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That Celebrity of War. ( mismanaged)

Now then , wet Sunday morning in Sheffield. I switch the telly on , it's on the BBC News channel (never a good start) and I learn about a Brit winning the world heavyweight title, the ongoing mess that is VAR and some other bits and pieces sports stuff. All the normal mundanities that we are fed 24/7 via the plethora of news channels we have, most of which are totally unnecessary and ridiculously bland. We are actually fed the television companies executives view of how the news should be presented. Nuff Sedd.

Anyway, following on from this sports stuff, something totally unexpected hit the screen, in glorious HD we are hit with a bright and colourful war backdrop. We are not in the vicinity of November, so this comes as a complete surprise to me. War stuff always catches my keen attention, for reasons I will reveal later.

Why are we seeing a brightly lit sort of RAF coloured expensive looking set against which the reporters are babbling about an anniversary, in May, months away ? There are many anniversaries that could be dragged up relative to the war dead etc, so why now ?

Every year in November the general public of the UK go through the motions of pretending that they are deeply moved and have a need to show how deeply moved they are by standing quietly for two minutes. Two minutes out of a whole year ? Deeply moved indeed eh ? I have to ask this, what about the rest of the year ? Some of us are deeply moved every damned day, all the time. However, I will not dwell on that for now.

I smell a large rat here. This completely out of the blue and has started me thinking.

Remembrance Day has been dragged into the realms of being contentious via peace groups - some even call themselves charities, they are not, they are "campaigning organisations" out to make money- and in Sheffield last year the invited honorary guest ( wannabe celebrity ) chose that particular day to wear a white poppy, at the Cenotaph during the silence. For me, a shocking abuse of the position he had been given. An insult to all of those with real reason to be "deeply moved" on that day. Such is modern day reasoning , even when the most horrendous of things are on the agenda.

It's quite simple really. JUST SHOW SOME RESPECT, that will do nicely.

So, quite an appt comment that last one. Just who exactly is driving this reappearance of WAR celebration on our screens. It seems that in May we are to be treated to "celebrations" of 75 years since VE day. I am deeply suspicious about this. I do not actually have any problem at all with military organisations and charities doing their stuff at such times. I have found the site of the old boys with their flags and banners to be a powerful thing to see on many occasions. Especially when walking into the parish church to endure the service for my own son Alex, who bled out in a Basra field hospital on the morning of January 13th 2007. They were there, along with the cadets, with colours draped as I walked along the path. It actually did move me deep inside in that place I hadn't realised I had within me. I thank them again here and now.

So, there we are, one small illustration of how powerful such things can be when everything is genuine. Given my personal history using this sort of thing when the reasoning may not be totally genuine stirs other thought trains within my mind.

Here is one of those trains rushing through just now.

It's all too convenient for me. It comes at a time when the whole country is sliding into a very dark place. The extreme Right is on the rapid rise, racism is washing over just about everything. Homophobic attacks are becoming common place. Corruption is just the way things are now. Knife crime is way out of control. Those who struggle in our modern UK society are seen as nothing but "rubbish" to the establishment. All, of these things are driving massive wedges through our failing society. Thus, the current Govt is, at the very least, massively divisive. It is deeply unpopular in many sections of the UK.

It could do with a publicity stunt.

Along with all of that, consider this, at the moment the UK is the second largest arms supplier on the planet. Millions are being made from selling technologically advanced weapons to other countries so that they can drop them on the brown kids playing in the sand. It really is that immoral. The same suits full of shite who will "celebrate" this upcoming anniversary ( likely the same ones who wear a grey face at the Cenotaph ) in May are the ones stacking it high in off shore bank accounts. I once refused an invite to share the stage with them at The Festival of Remembrance at the Royal Albert Hall because I have personal integrity, do you think they have ?

You would be surprised/horrified by who some of these Millionaires are, see the pic.

Marking the memories of the war dead should be left to those who want to do it quietly and respectfully, I do it every day of my life. On Remembrance Day I usually find an out of the way cenotaph, just me and the wind and some leaves blowing about. I have no desire to make money out of it, or glorify it, or even serve some PC obligation. The ceremonies at the major cenotaphs have been ambushed by those who want to make their own political points . Last year in Sheffield banners were held aloft decrying war, advocating for various "peace groups". Where is the RESPECT in that ?

World Wars, all those hundreds of thousands of souls who perished in terrible circumstances. Dying in a struggle to prevent the world sliding into a hellish sort of place. A place where the right would rise, where corruption would become the new way to advance in business, Murders would happen in broad daylight on council estate streets, Kids scavenge in bins on the way home from school, Hospitals ask for money to take the pain away, Homeless people asked to move from outside cake shops, on and on and on. It disgusts me to my very soul.

So, a simple message to our establishment, why not tackle the above mentioned problems. That really would be SHOWING SOME RESPECT.

Thankyou for looking, please spread word of this site.

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