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Now then, something massive has happened just this very week. You would be forgiven for not noticing, however, the event will likely turn out to have been a turning point in the history of the fortunes of every single person in the country. Not only that, every single one of us now carries a debt of great gratitude to those who took great risks and stuck to their principles in the face of enormous pressure and odds stacked against them. These "great risk takers" walk amongst us every day.

It is our railway

The reasons for the lack of a fanfare regarding this huge event are sadly quite obvious. This post is not meant to be about our media, so, all I will put forward is -if you are reading this, you already know.

Who are the great heroes of this history making turning point ?

Well, here's the thing, they are ordinary everyday people. People with mouths to feed, the dreaded mortgage millstone, cars, debts, a liking for getting a bit tipsy on a weekend, watching Sky telly, cake, going to the game, birthdays to remember,school uniforms to buy, a band to go and see, a liking for the Big Issue seller down the city who always has a joke and a smile, an eldest daughter who simply HAS to have the best mobile in her class, an 11 week old who sees the Match of The Day theme as a trigger to erupt, in general, they are you and me.

You and me,, well,, here's a huge statement. When push comes to a belligerent shove, ordinary everyday people will eventually dig in and say NO. Even more so when the issue they are motivated by involves other ordinary everyday folk.

We have existed for a long time now where such unity and willingness to stand up for others on an organised level has been conspired against at the very highest echelons of our Victorian society. Draconian laws inflicted upon those who seek to stand together.

Ridiculous constraints placed upon Unions, the harshest on the planet. Minimum turnouts required, unnecessary percentages thrown at results to overcome clear intentions of saying "enough is enough". Here's a thing, where were these "Laws" regarding the Brexit vote ? That I suppose is another story.

People Power

There have been signs of a stirring for a while now, The McStrike, unrest throughout the modern slave industry - aka Gig Economy- and various others, it is to be hoped that Wetherspoons is next for the front and centre position.

The issue i'm writing about concerns safety on trains. A huge item. Imagine being a young girl travelling home late at night, in the cold and alone, bad enough there are no staff at the station, she gets on, there's a drunk who has been having a bad day, abusive and foul mouthed,deserted train, she feels threatened and vulnerable.

For profit, this is deemed acceptable by those who call the shots. She gets off a stop early because she is frightened. This is becoming common on our trains.

A group of employees takes issue, digs in, says " NO ".

That is a big risk these days, easy to find yourself out of a job. Following this, voices are raised. Votes are repeatedly taken, the message hardens. Our current Government rides over the hill on its Blue Charger and bankrolls the company writing off any losses caused by that group of employees saying NO. The group (RMT) sticks to its principles, on behalf of the entire population. Not only that, they decide to bankroll the struggle to the tune of FORTY SEVEN DAYS pay each ! Staggering and truly humbling.

Ordinary Employee

I don't know how many RMT members actually made this awesome financial sacrifice on all our behalf, this I do know, every single one of them has more honesty and integrity than any current Government minister. Simple as that. All that money that they did without, against a company that was seeing its expenses/losses written off, all that risk and the times they must have seen no end to it. It fills me with pride and is the most awesome thing that I can recall in modern times

On the other hand we have the likes of Grayling and Branson. Need I say more ??

Another thing this whole sorry saga illustrates is the unbreakable bond between Unions and the Labour Party. This bond is critical to the survival of fairness in the UK. That is not an exaggeration. The Tory Party (shrinking as it is) is bankrolled by multi millionaires who hide their fortunes offshore to avoid being fairly taxed. Those RMT members likely donate weekly to Labour. Out of their wage, which is fairly taxed, and , which they have just given up 47 days of to help us.

There really is hope. Just don't expect anyone to tell you about it.

To EVERYONE at the RMT. I humbly offer you my lifelong gratitude.

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