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That Damaging Greed Gene.

Now then, the UK is a hot bed of massive issues just now. Seemingly the virus is on the retreat, the lock down is easing, the sun is shining, football and horse racing etc are back on the menu. Schools are opening (?), the entire country is being released from its long and dreary sentence.

Up to now the entire virus management has been a pantomime of huge proportions. Time after time doubt has arisen concerning accuracy of various figures. Accusations continue to abound regarding the treatment of the aged, the voucher scheme supposedly providing vouchers for the children who qualified for free school meals has been a fiasco, certain prominent political officials have ignored the rules the rest of us have been so obediently following, vanity PR projects such as the Nightingale sites have gobbled up public finances for no particular reason, it goes on and on, and shows no signs of stopping. In the early days of all this much was made of the need to NOT score political points out of a dire situation. The adults in the room went along with it. Starmer seems to have got it off to a fine art and doesn't actually say anything about anything.

The Tories have literally got away with murder, lots of murder. I'm not scoring any points of any sort by saying that. It's just truth. What could actually be worse than trying to score cheap points out of a mass crisis? Answer being cashing in on it. By which I mean profiting, looking to make financial gain. Lining ones pockets. Along the lines of all those hedge fund managers who become multi millionaires via betting on the UK economy crashing. You know the sort. The Tories have an element in their DNA which outshines all the others, I call it the "Greed Gene".

So, with that in mind let us think about the apparent critical importance of the Test Trace and Track regime that is so massively important to the continued battle against CV19.

Surely such a thing could never be taken advantage of in the name of cheap profiteering? Such a thing would be deeply immoral, would it not? Absolutely definitely you would assume that any such work would be undertaken by the NHS in the strictest confidence possible. It could never be reduced to flogging it off could it?

Well, here's a thing. A huge American credit reporting agency is directly involved in the management of patient data that is collected as they attempt to book a home Corona virus test. How very typically Tory eh? The Department of Health and Social Care is refusing to comment when this issue is highlighted. As potential users of tests go through the online procedure they are informed that they are required to share the data they enter with a company called TransUnion- this seemingly being for identification purposes- and those who elect not to tick the yes box are then advised to quit the process and start again this time applying for the drive through option. To be honest I can see no acceptable reason why any outside credit company should be involved in the fight against CV19, neither can anyone else. Unless ofcourse you possess the Greed Gene. TransUnion is one of the three largest credit agencies. It is a subsidiary of TansUnion LLC, which is said to have harvested the credit information of over a Billion people, including every credit worthy person in the USA. Scary stuff is this.

In 2017 a San Francisco Federal Court imposed a SIXTY MILLION DOLLAR fine on TransUnion after consumers were falsely placed on anti terrorism lists. So, they have a poor record. Without question nobody with an ounce of acumen would then, years after

award them a contract to manage the data of UK citizens, unless they have that Greed Gene. This alone really should be enough to condemn Johnson and his pack of greedy sycophants. I say "pack"because they are all the same.

Hancock has just tweeted his glee regarding the return of the Sport of Kings. Well, Hancock is the MP for Newmarket. He has , so far, accepted £32K from the chair of the Institute of Economic Affairs, this being a group which is vocal in its desire to abolish the NHS. Hancock is the current Sec of State for Health & Social Care. When he was the Energy & Climate change Minister he accepted £18K from a city currency manager called Neil Record. This individual has given cash to the Global Warming Policy Foundation and sits on the board of its campaigning arm. This group denies global warming science.

All the above illustrates the scope of the damaging effects of the Greed Gene. It also goes a long way to illustrating the logic of TransUnion finding itself handling the data of UK citizens who wished to be tested for CV19. Data is the new currency. It will be a critical element of just about everything for many decades to come. Vote leave abused data, and were subsequently found guilty of over spending. Nothing happened. The very presence of an American credit firm in the management of CXV19 indicates that the Greed Gene ignores poor track records and corrupt people. It is the Tory way.

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Society not Economy.

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