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Sitting by The River.

Now then, bit of an odd one this. I have something of a confession to make regarding my capacity to forgive and forget. I have always been led to believe that being able to write things off and give people a chance is a sign of being civilised, you know, sort of turn the other cheek and all that. Hmm, sitting quietly by the river the other day I realised that maybe i'm not as capable of that as I really should be.

Nice sunny morning, me hidden away from view as I'm actually trying to photograph Kingfishers going about their mesmerising business. Sun shining, odd blue flash occupying my limited camera skills, knocking my tea over and watching it drip into the river, the usual chaotic stuff that happens when you don't need it to.

About ten yards behind me is a pathway that dog walkers use for their doggies to leave piles of mess, usually dog walkers can be good value, it's a sort of free cabaret that brightens up those empty hours sat staring at the river when not much is going on. It can be really amusing, you hear the overly exaggerated "posh" tone as they shout out instructions to the pooch, why do they think the doggy understands things like "put that stick down" or "slow down Rex" ? quite often the posh tone slowly goes out of the window as the doggy is too busy running about and doing whatever it wants to do, this then leads to anger creeping in to the ever louder voice, often it can be full on aggression and quite dynamic too, even better if there are two dogs kicking off, i've even witnessed threats and football terrace language, adults threatening to smash each others heads in while the doggy stands there wagging its tail and wondering where the next biscuit is coming from ! I'd pay to watch it sometimes.

On this particular day no doggy was involved. Just two middle aged blokes wandering along, neither knew that I was there, that was not designed by me, it just happened. One of the blokes was in a proper foul mood. Ranting at his fellow walker like tomorrow would never come. A full on purple faced rant about anything under the sun.

The source of his volcanic hatred of everything being he now has to try and cope on £94 a week due to being laid off work because of Covid. He was particularly annoyed about THEM, you know, the ones who get handed benefits for nothing, particularly disgusted that people who are not even from here take OUR money. They had stopped by the bench to have a smoke, so I was treated to a few minutes of his thoughts on how he couldn't pay the mortgage or the car loan, put petrol in it, fill the freezer, all his life he has worked, never been one for benefits or going sick.

I can well understand his anger, thing is, he is most probably one of those who just sailed merrily along when all was well. Rode about in his car, sat in his house thinking the world is a lovely place, telling all and sundry that the UK would be far better off without giving OUR money to foreigners. Thing I have always found strange about this mortgage stuff, those who have one are far too quick to tell you they have bought their own house. Well actually they have not. What they have done is shackle themselves to a very heavy millstone for several decades. As soon as the wheels come off they are in deep shit. Millions of people in the UK are one pay day away from a very deep and dark place. This bloke- lets call him "Jack"- has now found that out.

On top of all that, you can then introduce the wholesale corruption that is blighting the UK and nudging all those millions of people ever closer to the edge. You will soon start hearing that all these jobs protection schemes will have to be paid for. The "Rishi God" will show his oily face and flashing teeth on our screens regularly to speak of the tough decisions needed to balance the books. he will do it in serious tones. Nothing will be said about the Billions wasted on incorrect PPE being hastily snapped up, or the rubbish but "World Beating" Test and Trace fiasco, the cash handed to Tory mates, wasted on Serco, lining the pockets of a Turkish Tee shirt company, handed to a company that has only existed for a few weeks, one that usually manufactures "luxury packaging", this is a shocking mess that not been created on the streets of the UK by you and me or in some obscure Chinese Lab.

It has been created by evil minds who exist only to extract as much cash as is humanly possible from each and every source they encounter. It is not by accident. It is an intricately designed plan put into action by the former members of the Bullingdon Club. These individuals aren't thick, far from it. They have super agile brains, can turn any crisis into a huge profit. They have cheated that large a fortune out of the Great Unwashed that they even send it the way of the likes of Branson ! Look at Mone and her elevation to the Lords, all for opening their posh gobs about the virtues of leaving Europe, Botham? On and on. Look at the cash that Jenrick criminally mishandled, on and on and on. It's a very rewarding gravy train is it not ?

Our friend Jack is likely one of those who had much to say about "For the Many not the Few", maybe opened his front door to some canvasser one cold November day and laid into the caller, you know, the usual dumb rubbish about how it would bankrupt the country, all read on the front page of the Daily Mail, I met many of them out campaigning. Well, Jack is currently being joined by many of his like. The line is growing steadily by the day. The Tsunami of job losses hasn't actually arrived yet. We keep hearing about the hospitality industry and how very unfair it all is that they may have to close to help stem the infection rate. TOUGH is my answer. That industry (workhouse) has survived for years by paying crap wages and flogging youngsters to death for a pittance. The airlines seem to have gone quiet for a while. They would, they have had their tens of millions. EasyJet got theirs whilst paying out to shareholders.

Whilst all this is going on, NHS staff are fearing going into work again, I'm not sure there will be any banging of pans this time around. Nurses and Drs will likely die. Care Homes will become Death Camps again. Denials will be made. More and more children will be diagnosed positive, many of them will miss the only hot meal they usually had via that

free school meal. Old folk will die in the cold inside their homes. They chose to eat rather then heat and couldn't watch the box due to the cost of the licence. Evictions will rise quickly, students will be kept prisoner on campus and forced to pay £17 a day for out of date sub standard food. But, Jack doesn't like it.

I have to be honest here, I find it difficult to have much sympathy for Jack. This once fine green and pleasant land has been ruined by the likes of Jack. Micro Tories who live in permanent fear of anyone getting something for nothing. Tight fisted arrogant smug pawns who fell for the trick of thinking owning a house was badge of honour. FOOLS.

Years and years of debt bringing the fear of no jam tomorrow.

Guess what Jack, the jam is running out. Your friendly Tory Government has given it all away. Hard times are arriving now for YOU- Take that Sucker.

Thanks for looking in, Please help by spreading word.

Society not Economy.

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