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Now then, the UK at the moment is reeling. Well, most of it is, probably about 99% of the population are hounded constantly by fear of debt and at the minute fear of Covid. It has actually been like that for quite a while. In 2019 the Tory party conned them all by pinning hopes of glorious times ahead on kicking Europe into touch. As we have now all graphically seen that has not worked and will not work. If anything it has exposed the utter nonsense of it all. Thing is, even a cursory glance across recent history shows that no progress on behalf of the population has been forthcoming. Here are a few signs that taken singularly are damning, seen from a far and taken as examples of a series of targeted strategy tactics it is difficult to escape a sense of deep foreboding.

I really can think of no more a damning statistic than the one concerning the rise of Paupers Graves in 21st century UK society. To me, the fact that people are dying alone with not enough funds to cover a decent burial assassinates any right for the UK to put itself forward as a developed nation. My soul cringes at the thought of the misery all those "Paupers" must have endured in the winter season of their lives. Yet we see and hear about huge sums of CASH being squandered in all sorts of mind boggling ways. Wrong PPE, Garden Bridge projects, botched Nuclear Power station vanity projects, Nightingale Hospital PR exercises, on and on. All those poverty stricken people dying without any recognition of their leaving this existence. Could have been hard working miners, Drs, bus drivers, or just the lonely quiet old person who used to shuffle around the streets to just see the world drifting by. Buried alone, without much ceremony, not remembered when they were alive, abandoned to the worms , names recorded in a ledger somewhere. Another "unproductive soul" who will no longer be a drain on society. 21st Century UK social justice.

Let's move onto another damning indictment of the seething dislike of the great unwashed that the current UK Govt shoves in front of us everyday. Carers. Those who look after those who are infirm. A noble thing to choose to do. I couldn't do it. For me, it takes a very special sort of human to dedicate themselves to looking after another. The UK now sees caring as an area where CASH can be saved. The thing that gets to me is the horror of youngsters sacrificing the best years of their lives (sic) to look after infirm parents or family members. Some privileged arsehole in an office somewhere will probably see every single one of them as a CASH expenditure avoided. The number of unpaid carers in the UK is something to be truly ashamed of. It suggests that UK society is devoid of humanity. Actually, no, strike that. It confirms it. All those millions wasted on those pop up PR stunts that are called "Nightingale Hospitals" which were not built, they were erected flat pack furniture style to provide news reporters with something to gush about, just how many carers could have been helped out with that vast sum of wasted CASH? Instead we see liars in suits proclaiming how magnificent it all is. Tell it to the 16yr old who misses out on being a lively youth. 21st Century UK social justice.

Not so very long ago a couple were prosecuted by Tesco for "stealing" out of date food from a skip. Taken to court. Prosecuted. By Tesco. Tesco being the mob of gangsters who sold horsemeat and were caught trying to carry out a multi million quid fiddle concerning falsifying their accounts. The story of that young couple is yet another harrowing and damning account of all that is so very wrong with UK society. It hits hard because it now does raise many eyebrows. To be honest, I see the casual indifference that now greets such things as the biggest single sign of the "success" of the Tories.

Just to support the above paragraph and indeed emphasise the depths of poverty we are enduring just recently a supermarket here in Sheffield had put out trolleys into which people could drop stuff for the local foodbanks, stuff was stolen from it.

In the UK recently a woman literally starved to death next to her crying baby. I find it difficult to even attempt to put into words how this has affected me. It got mentioned on news slots, it was even raised in The House. Nothing happened. Like those Paupers it is now forgotten. A distant memory. Just another two minute journey into disposable concern for those untouched by such horrific existences. Filled a few column inches. In truth the UK is now more concerned with losing an hour a day in the pub. Not one high ranking person has been taken to task over it. What will happen to the baby? Will it become another drain on society or be kicked out of the UK? Who actually cares?

This is, a graphic reality real time nightmare that is driven by those who possess the most CASH and control the life chances of million. 21st Century UK social justice.

Lets jump back a bit further. A name you will likely have either never heard of or forgotten about. David Clapson. Read the attached article and weep for both his tortured memory and the futures of your children. The case of Mr Clapson illustrates perfectly just how far the UK has regressed since it tragically happened. A horrifying tale for which there can be no forgiveness. Every single day that has elapsed since his gruesome existence ended has been a chance for the long trail back to decent humane governance of the UK. Instead we have seen all of the above. Rather than sit back, take a deep breath and face up to the crushing failures of our fairness structures those in the appropriate positions have embarked upon a crazed dash for more and more CASH.

So, sorry to be so down to earth about this stuff, but how else are decent people supposed to view such things? It is actually far worse than I have pointed out in this piece. I could write all day, spotlight example after example. I refuse to believe that the UK public does not care about such things or indeed have a lot of stored up frustration waiting to burst forth. It is time for that frustration and sense of injustice to start to crack the damn. It is not about me, it is not really about you. It is about the millions of anonymous victims who have nobody else to go in to bat for them. The only thing you should not do about all this is nothing. Do something today. Raise your voices, send an Email, call a news editor. That really would be 21st Century UK Social Justice.

Thanks for looking in. Please help by spreading the word.

Society not Economy.

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