?

She has been an MP for a long time, serving continuously since 1994. On her record it says "Labour MP", actually I have reason to doubt this. She serves the good people of Barking. They seem to be content with her. Many others do not. She has held several Ministerial positions and has a long career behind her. Given a platform like that and her vast experience you would assume that she would be a powerful asset for the Labour Party. Well, she has become a very powerful asset, one that decided to damage her party as much as she could possibly manage.

Her antics in the run up to the recent diabolical performance at the GE can only be described as those of a deranged extremist. A senior politician of vast experience, who saw fit to scream a foul mouthed tirade at her party leader in full public view in a Commons corridor. An out of control verbal assault. One that should have seen her thrown out of the party in disgrace. This particular incident took place on 17th July 2018 with her repeatedly screaming " You are a fucking racist and anti-semite", at Mr Corbyn, (winner of global peace awards) this is how this particular "Dame" behaves. If I acted like that in a football stadium i would quickly be removed. "SideshowHodge" got away with it. Actually, no, that is incorrect. The media loved it and immediately featured her at every turn. Even to the point that she is still wheeled out to this day . This how a UK "Dame" gains notoriety.

Now then, here's where it all becomes a bit murky, or, depending on your stand point really rather clear. "SideshowHodge" has a not very well hidden agenda. Israel.

Her first concern is protecting Israel. Even to the point of trying to outlaw criticism of that apartheid state within the Labour Party. Nothing is as important to her as this issue. I really am not sure how this fits in with serving the Labour Party. I also am not at all sure how this fits in with serving the overwhelming will of the members of the party.

The likes of "SideshowHodge" have been busily scheming away to undermine the leadership in every way at every possible opportunity. What actually sparked her lunatic rant was the party refusing to adopt a clause of the IHRA definition of anti-semitism that would have prevented any criticism of Israel. So, when faced with a straight choice, this obsessed individual showed her true colours. This is not her only "iffy" antic.

SideshowHodge once submitted a vote of no confidence in JC which he duly won with an increased mandate. Difficult to see how or why that did not put a stop to her antics, unless ofcourse she has an inability to accept reality. JLM offered her "full solidarity", unsurprisingly JLM works closely with Israel and is a constant thorn in the side of those who wish for fairness to break out in the Middle East. A director of JLM has openly spoken of working closely with a former Israeli spy. Here's the thing, lots of people find the thought of siding with Israel to be rather off putting. Thing is, if that's what people want to do that is up to them. We have free speech in the UK (for now) and that is a priceless and fundamental facet of any fair society. I may dislike it at times but as a mature adult I would NEVER want to see that compromised.

This represents a major difference in the outlook of SideshowHodge and myself. SideswowHodge is not capable of seeing anything other than her own view.

From a Labour Party member point of view this is quite an insult. Many within that party hold polar views on various issues. I have attended many meetings where things have got quite heated. I will be at one this Thursday ( unless i'm purged first) at which the chat will be "lively", however it will end with a vote and we will then go our separate ways, that is how grown ups get things done. Unless your a Dame.

Clearly this dedication to the apartheid state is now washing over all other considerations for the likes of SideshowHodge. This is no small thing. Millions of folk have been denied the chance of better futures, several factors came into play to cause this. SideshowHodge played a huge part. Her cronies are driving the party away from Socialism. Good Socialist members are being hounded out for daring to be critical of a regime that shoots unarmed medics in the back.

Those of us (many) who desire nothing but a fairer world for all to live in are being pushed out, there is much talk of other parties being formed. I have looked at this option myself. I am keeping a close eye on Chris Williamson and hoping he puts something together soon. One thing is stopping me leaving voluntarily. I have had Three kids, one thing I learned along the way, if you give in to a petulant child you do not help that child, you make things worse. I am constantly unsure as to why I do not send in my resignation letter, however, by so doing I would be giving SideshowHodge exactly what she wants. She wants to use the party as a vehicle for the protection of Israel.

If her and her fellow duplicitous snakes in the grass are so driven, why are they not having the same thoughts as me ? Have the courage to stand on your own ageing feet and put something together, see how far you get then without the Labour Party machinery. The thing that has put you where you are now. The thing you have used to become anything on the political stage. Others have done it, remember Omunna etc, look where they are now. Fact is, without Labour you are NOTHING. Just an embarrassing relic who cannot link brain to facial orifice.

No morals, no souls, NO HOPE.

Please help me by spreading this piece. Thanks for looking in.

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