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Take up thy Stethoscope and DIE.

Now then, I have been criticised for politicising the CV19 situation. Not sure about that- but then I wouldn't be would I ? - I think that I have been speaking fairly. Given the state of out national media if people like me don't say certain things then they will not get said. Along with that, it is near impossible to have an honest CV19 view without it being seen as political in some way. Another thing to consider here, there is a huge difference between being incorrect and deliberately telling untruths. I am not the one stood infront of the nation claiming that "We'll send CV19 packing in 12 weeks", is that me politicising the situation again ? Problem here is that most sensible people will not accept being conned. I certainly will not.

On this point, given that we all face dire times, why the hell are we not being addressed by some sort of cross party committee of MPs and Ministers ? Surely the grown up approach just now would be to jettison political tribalism, and show the nation a properly united front so as to at least offer reassurance and confidence . It really is not rocket science is it?

Much is being made of this 80% pay guarantee that has been announced. Well, (here I go again) to me that equates to a 20% pay cut at a time when most people will desperately need extra cash. Kids off indefinitely, basic goods and supplies about to become hard to come by. Sure enough the announced help is very welcome, things would be anarchic without it but lets keep it real. By that I mean this, if every single person in the UK was sent £1K it would equate to less than one third the cost of HS2, food for thought eh ?

The thing that really infuriates me just now is the rubbish that is being put about concerning the NHS. It is massively bad reporting and in my opinion a crass attempt to paper over some gaping cracks. Stuff all the political tribalism, this stuff goes way beyond that. No exaggeration here, it is life and death stuff. Our NHS is being brutally battered. They are basically under "combat conditions", we have all seen those horrifying scenes across Italy, believe it or not, the UK starts from a position worse than theirs. The reasons for that fall into "politicising CV19" again. The current Govt has been deliberately running the NHS down for a decade. Not to protect the ECONOMY or safeguard the future of the nation, simply to cash in. We are living in an age where human life comes a distant second to profiteering. How am I supposed to put that across any other way ? Branson and that clown from Wetherspoons have done a great job of making that point for me. The Capitalism model is now shattered beyond repair.

Here are some examples of healthcare professionals and their views, Dr Nishant Joshi, who is an A&E Dr in Luton "staff are at grave risk" , Dr Frances Mair says her GP practice in Scotland "does not have enough Personal Protective gear to go around".

Dr Rosena Allin-Khan is a voice that very definitely should be heard. She is also, as well as being an A&E Dr a runner in the Labour Leadership race, in my opinion she absolutely should be involved in any policy decisions re CV19 and how it is managed.

Dr Rosena stood up in the house and asked "where was the forward planning for the provision of PPE for NHS and healthcare staff? " Our beleaguered PM put forward that we do actually have stockpiles of PPE and that we are "following the science". Given that, why are we hearing so many stories about NHS staff not having any ? Just to enlarge on that point, why is the Govt pressing ahead with closing hospital A&E Depts and other such medical facilities? Google Poole Hospital to validate my "politically motivated" question. They should be opening sites not closing them.

This stuns me, the PPE requirements for those treating infected patients were downgraded last week. Now, can anyone anywhere explain to me how this could possibly be a good thing? Is Tim Martin running the supply of PPE? Here's another thing, why are all NHS staff not being routinely tested for the damn Virus? There can be no excuse for this, it is not a grey area it is starkly black and white. Drs are working alongside colleagues whilst being fully aware that some of them may die. Just what is that about?

Political tribalism and hope. My son is a train guard, his other half is a nurse. They live 60 miles away. They have a one year old son. This is a situation that millions of people are in. Neither of them can afford not to go to work. God knows how many people each of them comes into contact with every single day. They live in rented accommodation. They can not meet the needs if either of them loses their job. Sorry to have to say this, but 80% just will not cut it. I refuse to accept that the Govt could not be doing better with this. SSP is £94 per week. Train services will at some point stop, being a nurse carries with it clear and present dangers. The NHS does not seem to be able to meet basic duty of care for its own employees. If things go the wrong way for them, what will be the future for their one year old son ?

The next time anyone wants to accuse me of politicising CV19, have a think about all those young families like my sons and ponder the awful quandary of going to work whilst unwell or risking the breakdown of existing to a reasonable level. Can I find any hope in all of this? As long as we have idiots like Branson around it is difficult. The likes of him should be donating cash to the efforts just now, not asking for millions.

It says much for the UK that Tim Martin and co are being given airtime.

Make no mistake, everyone who works in the NHS is a giant, our future rests upon their sagging shoulders. It is difficult to find the words to sum up just how valuable their altruistic attitude is. All of them. Receptionists, cleaners, porters etc.

These are the blocks upon which the future UK will stand.

The Billionaires have had their day.

Thanks for looking in. Please help me by spreading this stuff.

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